isu world championship

On Tuesday I’ll take a plane for the very first time. I’m going to Helsinki for a week, for ISU World Figure Skating Championship. I am nervous, I am anxious, I am hella excited. Made a Hope & Legacy inspired phone cover. I hope to have fun, take a lot of pictures, make some new friends and hopefully meets some of my favourite figure skaters… ❤️


Reasons why this video is perfect:

  1. Yuzuru’s “GO JAVI!”
  2. Javi’s program = ♥
  3. His face when he realises that he’s 1st.
  4. Yuzuru’s smile ^^

World Championships and Junior World Championships cm on Fuji TV

anonymous asked:

When is the next figure skating competition? Idk what the official names for these are but like they're the same level as something like 4cc and its seniors? Idk if this even makes sense lol thank you for taking the time to read and answer!

Thanks for asking!

Presumably, you’re talking about international Senior competitions, probably ISU Championships since you mention 4CC. As we are now in the tail end of the season, the next ISU Championship event for Seniors is the World Figure Skating Championships, in Helsinki, Finland. This will be held from March 29 to April 2.

After that, some of the top skaters will compete at the World Team Trophy in Japan from April 20-23. Not all of the top skaters will be there and it’s likely many will skip, especially since next season is the Olympic season. One WTT is done, that’s the end of the international season.