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i now /desperately/ want to hear your headcanons for modern au combeferre as an ex-mo from sugar city.

ok well:

- his father works at Ricks College / BYU-I
- his mother is a stay-at-home mom
- he has three sisters and an adopted brother
- he goes to seminary Every Day and goes to church Every Sunday and helps plan FHE with his mother, is generally the mormon teen boy every mormon teen boy’s mother wishes their teen boy would be, people in his ward made like a secret list of places they think he’ll get called to his mission and whoever is right wins a raffle basket or something
- accepted a place at the BYU HI honors program as like a fancy science major
- dates a male ISU student (his age) in complete and total secrecy
- is outed against his will
- everything in his entire life falls apart around him!

then he gains many of his canonical interests through investigating his former church (it’s the best way to include both heiroglyphics and civil infrastructure, frankly) & goes to u utah and works hard and then gets a fully funded place in one of the top medical research programs in the country in what is also known as gay mecca, aka, where you want to live if you’re gay & from idaho, utah, wyoming, or montana, aka, san francisco, california.

then he re-meets enjolras, a fellow ex-mormon but one who completed his mission and /then/ left.

it’s a re-meet because they first met at *drumroll* …boy scout camp.

this is my magnum opus au & this is also all i’ll be saying publicly because it’s niche and embarrassing.