isu 2013


Little moments from the Worlds 2013 FD.

Warm-up arm caress, Tessa’s wink, Scott’s pep-talk, and skating just for each other. [x]


Yuzuru HANYU | ISU Grand Prix Final 2015/16 | 12.12.2015 | 330.43

Patrick CHAN | ISU GP Trophee Bompard 2013 | 16.11.2013 | 295.27

Javier FERNANDEZ | ISU Grand Prix Final 2015/16 | 12.12.2015 | 292.95


This is Kim Yuna, a South Korean figure skater and Gold Medalist. She’s incredible. This performance was so smooth and looked so effortless. People gave her standing ovations and you could hear how excited and astounded the announcers were. She won the competition by a huge margin


ISU Figure Skating World Championships: Yuma Kim, Les Miserables