Some time ago someone asked where I find books pictures for my graphics and well I didn’t know how to reply cause I didn’t remember where I had taken mine, so I promised to make a texture pack with the pictures of books I’ve saved in my computer. Here we are! you can download a folder with 12 book textures 500px large. These kind of textures are a bit different because I’ve added some addictional layer for an easier customization: don’t worry anyway, in the folder you’ll find a little document with some istructions.

download mediafire .zip ; cloud .zip

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This robotic chimp could one day roam the moon

Could the next moon mission involve a small step for an ape, but a giant leap for all robots?

With renewed interest in moon exploration – in particular the remote possibility that deposits of helium-3, believed to be in greater concentration on the moon, could one day power nuclear fusion power plants on Earth – robots might be the ideal solution, especially to keep the costs down.

And a design from the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (also known as DFKI) in Bremen, Germany, has landed on the chimpanzee as its model for unmanned lunar missions.

DFKI hopes its design – called the iStruct Demonstrator and nicknamed “Charlie”- will capitalize on the inherent stability of the ape’s quadrupedal stance without losing the chimp’s versatility in climbing, grasping and moving over all types of terrain.

oye! another pack you can use for both your themes and graphics: a megapack of pixel, pale and favicons backgrounds. you can both edit them and change their colours, you can check for istructions in the little file read me you can find in the folder. i would be happy if you credited me.

download .zip ✌️ (wait 5 secs then click “skip ad”)

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