istockphoto nuzlocke

I got this message on the Nuzforums and I’m honestly not sure how I feel. 

On the one hand, it’d be super duper hypocritical of me to disprove since I basically steal the photos I use in my run currently. I’m definitely not an artist, at least in the traditional sense, and I really don’t put in as much work into my Nuzlocke as other artists (a regular update usually took 1-2 hours to do). There’s also the really flattering part of how I like people experimenting with the different varieties of media that you can use to tell the story of a Nuzlocke beyond a written run/comic/screenshot run/video. A similar incident happened a year or so ago when somebody started a “Photobucket” nuzlocke (and I did express to them “I’m fine with it, but I wish you had talked to me first”) so I’m super glad that this person has taken the time to okay it with me. 

On the other hand, I’m really really proud of what I’ve done with the iStockphoto Nuzlocke challenge. It originally arose from my desire to tell my Nuzlocke story despite the fact that I had 0 experience with art/drawing. In a similar vibe, I’d love to see more experimentation with the different ways you can convey the story of a Nuzlocke. I’m also a little concerned that there’d be a bit of retribution on the Nuzforums. 

So I’m still thinking about what I’m gonna tell this person

also, just as a small aside, istockphoto is actually owned by Getty Images