Hope you all can see this, it looks tiny af on my phone. Went to see iron man 3 tonight, there was a guy dressed up as Loki. He stood up during the Thor: Dark World trailer when Loki showed up onscreen.
I got a picture with him.
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Wow. Really time flies so fast. Officially 365 days since I left my home (Philippine time) hahaha, okay sorry if I’m doing this kind of post just never mind if you dont want to read it.😂😋 Oh well, I miss everyone and I miss everything back home :((( But we all know things happened for a reason and I’m happy I took this chance to be with my Mom and explore by myself :)) This step in my life made me realized a lot of things and made me set my priorities. Yes life is too short to not have fun but also life is too short to just waste it for something you’ll regret in the end. To my family and friends back home, just keep in touch and see you when I see you!🙋 To my family and friends here, thank you for the crazy year. Maybe it was not that easy but still I know I’m blessed :)) Thank you Lord! #TBT #IStillCan'tBelieveIt


Lol. 😚💨 #Weed #Popper #StPatricks #Gay #Smoking #SoGay #Lol #IStillCan'tBelieveIRecordedMyself