I hardly manage to find some time for drawing lately, I’m full of other things to do! Here it is a little update with the sketches I’ve done during the last month, just to remind you I’m still alive :)

First one is Istaaz by serenaverdeart, (ce la farò a colorarla prima o poi! >3<)

Second one is Enassan by spadiekitchenqueen

Third one is Dejanira by me! <3

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, and of course, I decided to finally do it when I should be doing something else.

Five clothing designs for each of my girls, Istaaz, Daalrna and Messirama, to define their general style.
The first four designs are what they would most likely wear on a regular basis (except for Istaaz, whose fourth design is actually one of Vehnas’ favourite dresses), while the fifth one is just a “special occasion” dress, and the kind of clothing the mortals on the earth associate with them.
The only one who uses to wear shoes between the three of them is Messirama, though it can’t be seen, and she usually favours flat gladiator-styled sandals.

Will be doing one of this for the boys too at some point, which I’m sure will be even funnier :D

mechanical pencils, texture from `Princess-of-Shadows

“You Should Be Afraid.

Because one day she may wake up and remember she’s not as weak as she likes to pretend.
And that day, she may also decide she’s tired of you.”

Pencils and grey ecoline

I won’t lie, this was a plot I had in mind for Inavesu… it was a funny one too…
but I really didn’t know how to make it fit, so I discarded it for now XD

Look At Me by =NadezhdaVasile

Working on a written piece, I ended up also drawing something out of it…

One would think Istaaz would never have to ask Vehnas for attention, but yes, there are times when the girl actually has to grab him by the hair to win his interest. Useless to say, it’s super effective (meaning she’ll have his full attention, not that he’ll actually do what she wanted him to do in the first place :°D)

Pencils and photoshop, A4


“Wouldn’t be better if you loved me?
You would trust me
and believe anything I said.
You wouldn’t shun my company
because you’d be happy to stay with me.”

“And wouldn’t be better if you were deserving of love
instead of just demanding it?
wouldn’t be better if you gave any reason to feel love for you at all?

And wouldn’t be even better
if you actually knew what love is?”


So I had this pencil drawing sitting around since before Valentine and decided to ruin it by colouring it digitally, as another way to distract myself from the Cinera work (as if I could afford distracting from it).

Vehnas, making weird statements and gettign powned for them.
Well ok, considering the huge amount of occasions he gives Istaaz on a daily basis, one could think he kinda enjoys getting powned u__u

Pencil and photoshop colours

Istaaz, Vehnas, “Inavesu - The Timeless” © Serena Verde


So, I finally gathered the courage I needed to do this o___o’…

I had in mind to change and define Istaaz tattoos pattern since the first time I decided she was going to have them, but guess what? I was so lazy I ended up drawing the temporary ones over and over until they became the “definitive” ones, even though I never liked them very much.

Now, I kinda realized that I can do whatever I want with her tattoo designs, so I decided that I was finally going to change them, no matter how many times they had been drawn already U___U

I always wanted to get rid of those leaf/tendril-like patterns, and I definitively wanted her shoulders and arms to be clean, but mostly, I wanted her tattoos to look more like the Indian mehndi I love so much and I was first inspired by….
Now, I can say I have all of this :D

Soooo I was there, thinking about random stuff as usual, and at some point I found myself wondering… what would my Inavesu do once enough time passed, and their world had eventually become “our” modern world?

And there they were…

I could totally imagine Vehnas’ new hobby: dragging Istaaz shopping around the world, nonchalantly “hijacking” boutiques for hours to have his wife try ALL the dresses, jewels and shoes, so he could choose the ones he liked the most (just to buy them all in the end)…

The sketch came out almost immediately… I had so much fun with it it’s almost illegal.

And Vehnas belongs in a pair of Ray-Ban, if you ask me.


I realized I’m closing this year in an almost complete absence of finished drawings…. that’s quite sad in my opinion, and since I have absolutely no will to work on anything relevant, I decided to just try and work on something completely random…
Thankfully, my dear Vehnas and Istaaz never fail to inspire me, so they were my obvious choice for the picture…

This is the work in progress and actual status of the drawing…
I couldn’t help notice how slow I became in drawing lately, I hope I’m compensating with improved quality at least =__=“”

Stay well ♥

Edit: Added step 6 and 7
Edit: Added step 8
Edit: Added step 9