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Eyescape Magazine - “Scenario” - The Digital Issue #2

Contributors (in alphabetical order)

- Amna Babar
- Bartek Maslak
- Celeste Ortiz
- Dennis Foster
- Elise Boularan
- Fabrizio Musu
- Franco Carino Zanotti
- Gil Barez
- Leonor F
- Marianne Zmokly
- Mert Acar
- Milan Kroulik
- Remy Chanteloup
- Sandra Ortiz Martinez
- Tamara Alvarez
- Wlodzimierz Urbanowicz


Chronicle of Fugue
PhotoZine. The first issue of ‘Chronicle of Fugue’

I’ve published a PhotoZine. 
Please check it out !
Hope y’all enjoyed with this :)


OH YEAH! The first zine is out now. Including 27 artists around the world.



Our September issue is finally here. Tumblr users theeohsees, cistopia, bellyachings, jadathedirector, volunruud, ursaamericana, eelypss, pelargoniumhortorum, bluishtigerrs, mrsscully, pootbot, ufospottings, seaofturmoil, quijaita, immigrantgirls, guavasita, wintersoldi, among other “outsiders” made it possible. Thank you so much. We explored the question “What does it feel to create in the world today?” and we truly hope you read it thoughtfully. 


With the spirit of Halloween looming, this issue’s theme will be HAUNTED

Send us your ghost stories, your creepy photos, your weird drawings. Talk about your deepest, darkest fears. Think about the past and things that haunt you, think about the future and things that scare you. What are you so afraid of?

Send it all to us, we want it ALL.

Submit via the tumblr or send your stuff in an email to

Rules are as usual:

  • No plagiarism
  • No offensive or distasteful content, this is a feminist publication and there is no room for people to be turds here 
  • NAMES I need names - your name and anyone else who is due credit (models, makeup artists, stylists etc)
  • The deadline for this one is OCTOBER 15TH

Any form of submission is welcome: art, photos, articles, poems, videos, anything! So SUBMIT SUBMIT SUBMIT!!!

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Somali Semantics, from the perspectives of two somali girls born and raised in toronto and montreal, explores the intersections between girlhood, blackness, and “authentic” somalinimo, includes our ruminations on sex, patriarchy, and the policing of women’s bodies thru culture, religion, etc. and hopes to spark honest conversations surrounding diaspora and identity making.

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Sophisticated issue 4
Sophisticated Winter 2015 Issue 4

The Sophisticated Winter 2015 Issue has hit the stands just in time for the holidays. As ever, we would like to personally thank all of the people who have been a driving force and inspiration that has kept this humble dream alive. 

Without you, there would be no point to such an endeavor, it would be fruitless and without meaning. Together, in this time of reflection, building traditions or upholding old ones, and in the spirit of generosity and giving, we dedicate this issue to all of the unsung heroes who bless our lives every single day.

May your journey find peace wherever it may lead and may you look back upon times shared with fondness, rejoicing in the good times and holding them as precious memories for years to come.

- The Sophisticated Staff & Lady Devonshire