Being able to roll your eyes at the term “cultural appropriation” is a sign of privilege. You think everyone should just do what they want right? Because you’ve never been ridiculed or shamed for your traditions, culture, features, and appearance while at the same time seeing others copy or take those traditions, culture, features, and appearance and be praised for “starting trends” or “being edgy”. Keep that in mind next time you wanna throw a temper tantrum because a black girl told you you shouldn’t wear dreads.

When I see white girls: 😍
When I see brown girls: 😍
When I see Native girls: 😍
When I see Asian girls: 😍
When I see black girls: 😍
When I see light girls: 😍
When I see dark girls: 😍

When I see girls who lift up other girls, regardless of their skin color, and support eachother: 😍😍😍😍😍😍

top 5 most iconic things that whites with anxiety do

5. make it about their individual mental illness when people of colour mention white anxiety surrounding issues of race as a fundamental aspect of white psychology, as if we’re talking about individual pathologies (which they assume to be innate) rather than how the structures of whiteness work as a whole

4. “yes this makes me so anxious bc I worry that I do this” handwringing whenever people of colour try to express how racist behaviour harms them, again making it about themselves and acting like mental illness has anything to do with it

3. assume that all people of colour (especially those who are talking about racism at the moment) are neurotypical, ignoring the potential of people of colour to be complex human beings as well as the adverse effects of white supremacy on our mental health

2. “i dinfd’t mean to be racisits and nwo eveyrons’s mad at me adn i’m so anxoisu [insert threat of self-harm]”

1. “I have anxiety so I have the right to be afraid of brown and Black people and if you tell me otherwise then you’re ableist”

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okay but if someone doesn't experience homophobia or transphobia then they're not lgbt it's as simple as that.... the lgbt community doesn't exist for the purpose of being "inclusive" it literally is by nature exclusive to people who experience homophobia and/or transphobia

No, I’m sorry, that’s simply not true. I’ve written an awful lot about this, which you can find under my ‘ace exclusion’ tag. But since there’s a lot under there, let’s hit all the highlights. Frankly, it’ll be nice to have an omnibus post I can just pass to people from now on. 

This post is not an argument of your point, it is a reference post, because you are simply wrong.

This post is going to be very, very long, and very, very US-centric. It is important to state right up front that this discussion is extremely Western-centric. I do not have the right personally to speak on gender and sexual orientations from indigenous communities of which I am not a member, but it is absolutely important to acknowledge that the colonization of gender and sexual identity of non-Western peoples is a) wrong as fuck and b) we need to knock it off and c) none of the stuff I’m writing necessarily applies to non-Western peoples/indigenous peoples. 

1) This ‘formed to fight homophobia and transphobia’ definition of LGBT is literally and completely an invention of Tumblr. It started on Tumblr, it really only exists on Tumblr, and it only exists for the sole purpose of excluding minority sexualities and orientations (not limited to but currently focused on asexuality). It’s a very recent invention and this specific definition is less than eighteen months old. Probably less than a year old, but I’ll be honest: I don’t have the time or patience to go through the history on Tumblr and read all the hateful stuff that I’d have to in order to find the first use of that particular little piece of nonsense.

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Its 20 fucking 17 can we stop pretending yet that being a minority absolves you of aggression against other minorities please??

Can we stop fucking pretending that communities like the LGBT+ don’t have enormous issues with race, gender, disability, or even other communities within it? White gay people still are racist, monogamous m-spec people still can be pretty polyphobic, truscum/transmedicalist trans people still can be hugely ableist and binarist, gold star lesbians still want to exclude other queer women. You are not absolved of call outs by saying “I’m a minority how dare you!!!!!!!!”

I am so sick and tired of white Canadians trying to defend themselves by saying that because they aren’t personally racist, there’s no race issue in Canada, when, in the next sentence, they’ll go on to tell indigenous peoples to “get over” what’s happened to us and that the government should cut off funding to us because all we do is waste it and beg for more… the reason indigenous peoples in Canada are protesting is because we want the same chances and the same basic human respect that other Canadians have. Indigenous peoples can’t even put a tipi up on Parliament Hill alongside “official” Canada Day celebrations because that offends all the white people who don’t think they have anything to do with the ongoing colonization of these lands and don’t want to be reminded of it. Let me lay it down for you:

Whether your family came here 1 or 5 generations ago, you have access to opportunities that indigenous Canadians will never get access to

you will have a home with clean drinking water, which over 100 indigenous communities in Canada do not have access to

you will have access to healthcare and education for yourselves or your children, which many indigenous children do not have access to

you will have the opportunity to integrate into Canadian society, which many indigenous peoples do not

Your existence on these lands is at the expense of indigenous peoples. The system was created to protect and provide for you, and not us. You came into these resources at the expense of our wellbeing. And all we want is to be heard. We want equal opportunities that were stolen from us YEARS ago that YOU benefit from to this day by the simple act of existing. We’re not asking to take opportunities away from you, we’re not asking to send you back where you came from. We’re literally just asking to be treated as equals.  

If you call black people “coons”, take their “black card” away, call them traitors, say they don’t love themselves, and/or just generally treat them like garbage when they don’t agree with you…

… You’re not pro black.

You’re pro black [people] who agree with you and buy into your hive mind idea of how all black people should think.
Everyone is allowed to disagree but behavior like I described above is disgusting.

Stop calling yourself pro black while shitting all over black people who dare have an opinion that differs from yours. Thanks.

I just realized

The PJO series was written mainly written so that Rick Riordan’s son would have a fictional character who could represent him. And, considering that, it just makes sense that Rick Riordan would be passionate about diversity and representation, and expand to other issues, including lgbt and race issues.

The whole point of these books is representation for kids that can’t conform to the norms. And, yeah, sometimes he messes up. But, he learns, and he tries very hard, and that’s something I really appreciate

I’m so tired of every time there’s a terrorist attack, lefties blaming white people and right wingers blaming brown people. It’s men! It’s overwhelmingly men. This isn’t a race issue as much as both sides want it to be one. It’s a sex issue. It’s male violence. That’s it.

Welcome to AroAces of Color!

This is a blog created by and for asexual and aromantic people of colour, where we can have our own space to discuss sexuality, identity, culture and the intersections of each. We welcome questions, discussions and advice from all ace and aro people of colour, and we’re very open to fandom headcanons, discussions of asexuality/aromanticism in media, and more. 

We created this blog to have a space to call our own, and to welcome other POC on the aro and ace spectrum. So if you’re an a-spectrum poc, come join us to connect, ask questions and share ideas! Our mods are all people of colour from a variety of backgrounds and ages.

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Otherwise, our blog will have following guidelines:

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I go by Europa, she/her pronouns are good with me and I’m 21 years old. I’m proudly aromantic and asexual. I’m Indian but I was born in South Africa, and I’m currently living in Australia. I’m doing my Bachelor of Science in Maths and Physics currently. I love space, astronomy and all things Maths, especially topology. As for hobbies, I enjoy reading, games, anime/manga, drawing/painting (I’m terrible at it though), playing with my dog Samson and drinking tea. I’m europa-io on tumblr if you ever want someone to talk to.  

@kuraihonofullmeta​ / @thelordofdarknes - Vlad - 17 - She/Her - Quoiromantic Asexual - African-American

I’m Vlad and my pronouns are she/her. I am only weeks away from 18 and I am a possibly non binary quoiromantic asexual, who has some type of attraction to females and female aligned individuals. I am an African-American, living in America. I am a quite boring individual, whose interests include anime, most of the shows on the SyFy channel, Dungeons and Dragons, Harry Potter, most movies from the MCU (except Captain America) and other books/movies/shows of science fiction and fantasy subject matter, so long as it has action in it.

@mooncake24 - Sofia - 16 - She/Her - Cis Alloromantic Ace - Native American

Hello, I’m Sofia a 16 year old who goes by she/her pronouns and I am a cis alloromantic ace ( though things may change, I am still figuring myself but I will always be ace). I am a proud Native American, who was born in San Francisco but is being primarily raised in Houston. I live for memes and nerding out over the things I love such as comics/anime/cartoons,history and medicine. My dream is to one day become a surgeon and to open my own hospital.

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Hello, I’m Se-Anubis, a 19 year old Agender Asexual Aromantic Panalterous Black guy. I use he/him or they/them pronouns, but it doesn’t really matter to me. Originally from Louisiana, I’ve lived pretty much everywhere in the Southern US. Big anime fan, but I love most animation, even in America. If you see a HC for a cartoon or book that you’ve never heard of, it was probably me, lol.

@stardust-rain - Alex - 27 - She/Her - Aromantic Asexual - Chinese

I’m stardust (or Alex), I’m a 1.5 generation Chinese diaspora who grew up in Sweden, recently finished my MA and am currently working in Hong Kong. I like reading, space, cities, urban fantasy and audio drama and occasionally going on long rants about politics and representation.

Extra thanks to @uncontinuous for the original idea.
Portland Republican says party should use militia groups after racial attack
County GOP chair James Buchal says security forces may be appropriate as tensions rise after two people died in a racial attack on public transport
By Jason Wilson

White people see white nationalist violence and decide white people are under attack. Cool beans.

Multnomah County GOP chair James Buchal, however, told the Guardian that recent street protests had prompted Portland Republicans to consider alternatives to “abandoning the public square”.

“I am sort of evolving to the point where I think that it is appropriate for Republicans to continue to go out there,” he said. “And if they need to have a security force protecting them, that’s an appropriate thing too.”

Asked if this meant Republicans making their own security arrangements rather than relying on city or state police, Buchal said: “Yeah. And there are these people arising, like the Oath Keepers and the Three Percenters.”

Asked if he was considering such groups as security providers, Buchal said: “Yeah. We’re thinking about that. Because there are now belligerent, unstable people who are convinced that Republicans are like Nazis.”

Can’t make this shit up. Like this is a public call for armed white supremacists to show up to protests, rallies, marches and to “protect” Republicans from us. These white men cannot help but support racist violence even when confronted with its abject harm to all.

this blog is, has been, and always will be a place for danny pink love and appreciation <3

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If Beyoncé wanted to start her performance over again people would react the same way stop trying to make things into a race issue when they aren't lol


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There is a lot of conversation about ending mass incarceration, but almost all of it is focused on changing how we respond to non-violent and low-level crimes. The problem is that more than half of people in state prison are incarcerated for violent crimes, so we will only end mass incarceration if we deal with the question of violence.  

This Issue Time conversation will deal with the question of violence, and will discuss whether mass incarceration actually makes us safer and what else could make us safe instead.


Danielle Sered envisioned, launched, and directs Common Justice. She leads the project’s efforts, locally rooted in Brooklyn but national in scope, to develop and advance practical and groundbreaking solutions to violence that advance racial equity, meet the needs of those harmed, and do not rely on incarceration.

Fatimah Loren Muhammad is the Director of Equal Justice USA’s Trauma Advocacy Initiative, which, in its pilot stage hosts weekly, half-day collaborative workshops bringing over 250 members of the Newark Police Department together with African American community leaders and public health practitioners to discuss issues of race, trauma, violence, policing, and mass incarceration. She is a Senior Fellow at Humanity in Action and a recipient the Leeway Foundation 2010 Social Transformation Award. 

Ryan King is a senior fellow in the Justice Policy Center at the Urban Institute, where he works on sentencing and corrections issues with a focus on mass incarceration. His objective is to produce high-quality empirical research on the impact of sentencing and corrections policies at the state and federal level; and to work with policymakers, practitioners, and community advocates to identify strategies that assist in the pursuit of a fair, effective, and rational criminal justice system.

Glenn E. Martin, is the President and Founder of JustLeadershipUSA (JLUSA), an organization dedicated to cutting the U.S. correctional population in half by 2030.

Our panelists will begin answering your questions on Monday April 17th.

Some Thoughts About Race in the SJM Universe

Obviously everyone knows the shitstorm that is going on over SJM characters in both ACOTAR and TOG.

(Frankly, I haven’t read TOG in depth so I can’t really speak for it as well, but I’m going to try)

Let me just preface this by saying three things:

First and foremost, I am a woman of color and a goddamn feminist. I know the importance of POC in mainstream media. It is not my intention to overlook or look down on issues regarding POC representation.

Secondly, I am not a visual reader (as some people may recall from my Tamlin the Yeti post). I don’t visualize characters as being of any race; that’s why I depend heavily on fanart. To me, characters are blobs of characteristics that just happen to have names.

Finally, think about the universe that ACOTAR and TOG are set in. Sarah has created such a definitive world of people who are obviously of different ethnicities. And as a writer, I can tell you that for me at least, race is the last thing on my mind when I build my characters. (Which probably has something to do with my characteristic blobs, but whatever.) Yes, it’s a current issue. Yes, our society has been predominantly white for too long. But for many people, physiognomy comes last..

There are two main race issues I’ve seen on Tumblr:

1) whitewashed fanart and fancasts

2) killing of POCs to further the adventure of the white characters

To #1: There is no excuse for this, really. But I’m 99.99999999% sure that artists will politely recognize their whitewashed art as a mistake and fix it. No need to get pissy all the goddamn time for what could be fixed in one PM.

To #2:: Strap yourselves in, because this is going to be a long, aggressive rant.

Is this an issue? Yes. Should you keep screaming bloody murder at Sarah for it 24/7? No.

And I’ll explain why.

This is a societal problem. It’s no secret that POC are hired in the TV industry as minor characters. Cab driver, IT person, receptionist. This is a mainstream issue. It’s one we need to fix.

But unlike those bitches in the TV industry, I don’t fully believe that Sarah meant to sideline POC, at least not in the TOG universe. Yes, everyone who died was a POC. Yes, that’s weird. But I also don’t fully believe Sarah constructed that world with the idea of killing off all the POC characters to further the journey of the white protagonist.

If anything, it shows that there is an abundance of all-white main casts.

SJM didn’t do that for ACOTAR. The Illyrians are canonically POC—they are tan. Not just suntan. Their skin is not white. Sarah has said herself that Rhys is not “pasty white.” At least four out of the seven courts of Prythian have leaders that are POC (Night, Day, Dawn, Summer). Feysand is an interracial couple. Nessian is an interracial couple. And I believe Drakon is a POC as well (and maybe Miryam)??

So yes. There are race issues. But they’re not ones we haven’t seen before. YA lit is filled with them. That doesn’t mean it’s right, but stop attacking Sarah from problems that are broadly present across the industry. There are plenty of bigger issues with bigger authors that no one seems to care about. I didn’t hear anyone complaining when books like Fangirl or The Fault in Our Stars featured all-white (or almost all-white) casts.

Stop hating on Sarah when she’s given us worlds where people are actually repsented.This is not an issue she fucking created. Stop acting like it is.

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As a white person, how can we help so dismantle white supremacy without taking the microphone from POC? Sorry if I sound ignorant for asking this I just want to help in any way I can because fuck white amerikkka

No you don’t sound ignorant at all, I’m very thankful that you want to learn and help.

Some steps you can take in helping fight racism…
1. Listen to people of color. There are some traumas and issues you may never understand but it is important to listen, recognize, and believe them.
2. Amplify the voices of people of color. Share their posts, blasts their quotes, and help make their voices louder.
3. Stand up to your friends and family. There are a lot of white families that don’t have the best opinions about people of color and our white “allies” will stay silent. Don’t. Confront your uncle at the thanksgiving table. Make your visit to grandmas house uncomfortable. Teach that racist friend the truth or drop them. Silence is violence.
4. Take accountability. Know that even as an ally you do benefit from a system to bring down people of color. Recognize this and help others take accountability as well.
5. PROTEST. We need you out there in the streets with us. Sharing that one post on Facebook when one of us dies is not enough. Get involved in your local activist groups, non profits, etc. ask people of color in your community how you can help them.

If anyone would like to add anything please do.