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Hooligans got big hearts but they’re just some kids, Cali made flashy sins, need nobody cause we know where we fit in!



Hey guys please go check this out its amazing! Oh and I’m in it (; cause that makes it worth your while lol (x Holla at your gurl in the striped shirt (;


I can’t believe I haven’t posted this in here. Anyways, most of my videos I always give them this afternoon feel and I call it “californation” :D Idk lol 

Skyler from the band Issues is the nicest man I’ve ever met. This picture was taken at about 1 in the fucking morning and he was outside with the now died-down group of fans. I walked up to him and introduced myself, and he shook my hand and everything. It was great. I then told him that I had skipped my senior prom to come to this concert and that Issues was my favourite act.

In return, he took this perfect prom picture with me. This is the happiest, most real picture I’ve ever seen of myself. I was actually happy, there was no fake candid smiles. I was laughing and I was happy.

I’ll never regret skipping my prom for this. This is better than any prom picture I can imagine taking. 

Thank you, Skyler. And thank you, Issues!