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So I waited until the very end of March 7th, to post this because I wanted to take in the joy of today, and live for the moment while reflecting on the wonders that God blessed the world with when he put Michael Ryan Bohn on this earth on this very day in 1988. My best friend, my brother, my confidant, and my sidekick… you truly are one of the most beautiful and candid souls I have ever known, I cherish all the adventures, the inside jokes, the fights, and the laughs that we share. I just hope that the journey we started in 2009 continues for many years to come, and that you continue to understand my gratitude and love for you. I hope that you continue to blow our minds with your talent and that you keep broadening your horizons. I hope that you continue to shine and that you may fill your days with humbleness as well as pride. Happy Birthday buddy.


If you got the keys then start the car and, drive and far as you can.