The things that can’t get to … but you should, December 15 - 17 at Irondale.


2/4/14 The trio of Michael Snow, Alan Licht and Aki Onda had a rare appearance at Issue Project Room. Snow performed on the CAT synthesizer and piano, with Licht on guitar / effects and Onda on cassette recorders and electronics. The first of two sets had a drony but harsh quality, starting with Onda’s lyrical tweeting of his cassette walkman feedback box which was reminiscent of tweeting birds, but a static quality set in and I was wishing for more modulation and holes in Licht’s feedback manipulation. For the second set Licht strapped on his guitar, rather than leaving it in the stand, and the piece benefited from more air, more piano and an almost lyrical melodic climax. A rare treat and a special evening.

Renata Adler/Issue Project Room/Greenpoint/tomorrow

This gentleman was reading Renata Adler’s Speedboat on the Q train to work this morning. You can hear Renata live in the flesh tomorrow at 155 Freeman St., between Manhattan & Franklin Aves in Greenpoint, as part of the Issue Project Room “Littoral” event series, tomorrow at 8 p.m. She’ll be reading from her novels Speedboat and Pitch Dark, and talking with our editor Edwin Frank. If you’ve already read Renata’s books, you’ll know the talk could go something like this:

    ‘I shouldn’t have come,’ the Englishman said, waving his drink and breathing so heavily at me that I could feel my bangs shift. 'I have a terrible cold.’
    'He would probably have married her,’ a voice across the room said, 'with the exception that he died.’
    'Well, I am a personality that prefers not to be annoyed.’
    'We should all prepare ourselves for this eventuality.’
    A six-year-old was passing the hors d'oeuvres. The baby, not quite steady on his feet, was hurtling about the room.
    'He’s following me,’ the six-year-old said, in despair.
    'Then lock yourself in the bathroom, dear,’ Inez replied.
    'He always waits outside the door.’
    'He loves you, dear.’
    'Well, I don’t like it.’
    'How I envy you,’ the minister’s wife was saying to a courteous, bearded boy, 'reading Magic Mountain for the first time.’


6/29/14 Morton Feldman’s sublime 4 ½ hour piece For Phillip Guston performed at Issue Project Room with great stamina by Richard Carrick on piano and celeste, Margaret Lancaster, flutes and David Shively, percussion. I listened and meditated for a couple of hours to the beautiful piece before I had to leave.