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I live in Nagaoka, Niigata Prefecture of Japan. This area is located in the basin in the longest river in Japan. This photo book is a summary of the state of the initial reconstruction of the flood that occurred in 2013.

Enjoy “In Silence” from Krzysztof Ubych in ISSUE 30 
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Photographer: Krzysztof Ubych
Stylist/Hair/Makeup: Wioletta Maciejewska
Designers: Magdalena Carter and Greg Red (Peter, Tom & Dave.)
Corset/Headpieces: Greg Red (Peter, Tom & Dave.)
Models: Dominika Kowalska and Katarzyna Kowalska @ Agency Myskena
Location: Attic 29 Studio

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Bringing the Magic Home:
In this summer issue, we discover the many ways to create a magical home.

In Our Theme Section:

  • Kitchen Magic: “Food for Thought: Wandering Witch Visits Cucina Aurora.” Our ever-traveling correspondent Natalie Zamen visits with entrepeneur, magickal chef, and kitchen witch extraordinaire Dawn Hunt, to talk about her work in making magic delicious. PLUS: in “Green Magick” Stacey Carroll introduces us to the magical properties of common household herbs and spices.
  • Protect & Harmonize: Voudou traditions are religions born and tempered through slavery, oppression, and hardship. In “Be Prepared: Protect Your Home with Voudou” Lilith Dorsey shares some of her path’s hard-won protection workings. MORE on home-making magic: Whitehurst draws connections between Western esoteric magic and the Eastern art of feng shui, and teaches us how to bring more balance and harmony to your home in “Feng Shui for Pagans.”
  • Home & Hearth: How does a witch become a mother?“ For Christine Hoff Kraemer it all started with a fertility spell. She tells her story in “Priestess of the Flesh.” In our outwardly-focused age, the goddess Hestia has largely been overlooked. Let Lisa McSherry introduce you to this most essential goddess — that she first met on a trip to Rome — in “Hidden Hestia: Goddess of Hearth & Home.”  

In Every Issue:

  • Pagan People: Sorcha Fellnar brings us the story of a Norwegian-American rediscovering the Heathen paths of her ancestors in “Return of the Völva: Rediscovering Northern Traditions with Kari Tauring.”
  • Sacred Spaces: Sara Amis shares the magic of her home in the deep south in “Song of the Chattahoochee: on Being a Witch in Urban Atlanta.”
  • Pagan Practice: Elizabeth Creely introduces us to the groundbreaking work of a modern Heathen researcher in “The Seed of Yggdrassill: Decifering Hidden Messages in Norse Myths with Maria Kvilhaug.”

Plus our regular columnists: Raven Grimassi, Archer, Hecate Demetersdatter, Deborah Blake, Jason Mankey, John Michael Greer, Diotima Mantineia, H. Byron Ballard, Fritz Muntean, Shirl Sazynski. With special guests John Beckett and Alicia Cole, pagan poetry, reviews, and letters from our readers. 88 pages, to be published in June 2015.

Available for pre-order in as a single in print as well as part of either a print or digital subscription.