issue 3

rockthrowingman  asked:

If you could make a team of characters who only appeared in like 1-3 issues ever, who would be on that team?

Wow, that’s…a pretty tall order. The whole appearing in only 1-3 issues rules out most of my favorite background and incredibly minor characters. The Lucien Gates incarnation of the Ray was in seven issues of various comics. Coat-of-Arms as been in fifteen issues of various comics, mostly in the background. Hell, DJ was in forty! (And only spoke in, like, one.) Honestly, that strikes out most of X-Kids, minor Legionnaires and a lot of other characters that only got used as set dressing later.

First up, Magic Boots Mel! She’s beauty and she’s grace, she’ll kick you in the face. (With her MAGIC BOOTS!)

Next, Crimson. Poor Crimson. I could fill the whole team with characters who were introduced in Infinity: The Hunt, but I’m sticking with the poor kid who got to hang around awkwardly for a few panels only to be squashed by an alien monster. Godspeed, you red winged angel. Taken too soon.

And why not one of my favorite alternate reality kids, Firefly! Son of the Human Torch and the Wasp, born on Battleworld, this dude makes it on concept alone. Plus, with his folks, he’s gotta be fashionable as hell.

Saint Anna’s a healer from X-Statix, a book that wasn’t shy about killing the cast off. Comicvine says she was in five issues, but I can’t really back that up. She died in her third appearance. 

And last, but not least, FREEDOM RING, Yeah, he was in more than three (barely) but I love the guy and it’d be nice to see him get another shot. Marvel could always use more gay characters and his death was…unpleasant. On a few levels. A Marvel editor, when asked about the possibility of a revival, said that “It’s been a while since we’ve seen him…its unlikely that we will see him again,” but you never know and hey, this is my entirely fictional concept with very specific parameters. (Which I am choosing to break here.) 

So, yeah. Weird collection of heroes. Still, could be interesting with the right team handling it.

Okay Lobdell I’m 3 issues into your Red Hood and the Outlaws: Rebirth and I got to say you are giving me the Jason Todd I always wanted.

Like he is sarcastic and caring. The connection between Bizarro and Jason in the third issue is so fucking beautiful I almost cried.

Jason sees a lot of himself in Bizarro and there is some parallels in Issue #3 to the Red Hood Lost Days series. Jason Todd takes the role of Talia Al Ghul with so much hope for the one he saved. Artemis is the disgruntled Ra’s Al Ghul who sees nothing but an empty shell of a monster. Nothing there but reflexes and power (much like brain dead Jason).

Jason Todd is beautifully written and i feel Lobdell is taking this fresh start and running with it.

Please keep up the pace and create the Jason Todd (sinnamon roll) the fans always wanted.

Are you Hungry for Apples?™

A couple months ago I got approached to make a cover for the official Rick & Morty Comic series! This is gonna be a reprint of issue #3, and it comes out on 12/9! 

Thanks so much to Oni Press, Ari Yarwood for giving me the opportunity. And thanks to Justin Roiland, and Dan Harmon for making such a phenomenal show!

A preview of the cover for our upcoming Altcomics Magazine, Issue #3!

Guest edited by Sab Meynert
Featuring GG, E Howey, Juli Majer

Cover illustration by GG

The printed companion to our documentary film—in—progress continues.

Included in our current Spring Collection!

“I’m hoping to do a non-linear issue that denotes these comic artists who work with time as something sentient or ungraspable.” This issue’s guest editor, Sab Meynert, speaks about their approach to the first guest edited issue.