• me, looking at all of the work i need to do for school: ,, ,,, ,/ ., .maybe tomorrow
  • me, remembering that Hamilton didn't write the other 51 by procrastinating: ,,. ,/,,..
  • also me, crying: i gotta,.,/,.

Magical Girl Monthly, Issue #1 Cover!

What if magical girls had their own magazine? What kind of gossip and tips would it talk about and expose? This mag cover was an idea I’ve had for a while, and finally tried it out! It was very fun :)

Inspired by the Shojo Beat and Shonen Jump manga magazines of my childhood

Magical Girl Monthly Issue #2 Cover :D

School season is starting up again around here, so I thought this cover’s main header and art should pertain to that. MGM isn’t a real magazine but this is a personal project to do a new cover a month :)

Issue 1: