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hiya, long question ahead! I checked your guide and couldn't find anything about the how to buy prisms. my question is, when I go to the buy thing, it opens the regular playstore, but since the game is running over QuoApp will the purchase even work out, when the money is over playstore? im worried i might kick out my money for nothing, help would be great ;w;

Hi! Sorry, I’m not sure how to buy prisms because I haven’t done it myself. I think at least with Love Live (might have changed I’m not sure) that you had to buy a Japanese iTunes/Google Play gift card in order to buy them. I don’t know if this is the same for Shining Live though.

I don’t want to give out information that could lead to you losing money or anything either, but its worth making sure that you’re on the same account that you downloaded it with before you try buying anything? I’ve seen some other android users on reddit saying that they have bought things though so I’m not sure, sorry.

If anyone knows how to, please send me an ask or reply to this post!

He has this video, saying “GLITCHTALE EPISODE 4 SPOILERS”


He has already uploaded so proudly to his channel. 1 and 5

I commented on it, he ignored me and uploaded even more.

He literally has recorded the entire battle I’ve been animating these past 3 weeks and a half.

And this ass uploads it with a “I hope you enjoy!”

Oh! but cami! you’re so rude to that kid! You can’t send your fans to hate on him! telling him rude things is bad!


What about me? I’m the one who took 6 years of her life to get to where I am

I AM the one who stays awake until 4 AM being sick to finish a single scene of this animation

I AM the one who works her ass off every single damn day to work on this, because I LOVE to do it. Because I LOVE to create.

I AM the one being affected here.

IF YOU want to have empathy for jerks like these. Go ahead. Because I won’t. And I’m in ALL my rights to don’t have it. Because THIS is the kind of IDIOT that has been ruining my will to draw and create the past 2 weeks.

It is my life at risk, and asses like these take it as a joke.

Would you like it if someone took everything you care about and stomp it on the ground? No? Because I don’t. 

And is not about “being rude” or “going too far” because I’ve been getting STOMPED ON, BY EVERYONE this week. And I’m DONE playing the nice guy in the situation.

It is MY WORK and I will NOT allow some ass to ruin it for me. I’ll use any means necessary to take all the videos he has uploaded down. And I’ll make sure that whatever other video he has about me, will never see the platform until I finish this damn episode. And it’s featured for the first time in my channel. 

And if you’re here to tell me “oh cami calm down! ignore it! dont be so rude!” save some time from your life and don’t even BOTHER to write. Because I’m done going that route.

I feel an obligation to use my voice to speak up for those who are voiceless. It just so happens that my voice is able to reach a larger audience because of the fact that I have a public profile. If that were something that I thought was worthy of criticism or cynicism, then perhaps it would bother me that there are people out there who look to belittle or demonize those who are trying—in some small way—to help. - Cate Blanchett June 2017 issue



Quick explanation of the situation

[cont] She uses her feminism to call out the media of her portrayal of her but nothing else. And that’s pretty hypocrite to me cause she created this image herself. On her first self-titled album booklet there’s the message on her thanks that says “to all the boys who thought it would be cool to break my heart here are 14 songs about you HA”. On her Fearless tour she said “I wrote this song about a guy who made the decision to cheat on me and he shouldn’t have cause I write songs” and had this projection of her being this serial dater for music material. You know, the one she had Tim McGraw do a cameo and she says to the cameras that the new guys name is great cause it rhymes with many things. Then her SNL monologue where she says “I like to write songs about douchebags who cheat on me” I know this were supposed to be funny but she played herself. No one said anything about her being a serial dater then, it actually started right after she started portraying herself like that. Then she grew up, matured and decided/realized how poor that was and that she didn’t like it so she started blaming it on the media and labeled it as “sexist”, which is not. Is not about a gender thing, is a Taylor thing. No other artist, male or female gets dragged like her and that’s because of how much of a circus she’s made about her love life with the name game she claims to hate but encourages with the secret messages and “symbolism” in her music videos, like using an airplane necklace on OOTW that she throws away, or the ship tattoo on IKYWT for Harry, and the stupid British accent thing… and, again: that SNL monologue song where she actually dragged Joe Jonas.When she got asked on an interview about what her squad talked about she said “we address feminist issues, we say things like «why is it that when a man has a lots of lovers he’s cool and empowering but if a woman does it she’s a slut?»” you know who gets dragged in her squad for this? The only person in her squad to whom this is applicable is HERSELF! Of all the “feminist” issues they “talk about” she chose the one who applies herself to bring up. It seems like she uses every opportunity to remind people how misjudged she is by the media with feminism as her back-up. Like, yeah, I support you there: you’re given more shit than you deserve but please, stop playing the victim and own to your faults.I think she’s conceited and tries too hard to keep her image “clean” and rarely talks about things that don’t have to do with her regarding feminism. I wished she stopped calling herself that because she’s not. Or if she plans on continuing this she should at least educate herself on it more so she can actually be an advocate.