Still struggling with cameraman mode rug issue. I was wondering if it happens in premade house too or not, so visited Caliente house. and then… ta-da! Rugs sticking out from their house too! But it will disappear in close up. Maybe it happens because  of screen resolution (not sure I’m using this word right) becoming rough? Anyway it’s still under investigation.

jenba said: That’s so strange! :( I hope they fix it soon, too. Do you use Buckley’s Camera Mod? Just wondering because I’ve only noticed the rug thing on Sam’s house; maybe it’s just the angle, but maybe Buckley’s mod helps?

Didn’t have that camera mod, but definitely will try that one! Thank you for wonderful information :D

ajoya-sims said: Love that you are sharing your photos with us! Thank you for welcoming us into your world! ♥♥♥

Aww, thank you so much for sweet message, ajoya! I love both sharing and watching other simmer’s beautiful screenshots <3

  • Tumblr:men don't be afraid to show emotions! you're humans too!
  • Man:*shows sadness*
  • Tumblr:haha male tears
  • Man:*shows happiness*
  • Tumblr:don't get too happy bub, remember how you're a terrible person because some men do bad things?
  • Man:*shows anger*
  • Tumblr:calm down you violent rapist. hide your kids everyone, he might go on a killing spree
  • Man:*is depressed*
  • Tumblr:suck it up, other people have it way worse than you
  • Man:*shows affection for a woman*
  • Tumblr:are you serious?? you think women are around just to please men? you don't deserve anything you pig
  • Men:*look directly into the
  • camera like Jim in The Office*

I can understand how people may get confused on what’s going on in Greece and why it’s such a big deal. The articles I’ve read on it have been very complex and hard to understand so you sort of give up on trying to get it, even I’m still having troubles getting it but I’ll try to explain as simply and best as I can, bear with me. Greece entered the euro in 2001 but the whole shared currency idea was a bad idea in the first place because if you have a poorer countries like Greece who have high unemployment rates, well they need to print more money making the euro less valuable and making exports cheaper so countries will buy from them and tourism increases because it’s cheaper but this is a problem when you have richer countries like Germany who have a low unemployment rate, want export prices to be higher and print less money so the euro would be more valuable, this is a problem because there’s only one currency that can’t accommodate for both ends of the scale. That’s the first problem. For some time Greece flourished although before 2008 there was a lot of spending going on by the Greek government (military, public sector jobs, pensions, the 2004 Olympics and other social benefits), so to begin with, the Greek government was spending more then they were receiving. After the 2008 financial crisis, Greece owed a lot of money. In 2010 Greece was locked out of financial markets and the only way thought back in was borrowing money of the European Central Bank, euro zone countries and the IMF. Greece was given two bailouts, one of 110 billion euros and the second was 130 billion euros. These bailouts were not without consequences. These countries and banks and whatnot made the Greek government force austerity on the people. This means higher taxes, lower incomes, pensions, health care and social services were reduced and it created devastation among the Greek population. Unemployment and suicide rates are at an all time high because people can’t afford to live. This austerity plan only made things worse for Greece and the people of Greece. Greece now owes about 320 billion euros. Countries and funds and banks and what not are refusing debt relief even though Greece has no way to pay off the debt. Now the government is making the people vote either yes or no in this referendum. Yes is to keep going with this austerity plan and keep growing this debt basically and no is to possibly (not certainly) go back to the old currency the drachma and maybe leave the eurozone (none of this is 100% certain). No one has really been told what will happen 100% whatever the outcome so that’s what people fear. There are fears of civil unrest and poverty (even more so then now). Either way both outcomes of the referendum aren’t good, it’s like choosing out of two evils. It’s a little more complex then this explanation and I urge people to go look into it more because I know I would have left bits out but it’s just to get a basic understanding of this issue.

Made in Brazil devotes their latest issue to one of male modeling’s most iconic Brazilians, Marlon Teixeira, whose curly locks, tanned skin, and toned abs have made him a constant presence in campaigns and magazines throughout his many years in the industry. The incomparable Bruce Weber opens the issue with a hand-drawn sketch of Teixeira and a tender introduction comparing him to “some unexplainable aquatic mystery.”

Censorship in Japan

A lot of things on Japanese TV bother me; the lack of channels, the lack of variety, the lack of real content, etc. All of those are mainly based around the fact that Japanese people don’t like to rock the boat too much when it comes to personal opinion. People will never outrightly disagree with you, unless you are close friends perhaps, but my Japanese friends have always used polite…

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