issma state finals

2012: Little Memories
  • January: I had an epic birthday party at my house with all my friends:)
  • February: I started writing a ton of music and looking into recording. I became extremely interested in making music.
  • March: I took a tour of my future school, and I actually didn't hate it all that much. I still wasn't happy about transferring.
  • April: Sneakily hid my move from people at school and only told the people that I wanted to know
  • May: Finished the school year strong, and said my goodbyes. I had emotional concerts for band and choir, and an emotional last day.
  • June: I finished my 5th year of dance classes and planned a trip to Florida.
  • July: ONE DIRECTION CONCERT IN TAMPA<3 I came back from Florida and started band at school, which was frightening. I had to meet all new people and I didn't make any friends.
  • August: Started off the month with band camp, and made some great friends. Then I started school and (somehow) ended up joining my school's women's show choir. Not that I'm complaining:)
  • September: Marching Band invitationals started, and they were so incredible! Throughout all of September, we remained UNDEFEATED!
  • October: ISSMA Marching Band Contests. Barf. But they were so exciting. A lot of hard work went into our show, our practices. I worked my butt off in band as I learned a Fall show for show choir.
  • November: Started off the month with ISSMA State Finals, the best time of my life:) So many great memories from that weekend! Then show choir madness began, with a band performance and 2 show choir performances on one day. On a school night I had a crazy show choir performance and didn't get home until Midnight
  • December: Christmas concert season, of course. I had a great start at my new school. I honestly love this school. I'm so happy here, happier than I was at my old school. I got recording equipment and discovered that it's very possible that I could have a future in music. I'm so content right now!