I have never been
a daughter, conductive
with bad news, and out
from the narrows of 
dusk’s gorged gall
our slack hour between
lack and Lazarus 
abducted, criminal 
this suffocation is
slow and velvet 

all whittles back
to some past autumn,
the night’s breach 
of owls or the lune’s
titanesque call

out from the moor
hours slant on the
follow of our divining
sacrificial and madrigal

and the ephemeral 
body is still at last

does love exist

or, four ruminations on a damning subject: a monograph by s. holmes


  • no real spoilers for s4
  • carrie is joan’s doctor friend from early on in s1 and i’ve been waiting three years for the show to bring her back so here she fuckin’ is
  • slow show by the national is an optional musical accompaniment
  • i’m aromantic, it’s all greek to me]

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