Diabolik Lovers VERSUS II (vol. I) outline by SKit Dolce, translated by shottokeki.

During a night of lunar eclipse something happens to them…

Once again an unstoppable thirst for blood will push the brothers into a showdown.


Ayato notices the lunar ecplipes and invites you on the rooftop to watch it together with him. While you two are gazing at the missing moon, a wild Raito suddenly appears.

Still thinking that everything is like usual, they both fall into a deep state of tension(*) while glaring at the shape of the moon swallowed by the darkness. 

Seeing them behaving so differently from usual you can’t help but feeling extremely puzzled.

Although annoyed by the presence of the other, the brothers can’t restrain themselves and end up violently desiring your blood.

Ayato “Admit it. Tell me that you wanted my fangs to make you feel good since the start…”

Raito “It feels so obscene… licking the neck that Ayato made this dirty with blood…” raito pls

(*) I wrote “tension” but the correct word is 一触即発 (isshoku sokuhatsu) that indicated a state in which you feel that just the brief contact with something/somebody could make you lose control, so you try to restrain yourself with all your strength.

Holy shit, guys. I can’t. I just can’t. (Still: where the hell do you all come from, WTF?) Thank you for sticking around on my Tobirama (though he isn’t the friendliest of muses), who’s nearly two years old on this website. Thank you so much!

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