chapter 19: It wasn't just me. Yuzu, Karin and Dad as well loved Mom very much. In other words, she was like the sun of our family. (Ichigo)
chapter 536: But she was definitely like the sun. She attracted, forgave, illuminated anything, and controlled as she liked. I was just... happy to be in her mercy. (Isshin)
Ichigo drunk texts

As requested by ainsusyaga. :)

[Need more drunk texting in your life?]

So if Ichigo got drunk one time or many times and had his phone in hand, what sort of drunk texts might he send?

1. To Orihime

i was sitting here trying to count the number of times you saved my life but i can’t

and not because i drunk. because there’s a lot really

2. To Orihime

and then the one time you SLAYED ME 

with that dress!

3. To Orihime

yoruichi told me to say that was it weird sorry

4. To Yoruichi

i can’t believe i actually texted something you said to inoue

5. To Yoruichi

so what if you’re still the only woman i’ve seen naked

6. To Yoruichi


7. To Ulquiorra

dude i can’t believ you were really gonna let me cut off my own arm and leg to fight you

i know we were enemies but dang

8. To Aizen

so are you super lonely or just a dick bc i really go back and forth on that

9. To Gin 

if you ever considered being a motivational speaker don’t

10. To Byakuya 

so byakuya are we brunch level friends or nah

11. To Byakuya

“we’re not even first name friends” ha ha classic byakya! ;)

but serioulsy we should do brunch

nobles do brunch togehter right?

12. To Rukia 

isn’t it wierd to think that if we hadn’t met the world would be gone right now

like we saved the world b ymeeting wow

13. To Rukia

also i want you to know that i’ts cool you killed my cousin

14. To Rukia

not cool like yay but just cool like i’m not mad

well you prob know you usually do

15. To Grimmjow

look man we fought and thereofre we’re friends so i relly think you need to stop sendin gme death threats ok

16. To Grimmjow

the power of friendship it’s real

17. To Hitsugaya

but serioulsy are you dating my sister or no

18. To Hitsugaya

that sounds like something someone who was dating my sister would say

19. To Ginjo

hey remember when you came over and offered me ramen was that a hitting on me thing or no

20. To Renji

how are you so cool

21. To Renji

you are the top of cool

u know what i mean

22. To Renji

and yea the sidebursn are bc of you i’m not ashamed

23. To Tatsuki

no offense but you have a mullet now so i ahve to ask

did you gain ultimate power at some point

24. To Tatuski

ok well be careful becaue mullets are very very dangerous

25. To Kenpachi

so cool u learned your zanpakuto name! i’m so proud man

but i really still don’t want to fight you

26. To Ikkaku

isn’t it weird to think that you’re the first shinigami in the seireitei i fought

like that’s you

27. To Chad

i can always sense you

28. To Chad

wow that’s much creepier written down than i expected

but srsly i can always sense you

weird right

29. To Hichigo

if i get drunk do you get drunk

30. To Hichigo

really? all of u? even the old man?

31. To Isshin

do you think we need to communicate better

32. To Isshin

it’s ichigo  your son

u don’t have my numbr in your phone???

33. To Isshin

we maybe have a problem

34. To Ishida

hey dude remember that time i tried to kill a menos by hitting it in the feet?

yeah what you’re doing now is still stupider

35. To Ishida

i think it’s good that you want to fight alongside quincy tho

like me. i’m a quincy. so maybe fight alongside me

36. To Ishida

i’ll even let you wear my sword as a hat thats how serious i am

37. To Ishida