issac schneider

There’s a pattern within Kagura’s storytelling…

Kagura’s fabricated story in the Screwdriver Arc:

I’m just a traveller. (But when my back is against the wall, my second personality awakens and I become a hard-nosed berserker My mortal enemy, the shining Knight Shezard, is actually my older brother. He gave me this cross-shaped scar on my face.)

Kagura’s fabricated story in the Jugem Arc

Balmung Fezalion. Also known as the Black Wind. Captain of the Fakinaway dark knights. He is normally a composed person, but when his comrades are in trouble, he loses sight of his surroundings and goes berserk.

Otae adds:

Issac Schneider. Also known as the Prince of Light. Balmung’s younger twin brother. While his brother was abandoned at a young age, Issac was able to live in comfort.

“You’re awesome, boss lady! You’ve helped to turn Balmung back to the side of light!”

Kagura makes up a “scary” story:

In a land far, far away, there were a pair of siblings who were abandoned by their parents. They lived in poverty, but they got by with each other’s support. But one time, the younger brother fell ill, and with no money and no family to turn to, the older brother left him at a shrine and ran away.