issac asmiov

Farewell, semester.

Several years ago before my experience with AAU, I only wanted to take art classes. I did not see the point in taking English classes, Math classes, or any other class that I believed “un-beneficial” to my goal. It was not that I thought these classes where unimportant, but I did not understand how they would be relevant to my dream. This way of thinking was another contributor to my downfall and why I think college did not inspire me the first time around.

As I matured, read more books, and started figuring out what I wanted in life; I started looking at the people that I considered a huge inspiration.  I was shocked when I realized that it was not any specific artist that inspired me, it was writers.  When I first read “Beauty” by Sheri S. Tepper, I could not believe how much I emotionally became affected by a book.  I had lived a sheltered small town life, reading Goosebumps for fun when I needed a tiny scare. Beauty was my first adult book, my first intelligent conversation, and the first time I realized I did not have to abide by what everyone else considered to be normal. The intelligence expressed by this woman’s mind, her knowledge and ideas interwoven in the web of science fiction fantasy made me understand that, even though I could draw a pretty picture, without knowledge of how things worked my art did not have substance.

This was a very humbling moment in my life; I did not want to draw what I did not understand. I wanted to draw with knowledge and understanding; I wanted to weave tales like Sheri S. Tepper .  I wanted to paint romance like Juliet Marillier wrote love and challenge readers with a new idea for a hero like Clare Bell. I wanted to keep a person’s spirit held captive with a desire to learn more like Bruce Coville. I desire to illustrate adventure like Anne McCaffrey lived it and Isaac Asimov revolutionized it.  By taking this class it reminded me that while I still desire nothing more than to be an illustrator, I could also one day write too. I still need a lot of practice, but I truly appreciate this class and you reminded me why I decided to attend AAU in the first place. I wanted an art school with intelligence, I wanted teachers that would inspire me to grow and push me to do my best. With your help and the help of this school, I hope to one day create something that my inspirations would be proud of. Thank you for being my teachers, I look forward to taking more classes with you.