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Fun Avpd things™
  • wanting to say something but physically not being able to say it, and getting frustrated because you want to talk but cant 
  • never disagreeing with anyone because you dont want them to hate you more then they already do
  • not being able to stand up for yourself 
  • wanting to die when getting negative criticism 
  • deleting text posts 2 minutes after making them because you are uncomfortable/afriad of people seeing it even if its just “hey” 
  • not being able to video chat or voice call people because aaaaaaaaa
  • joining in a multiplayer game then immediately leaving when someone else joins it bc aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  • not being able to socialize the way you want to, thus turning into more self hate bc you cant socialize 
  • getting irritated when you have to be around people for a long time 
  • unable to go to places without someone you are comfortable with 
  • being happy when plans get canceled, even if its with someone you enjoy 
  • wanting to be loved and wanted but being unable to express that need 
  • being unable to express any negative emotions to people actually 
  • being uncomfortable with the idea of being a living, breathing human and would much rather be a ghost 
  • feeling like people hate you but being unable to ask to confirm or deny that so you just die™
  • going somewhere, and it doesnt go as planned and so now you cant ever go to that place again ever till the day you die 
  • being unable to ask for help or anything actually bc fear of rejection 
  • saying yes to go somewhere then regretting it and starts thinking up reasons as to why you actually cant go there 
  • being unable to maintain many friendships, except with close people, bc it feels like a chore 
  • getting drained after a 5 minute conversation with someone 
  • feeling so inferior to everyone, to the point where its like you dont even have youre own opinions and personality and you just leech off of everyone else so you can feel like you amount to something 
  • when you finally vent to someone and they dont respond how you want them to and then u die™
  • when you avoid someone bc of anxiety/paranoia/trust issues etc and they dont attempt to contact you and it further validates ur anxiety/paranoia/ trust isses etc and then u die™ 
  • group projects = death™

bruh😩deadass💀🍑hungry rn👊😵🤙yah pizza 🍕whatchu want❓🍕lemme get uhhhhhhh🤔🤔👀B O N E L E S S ☠️🚫PIZZA🍕😩wit a 2️⃣ Liter of c o k e 👏😤fuck 😑❓kinda pizza❓🍕 and 👏 2️⃣ liter machine 🅱️ R O K E 🚫 we got 1️⃣ liter tho 👍 FUCK 😤😑 u mean 🅱️❓aight look 👀👌 lemme get that pizza 👅🙌 B O N E L E S S ☠️🚫 uh ❓pizza dont got bone on it 🍕☠️🚫 tf 😤❓ did i jus say then❓🚫 u said 🗣 LEMME GET IT 👌💀B O N E L E S S 🚫 like pizza 🍕 got a damn bone on it❓🍕😤 Y'ALL 🤙 GOT BONES ☠️ IN YA SHIT 💩 THEN❓🚫 nah 🚫 then whats❓the problem ❓😤 D I C K H E A D 🗣😩🚫 name 1️⃣ pizza that got 🅱️one ☠️ on it❓JUST DONT 🚫😤 PUT THEM SHITS 💩IN MY PIZZA BRUH 🚫🍕😤how many times❓😤 i gotta say it❓🗣🚫bruh 😑 just explain to me 🗣 how tf ❓pizza can be boneless 🚫🍕☠️ if it dont 🚫 got bone in it ☠️ iss 🅱️oNeLeSs ☠️😤son 👦 what school 🏫 u go to ❓ dawg 🐶 i dont🚫 understand the pro🅱️lem❓😤 just make my shit 💩 B O N E L E S S🚫☠️😤 D E A D A S S😤 im d e a d a s s ☠️🍑 not🚫 making this p i zz a🚫🍕☠️

poefinn  asked:


who’s the first to wake up in the morning:

jason! prbly mostly outta habit bc he usd to hav practice rlly early in th morning and it jus knda stuck, n billy asks him to wake him up but jason takes one look at him asleep n he jus c a n’t 

who’s the one to make breakfast:

billy!! all th way, he’s an amazing chef and lovs cooking for th people he cares abt, lyk aftr his dad died, he got into th habit of cooking for his mom and whn he befriends jason n th rangrs he cooks for thm p oftn evn if iss jus making snacks for thm to have during training but he rlly goes all out for jason n makes him lyk 5 star meals n everyone jokes to jace abt it n tell him to “wife that boy jace”

who’s the one to serve the other breakfast in bed:

ths one is jason bc he wnts to treat billy whn he’s ovr and all he rlly knws to make is lyk th mac n cheese tht come in boxes but w a little help frm his sistr pearl they manage to make smthn edible for billy n whn they do, billy jus melts cos iss so cute

who would suggest a quickie in the morning before work:

billy definitely, n it takes jsn aback a lil cos he seems lyk th most innocent dude but he got s t a m i n a n 9 times outta 10 jason iss dwn w it n iss th rsn they’re both late to wrk half th time 

who suggests they both ditch work to lay around all day:

jason n he’ll try to bargain w billy n say “c’mon we can skip at least first period” n billy’s lyk “yr already in detention if you skip too much you’ll get suspended ya doof, i’ll carry you if yr too tired! let’s go babe,” n jace whines but goes anyways 

who chooses the movies:

they take turns! although jace rlly isn’t good at picking thm, billy still insists he chooses bc the ones jason chooses are rlly fun to make fun of; th movies billy picks out are usually rlly good but frick if they wld knw they both get too impatient to wtch thm all th way through 

who initiates kissing during the movie, thus distracting the other from the movie all together:

billy one ths one ! bc as well as having a knack for choosing th movies he’s rlly good at guessing their plot twists and how they’ll end so he gets disinterestd mosta th time n he’ll jus start kissing jace’s nck but jsn gets rlly into thm so it takes a little while before he realizes wht billy’s tryna do n they get a little more than distracted

who orders lunch: 

jason! bc billy is p indecisive whn it comes to being handed a menu and asked to choose a dish, and he lyks th gesture of jsn ordering for thm both

who steals food from the other’s plate without asking:

both! they steal frm each othr a lot n it turns into a sorta game to see who can steal th most food frm th othr without thm noticing (spoiler, iss always billy that wins bc jsns usually jus a little too uncoordinated in his movements)

who curls up next to the other and falls asleep due to a full tummy:

both prbly!! they prbly jus lay down lyk ‘let’s wait till we feel a lil less full’ n end up falling asleep wrappd around one anothr

who distracts the other from trying to work at home:

jason, bc although billy gets his hw done during detention most of th time, he usually lyks working on his inventions whn they finish training; he usually texts him or facetimes bfore he jus sneaks ovr n tries to get his attention cos he’s CLingy but billy’s got an iron will so it takes a while 

who asks to go get ice cream like a five year old:

jasn! he’s got a p big sweet tooth n texts billy at lyk 11 at night proposing they go n get some n billy’s jus lyk ??? i am not getting dressd to go to mcdonalds fr some soft serves n jus buys a tub of it n they chill on jaces rooftop eating it n cuddling

who takes pictures of their partner eating ice cream:

billy rlly lyks taking pictures bc he prbly rlly lyks renaissance paintings and tries to imitate thm in pics of jace n uses lyk th fibonacci spiral as a guideline sorta n lines jason up to arches in doorways n stuf n poses jason whn they’re eating ice cream

who makes a sexual joke about the dripping ice cream on their partner’s face:

jason,, he’s literally a high school football player, let’s face it lmao, n billy’s lyk, cum looks nothing lyk ths wth??? jason you’ve seen cum????wht????

who cooks dinner:

both!! usually billy does th actual cooking n jasn chops up th veggies but ends up eating a good portion of thm before billy gets th chance to cook em rip in pieces

who cleans up the kitchen afterwards:

jason!! he always insists on it since billy does a good portion of th cooking

who stays up until 2 reading:

billy, he gets rlly invested in th stories he reads and won’t put dwn th book for hrs at a time and sometimes jace can’t sleep n sends him a text of smthn n jus gets sso shook whn billy responds???? lyk ??? iss 3.45???? sleep??

who stares at their partner while their sleeping:

jason definitely, he jus gets caught up in how attractive billy is?? lyk hot dam thas  a man right there 

who kisses their partner while they sleep:

billy,, lyk awh look at how cute jace is whn he isn’t tryna do dum sht

i hope isak and even are cuddling on isak’s bed at this very moment because it’s the weekend and they’ve both been stressed all week since school has started up again, and biological classifications are too complicated for isak to realistically memorize, no matter how many flashcards he makes. i hope even’s been running his fingers through isak’s hair so much that it’s sitting like a tangled mop on his head, and i hope even’s snapchatted it to the rest of kollektivet (who are probably all assuming they’re having wild monkey sex) telling them that isak’s finally found something he can sweep his gross teenage room with. i hope isak just shoves his bio book at even in frustration and asks even to read to him because maybe just maybe isak can get through this if he hears it in even’s voice. even is so flattered that his smart studious ridiculously hot boyfriend trusts him to help that he stumbles over the words in an effort to be as efficient as possible (even if he doesn’t understand shit), and he gets to the end of the chapter before he realizes that isak’s sound asleep. i hope even curls up against him then and presses a kiss to his forehead, and i hope when isak struggles to lift his heavy eyelids, even will whisper, “what, monera aren’t the most interesting thing ever?? what happened to biology being your subject??” and isak will protest because he’s super intelligent, okay, and even has to kiss him to shut him up because that’s the only remedy for isak’s stubbornness. 

its rlly funny watching people theorize in the comments of james’ videos as to why he’s uploading so frequently

like some people think there’s an Actual issue, some think there’s something actually wrong with james

amierantares Happy birthday Mimi!!!!!! :D

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Please accept this gift. I know they’re a bit noisy.



↳ InFAMOUS: Second Son (2014)

“Okay, I got this whole thing figured out. We hit the town, then maybe swing by the Space Needle - always wanted to see it - and then we’re back home to save some lives.”


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kamui in “im a cop and you are a criminal i was supposed to stake you out and throw your ass into jail but while cornering you i realized fukc you are hot im turned on right now so hi im your new gang member do you have a spare toothbrush and a free bed if not your bed is fine tOO.”-au.