iss beautiful


So when I was called for an audition for this show, I remember that when I gave the audition, I had just come back from America and it was the worst audition of my life. Like after the audition, someone asked someone else is she an actress? she does acting? and I came to know that later and I felt really bad about it and obviously I didn’t get any call back after that. Surprisingly, Gul happened to see that audition and she told me that “I really like how your face looks because I saw you after MJHT without specs so I was like Sanaya looks very pretty without specs so call her in again.” So when I got a second chance, then I was like I’M GOING TO KILL THIS AUDITION, I’M GOING TO KILL IT! and i’m never gonna let anyone say that can she act? is she an actress? And then, I actually killed that audition and I was so happy and thought there’s some hope. Then one thing led to another and I bagged it.

“You saw Earth as a one, a unit of one. There were no boarders, no religions, and you just wish everybody else could see it the same way.”
-Steve “Swanny” Swanson

Swanny said this during a Q&A after he got back from the ISS a while back. When I watched the ISS Instagram video of him saying this, I got goosebumps. I wish everyone could understand this.