isreali flag

So it was about Zionists waving Isreali flags. Well, no, “inadvertently Zionist” flags. Maybe just…blue stars of David which are suspiciously Zionist??? Yeah, because those flags are specifically used as pinkwashing flags! Actually, did we say flags? It wasn’t about flags. It was about Zionist chanting. Nothing to do with flags. We love flags. Anyway, you should listen to Queer Women of Colour. Unless they’re Jewish Iranian lesbians. Then don’t. I mean, are Jewish Iranian Lesbians even a thing? Probably not. We haven’t seen any. Not since we kicked the last one out for holding a Jewish flag. 

Note: Sorry this isn’t screen-reading accessible yet. I don’t have the spoons right now to do a transcript, but I will work on it.  


After posting pictures of my bracelets on Reddit, I had a request from user/koshermenu for this bracelet. It’s the thickest one I’ve made in awhile, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be to make. I think it turned out pretty well. I guess I could officially start taking commissions at my Etsy shop, but I still really want people to buy what I’ve already made.