Israel Drops Cancer-inducing Bombs on Gazans

According to Al Ray Palestinian Media Agency, Dr. Erik Fosse recently stated to Press TV that the majority of patients hospitalized in Gaza are civilians injured in attacks on their homes, and that about thirty percent of these victims are children.

Dense Inert Metal Explosive, known as DIME, is an explosive device developed to minimize damage to things that are incidental to the intended target, known as “collateral damage”.

The bombs reportedly effect a relatively small but rather significantly damaging blast radius, and are believed by medical experts to have severe biological effects on those hit with the bomb’s micro-shrapnel.

DIME munitions were developed by the US Air Force, in 2006, and have since been tested repeatedly on the people of Gaza, who, according to the Electronic Intifada, have long served as involuntary lab rats for Israel’s weapons industry. 

DIME bombs contain tungsten, a cancer-causing metal which helps to produce blasts which slice through flesh and bone, often completely destroying the lower limbs of people within the blast radius.

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(Warning – graphic images.)

The doctor also says that some Palestinians in the besieged enclave have been wounded by a new type of weapon which even doctors with previous experience in war zones do not recognize.

Israel has used banned weapons in the past, including depleted-uranium and white phosphorus, which is nearly impossible to extiguish and leaves its victim hideously burned and scarred, should he or she even survive such an attack.

The ground assault continues in Gaza, today, with nearly 300 reported deaths and over 2,000 wounded in Gaza, to include elderly, disabled and children not even a year old – all victims of targets which include mostly civilian homes,hospitals and municipal facilities.


My dad received his U.S. passport in the mail, with place of birth stating “Israel”. He placed the passport back in the envelope, returned it to the passport agency with a sticky note saying: “I was born in the state of Palestine, the city of Jerusalem in 1941, there was no Israel then, the state of Israel occupied my home land in 1948. Kindly reinstate my correct identity.” 2 weeks later, passport corrected, Palestine reinstated, no questions asked.
My ultimate respect to the system and hats off to baba !!
—  Oraib Toukhly Sukkar

#JewsAndArabsRefuseToBeEnemies is a social media campaign that aims to promote love and peace between both Jews and Arabs, Christians and Muslims despite the current conflict.

The campaign was launched by Abraham Gutman (Jewish) and Dania Darwish (Arab), both students at Hunter College in New York, immediately after the start of Operation Protective Edge in Gaza - and this week it gained momentum.

We are use to the images of violence, tears, fear and war that is reported in mainstream media. But this shows a different story. It shows that people are different and love can over look any difference. Love can break down the strongest wall.

Please re - blog. Don’t spread hatred. Spread love.


Thousands of Pro-Palestian Protesters March in Cities Across the Globe with the Message to Israel: End Your Reign of Terror in Gaza
July 11, 2014

Thousands of pro-Palestinian demonstrators turned out on the streets of London and Paris on Friday to call for an end to Israeli military strikes on Gaza.

Several thousand people crowded the streets outside the Israeli Embassy in west London, waving placards that read “Gaza: End the Siege” and “Freedom for Palestine.” The crowds blocked an entire road, and several protesters managed to climb on top of a double-decker bus stuck in traffic, but police said the protest was largely peaceful.

A smaller protest took place in Paris Friday, where about 100 people demonstrated near the French Foreign Ministry.

Demonstrators waved Palestinian flags. One woman shouted “Palestine will survive” had the flag painted on her cheeks.

Stephane Frappreau, who identified himself as Jewish, said the demonstrations were about “defending humanity and about stopping the massacre.”

“I think that people tend to forget that Palestinians are people who are suffering, kids and women, who are dying every day,” Frappreau said. “And I think that people shouldn’t confuse things or come to quick conclusions, because being against Israel as we are today is not about being anti-Semitic.”

France has both Western Europe’s largest Jewish community and its largest Muslim population, and the French government has been walking a careful line on the Gaza developments. President Francois Hollande issued a disappointing statement earlier this week in support of Israel that prompted criticism because it failed to mention Palestinian victims. He later spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyau and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, then issued new statements expressing support for each and concern for all victims. He condemned violence and urged a return to peace talks.

More demonstrations are planned for the weekend.


Palestinian deaths are now 100+. Israeli casualties remain steady at 0. This is not war, it is a systematic extermination of the Palestinian people and it needs to stop NOW

America listen up.

For all of you Americans who are mad about Isreal bombing Gaza, you don’t even know how many countries America has bombed since WW2. In almost every instance there were civilian casualties yet we don’t talk about that. Not to mention the current drone warfare where we kill civilians weekly.

No doubt Isreal bombing Gaza is terrible, but we don’t talk about how much destruction America has caused and continues to cause and our President won the Nobel Peace prize. We expect these things from other countries but we forget the fact that America is doing the same thing but worse.

We should talk about our country before we talk about others. Our country spies on the entire world including us. Our country continues to bomb other countries. Our country has a military budget that far surpasses all other countries. We need to focus on us and end the bloodshed bring our troops home and fix this nation instead of trying to fix others. We are so hypocritical to be all up in arms about Isreal when we don’t do anything about our country.

I do not condone bombing of any kind, I actually am totally against it. Civilians do not deserve to be harmed because of the acts of a few evil indviduals ever that is not up for debate. Although if a country was bombing us we would flatten them no questions asked. Especially considering what happened to Iraq after 9/11 and the continued drone war. So next time you think about how horrible it is that Isreal is killing civilians or any country for that matter remember what your country does daily and lets change it. So we can be an example to the world instead of looking like hypocrites, that’s the only way things will change.