So I got extremely bored last night and made this. I know I haven’t made new content in a week and a half so I figured I’d show off my musical knowledge. This is all I could before the extra notes that I added via pitch adjustment started to sound weird. Sorry it’s so short! :’(

I plan on uploading the actual piece on my real piano here soon.

Game of Throne’s Light of the Seven on Aion’s Piano. (Elyos)

Find the original song here:  Light of the Seven by Ramin Djawadi.

YouTube Version here!


some schooltime doodles of the cast of The Desert’s Shadow- a lalna-centric SOI/yogsfic that you can read HERE! It’s only two chapters long as of right now, but it’s hopefully gonna be one for the long haul.

So, in order… Israphel, Daisy Duke, a sweet innocent Xephos, Lom, an idea for coverart feat. the mysterious dragon girl, and the Hero Himself- Lalna. Yeppers.

Yogscast Theory: Trials of YogLabs (Its all an experiment!)

So, Iv tried this three times now and Tumblr has crashed each. Last time. 

Trials is a YogLabs experiment. Look at the islands from YogLabs SG-1 and Skobbles Finale. They are the same island. Professor_Bixby can even be seen in the Skobbles episode. 

So, what does this mean for the Yogscast Universe as a whole? It proves several things, mainly that YogLabs IS running experiments to see how well the Yogs work together, or against, each other. This opens up hundreds of doors for theorists, and makes the ‘Cornerstone was a simulation’ theory much more plausible. 

Two other things to note before I leave this. Xephos did not make any references to YogLabs through this series. In every other series we know to be connected so YogLabs, Xephos has made direct reference to the Labs. This may mean that Trials!Xephos has no idea he is in a simulation/experiment. 

And finally, the disembodied camera whos POV we watch several times throughout the series is probably an Observation Bot, which means YogLabs is recording and documenting everything. Which, granted we could have assumed, but still. Confirmation is always noteworthy. 

I am going to be re-watching the Trials series to try to pick any more hints and bits from it that I can, so look forward to that (If I find anything! :3)

Until next time, stay Classy Theorists!