In The Shadow of Yoglabs

XD Haha, it’s been a while since I’ve posted any fanart and I figure I should post this while I still have a good Internet connection.

This is a tribute to all those wacky Yoglabs theories out there recently. Clearly Israphel is a botched clone of Xephos pulling strings behind the scenes. Wake up, people!


Next, we have the Suit of Spades (get it?), with Simon as the obvious King, and his late love Granny Bacon as Queen.

The Jack of Spades, Knight Peculier, is also (most likely - I still have my doubts) no longer with us, though the Ace of Spades still remains as a threat to the entirety of Minecraftia!

…I wonder if Turps has replaced his regular Ace of Spades with this one…

You know I was a bit disappointed with the latest Yoglabs episode when Simon accidently turned off the energy bridge while Lewis was on it and Lewis didn’t fall into one of those vats of radioactive shit.
Simon could have been like “OH SHIT” and he runs down to help his friend out.

And then Lewis climbs out with red eyes and pale skin.