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mhm but once ryan and ray actually get together, ray's in awe. not necessarily because "wow look at me i got this big murderer to have feelings and i got him wrapped around my finger and he loves me" but because "oH My GoD HAVE YOU SEEN THiS BUTT THIS BUTT IS NOW MINE GEOFF LOOK AT IT IN ALL IT'S BEAUTY???? DO YOU SEE IT???? BECAUSE ITS MINE NOW"

for the first few weeks its just like:

“uggh, he’s so cute, I really wanna kiss him!!! ….. Wait shit he’s my boyfriend!!! I can totally just kiss him!!”

shit Ray’s wearing skinny jeans, don’t look, don’t look, don’t look, wait a fucking second, he’s wearing them with the express purpose of me looking, who am I to shut him down like that

fuck Rye’s got good abs. Wanna rub my hand down that fucking washboard of a stomach. Oh wait cool I can totally do that now

would wearing his sweatshirt be weird? Oh wait no, that’s actually a really normal thing for me to do!! 

Would it be suspicious if I bought him dinner? wait shit we can go on actual dates now and actually say they’re dates!!

Ray getting kind of sulky when ppl talk about their significant other until he remembers that he has Ryan and that Ryan is literally 1000% hotter and sweeter than any of these people and thus non stop bragging about how wonderful he is

Ray having to go away on a mission for a few days and Ryan legitimately moping around, talking about Ray to anyone and everyone who will listen like a fucking 12 year old with their first ever crush bc poor baby can’t get him out of his head 

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raywood for the ship thing!

yes!! thank you nonnie! I love anything that lets me talk about Raywood :D

  • who is the blushiest

ryan, definitely, because Ray revels in complements. he’ll fish for them and when Ryan gives in, he’ll glow under the praise (but he doesn’t blush). Ryan, on the other hand, goes bright red the second that Ray complements him and that is something that Ray loves. he’ll constantly dish out praise just so he can see Ryan with red cheeks.

  • who likes reality tv and who likes cartoons

both of these go to Ray. Ryan will often find his boyfriend sitting on the couch yelling at the television thanks to a reality show or humming the Steven universe theme song under his breath. sometimes Ray can manage to convince Ryan to join him, and that’s the story of how Ryan got addicted to watching cupcake wars.

  • who kissed who first

well, if you want to get technical it was Ray, cause he would always kiss Ryan on the forehead, or on the cheeks under the premise that it was a joke. but Ryan got tired of it and one day caught Ray before he could pull away from kissing him on the forehead to kiss him on the lips instead. 

  • which one likes vegetables and which one is …disgusted

Ray pretends to dislike vegetables just to annoy Ryan but after Ryan caught him eating a carrot as a snack when they clearly still had donuts in their house, he no longer falls for Ray’s schemes.

  • what their theme song is

this is ray’s theme song. 

this is ryan’s theme song. 

and this is their theme song together!

  • who the angrier one is

Ray. he can get pretty pissed off if things turn sour. video games are a major factor that contributes to his anger, but also things like being stood up (if you couldn’t make it to the restaurant Ryan, you should of fucking called and told me!) or getting hurt (Ow, my fucking toe! thats it, this fucking coffee table, i’m gonna burn it! Ryan, get the marshmallows, this fucker is dead) set him off too. mainly though he’s all bark and no bite.

  • which one has the cute nicknames and which one calls the other Armpit McHecker

Ryan will drown Ray in cute nicknames because he knows it pisses him off, and Ray will retaliate by calling him things like King Craptacular and NipplesSucker10000. its a never ending cycle, (they both secretly love it, Ray more than Ryan tho).

Philinda Fanfic: A Gift


SPOILERS: Season 1, but without the Coulson-madness at the very end.

SUMMARY: Lorelei escaped again. This time she takes Phil, but she gives him to Melinda as a gift. A gift, Melinda can’t refuse.

NOTES: @israi-kaa prompted: ALIENS MADE THEM DO IT. Written for the Hot Stuff Challenge, obviously. This one’s for my darling righteousnerd and my ever so loved ddagent. They both need something to cheer them up today so of course I wrote them angst. In my defence, there’s also smut.

WARNING: This is an ALIENS MADE THEM DO IT story so warning for some DUBIOUS CONSENT! While Lorelei is loose, Phil isn’t in control of his actions and thus is in no position to consent to anything. There’s also a teeny bit of violence and tears about it later. Also consensual sex and love and stuff. But first, there’s ANGST!


Sometimes she dreams about being loved by him, but never like this. It never feels like this. And even though she knows it’s a lie, even though she knows he’s just acting on Lorelei’s command. Her heart skips a beat as he looks at her like she’s the earth and he’s her moon.

“I love you so much,” Phil says. He looks so happy and free and it’s all a lie. Everything about it.

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Philinda Fanfic: Forced Desire

RATING: Explicit

SPOILERS: Season 1, but I’m ignoring the last few moments with Phil drawing the patterns in favor of porn.

SUMMARY: Melinda gets drugged with a heavy aphrodisiac, Phil offers his help

NOTES: @israi-kaa prompted: Sex Pollen. And my mind came up with this. I settled for drugging Melinda instead, but well … I’m a rebel, I guess? I think It still fits the trope? - Also some of the dirtiest smut I’ve written so far. (Can you tell I’m nervous about this?) I took some liberties with the plot to get things hot and steamy quick. Basically, I tried to fill any plot holes with sex. Written for the Hot Stuff Challenge.

WARNING: This is a sort-of-sex-pollen story so warning for some DUBIOUS CONSENT! I tried to make the sexual scenes as consensual as possible but due to the fact that Melinda is intoxicated in this story, she is not really capable to give informed consent. There’s also DIRTY TALK, ORAL SEX, FINGERING, CURSING and SEX, so … You’ve been warned.


She should’ve killed the guy who’d drugged her. Fucking aphrodisiac. Melinda May storms down the floor of the playground. The short black dress flatters around her thighs, her high heels click against the ground. She needs to get out of here before she bursts up in flames! Before she does something stupid.

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Fucking to stay warm? I am DESPERATE for a fic like this.

(I know that @so-caffeinated did this trope in You Have (Not) Failed This ‘Verse, but here’s my attempt at it!  Set in late-middle of s1 and AU.)

“O-O-Oliver,” she said, her teeth chattering, “I–I don’t t-think the fire is d-d-doing enough.”

Gritting his teeth, to keep them from chattering as well as from dismay at what was happening, Oliver nodded.  “You’re right,” he said.  

“I don’t have t-the body mass you d-d-do,” she said, gripping the sleeping bag around herself.  

“I know!” he snapped, before sighing.  “I’m s-sorry.”  

They were in a national forest forty miles east of Starling City.  The two of them had come here, following a trail left by Malcolm Merlyn that Felicity had uncovered.  A top-secret research facility formerly run by Unidac Industries, one that could have information about the connection between Unidac and Merlyn.  

But they had unknowingly tripped some kind of alarm and had needed to escape, leaving behind most of their provisions.  It was only chance that Oliver had grabbed the sleeping bag that was wrapped around Felicity now–but it wasn’t enough in early March.  Not with the whole region in the midst of a very cold spring.  

It was too dark to find alternate shelter.  And Felicity was in bad shape.  Her body temperature was dropping too fast–she needed some kind of warmth.  

“I-I know,” she told him, trying to smile at him.  But it looked more like a grimace.  “It’s-s-s okay.”

“T-there is one option,” he said slowly.  “Body heat.”  

Her eyebrows raised above her glasses, nearing the gash on her hairline.  “Body heat?”

Oliver nodded.  Reaching out, he unzipped the sleeping bag, watching as she realized what he was doing and seeing the barest flush stain her cheeks.  Which told him how cold she was–because a Felicity who was realizing she was going to share a sleeping bag with him would be as red as a rose and babbling faster than light.

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