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Why do you hate Israel so much? The State of Israel needs to exist for the Jewish people.

Because this little girl, Noor Abu Jarad who went to sleep at night, woke up in Al-Shifa Hospital and was told that her entire family of 8 members were all killed; after Israel targeted their home. 

18 hours ago the update on Gaza was 307 deaths. Now it is 345 deaths! And from 2268 injured to 2560 injured!! 


I hate murderers, and therefore yes…I hate Israel. 


A 55 year old Palestinian man was attacked and beaten by members of the “Jewish Defense League” here in the US, an org that was once considered a “right-wing terrorist organization” that to this day continues to harass Arabs and Muslims, Palestinians specifically [they follow their founder’s ideology that Palestinians should be “cleansed” out of Palestine and that the land is “inherently Jewish”]. 

This same organization has carried out over a dozen domestic terrorist attacks in the US alone, and has carried out more elsewhere around the world, and was founded by an Israeli-American who has parks named after him in Israel, with several Israeli/Jewish terrorists carrying out attacks & massacres [such as the Ibrahimi Mosque massacre that saw Baruch Goldstein slaughter 30 innocents who had been praying when he opened fire on them, all in his name/following Kahane’s teachings].

And yet, here they are, still openly supporting their racist terrorist organization in the US with very little to no condemnation, openly attacking a Palestinian /on US soil/.

Had this been a ~flock of Muslims openly supporting a domestic terrorist organization~ who attack and beat a Jewish person, imagine the outcry, backlash, and nation-wide campaigning by the likes of President Cheeto and the legions of brainless racists against Arabs, Muslims, and said group in particular.

Yet here we are with this attack receiving very little coverage, no hastily-written ~think-pieces~ on the relevance of the organization today, on the increasing radicalization of right-wing/pro-Israeli groups, on the increasing attacks against Arabs, Muslims, and Palestinians in the US and abroad, etc.

Quick, often ignored facts about Israeli checkpoints in Palestine:
  • There are several hundred checkpoints at any given time, as sometimes static checkpoints are closed for a day, while roaming checkpoints are set up randomly throughout the territory and you can have 4 checkpoints along a 2 mile path on one day, and none the next. This makes life very difficult  because you never know when a checkpoint will pop up, or where it will be.
  • On my way to school on any given day, it can take between a minimum of an hour to get there [because the direct road to the school is blocked, leading to a massive detour dotted with various checkpoints], to upwards of ¾ hours when roaming checkpoints happen to pop up somewhere along the way.
  • These checkpoints throttle the economy, as people are held up for hours and hours, unable to go to work and unable to shop. Taxi drivers can’t drop off their customers or pick up new ones, people can’t make their way to stores, etc. When this is something that happens on a near daily basis for years, businesses suffer and people can’t make a living, all while prices continue to go up due to the decreased business.
  • These checkpoints are manned by Israeli teenagers. Armed teenagers indoctrinated since birth to oppose and hate Palestine and Palestinians. These armed teenagers, who rarely ever even speak proper Arabic, are in charge of dictating the lives of the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians they come across/control. Imagine understanding only one language, and having an armed youth half your age who doesn’t even speak your language telling you what to do and not understanding what you need [not that they’d comply nicely were they to understand].
  • Checkpoints are NOT governed by any particular set of rules. It’s not a matter of “if you’re an innocent civilian, you may pass, and if not, you must turn around”. Each and every checkpoint is under the sole discretion of these armed teenagers. They often split up families during trips they deem “unnecessary”. A mother and father accompanying their son to the hospital? “Why do you all need to go? The boy may pass but the parents must turn around.”. A man on his way to work will be denied entry to his location of work, simply because the Israeli at the checkpoint says so. 
  • Israelis are NEVER stopped at checkpoints. They are allowed to simply pass on by and don’t even need to present ID. They are identified by their license plates, as Israelis are granted yellow license plates while Palestinians have green ones. Yellow plates = skip through checkpoint, green = stop at every single one. Palestinians caught driving with yellow license plates often face prison sentences.
  • These checkpoints are NOT meant to stop “terrorists”. In that regard, they’re about as effective as the TSA in the US. They are meant to control and subjugate the population to the will of the Israeli military.

Israel is a terrorist state

Content warning: racism, islamophobia

After writing my last post about an Israeli soldier excusing the Nazis, I went to some friends, crying. We can’t be this. We suffered so much from these attitudes, we can’t do the same to others now. And yet… we do.

I grew up in the Israeli settlements. Near Hebron, in Kiryat Arba. My house was so close to Palestinian houses it was like crossing a road, if not for the fence between us. Life was good. A warm, accepting religious community. It felt nice to grow up there as a child.

As I grew up I started reading more and… it was painful. I keep finding more info on our oppression of Palestinians. And I feel sick. I remember family dinners around the table on Shabbat. Things said that just went over my head. Things I agreed with. The picture of Baruch Goldstein, an Israeli terrorist and murderer, hanging on the wall. The ways I was taught to fear Palestinians, and Arabs or Muslim people in general. Whenever I try to oppose dehumanizing remarks, I still get family rolling their eyes at me.

I don’t know how to unlearn racism. I try but I feel flooded. Like drowning in poison. And I see my kids, toddlers, coming home from kindergarten laughing and singing militaristic songs on the same day a Palestinian driver was shot for slowly driving away from a soldier or a cop, and I start crying.

I collected names. Of children lost in this war. The file was deleted when my computer stopped working, but it had 800 names on it. 500 Palestinian kids, 300 Israeli. Only those I had names for. And this was years ago. I keep reading on things done with my safety as an excuse. Trying to work against the kill or be killed mentality taught to my children. Preparing ahead of times before meeting relatives, to not let my kids see me letting racist remarks go unchallenged.

I had a friend who lived in Hebron. A few blocks from Palestinians. Not like me, beyond a fence. I said “so they’re neighbors.” She replied “it doesn’t feel like it. They’re the enemy.

A school friend and I walked near the fence. She called a girl playing on the other side, and threw some chocolate in a bush next to her. The girl smiled wide and went to look for the chocolate. My friend laughed, calling her a pig, "look at her, looking in the dirt”. At the time I only thought “that’s not very nice”. Now I want to laugh at my own response. Not very nice!? What was I thinking? The issue wasn’t my classmate not being nice enough!

Volunteering to help out people in need was very encouraged. Really, the community was great within itself. It’s sometimes hard to reconcile the kindness and supportive attitude with the racism I saw. A teacher told us of a family needing help. A couple had a six months old baby in the hospital, and they needed to get back to their jobs. So they were looking for a girl to sit with the baby and take care of her when they can’t. The first question to come up was “are they Arabs?” There was an argument. “Why do you care!? She’s 6 months old!” But some of the girls said clearly that they won’t be helping a Palestinian family.

I remember talks about “cleaning the country” of Arabs. Nothing to be done anytime soon. But more like a religious war for when the Mashiach comes and the Geula is here.

I used to be a very popular babysitter. I saw many children in many families talking about being brave soldiers and beating Palestinians up. At the time I thought nothing of it. Now the racism and militarism sicken me.

The first time I met a Palestinian man was when I started working as a cashier. He worked in the same bakery. He was a lovely man, always kind and smiling. He let me taste many of the salads and baked goods he made. So, of course, my family warned me that he was trying to seduce me and steal me away. But, no, he heard I was getting married, and he was delighted! And when I got pregnant he started showing off with pictures of his son. I remember being shocked that he loves his family. I was taught that Muslims view their children as tools for war. But he seemed genuinely loving and doting. We used to compare our religions. The things Jewish and Muslim people are allowed to eat or not. Kosher and Halal. He enjoyed watching me come to work with a new way to tie my headscarf every day, until I settled for a few favorites. The fact that I was shocked by his humanity is tragic.

The education system uses the holocaust to make us feel like being jewish, we’re doomed to live in a “kill or be killed” mentality. That the entire world is out to get us. We have a collective trauma. And it’s being nurtured. Because we’re easier to control when we’re scared. So instead of the holocaust being a cautionary tale of how evil people can be, and what we must never become - it’s used to make us afraid. As if the moment the country isn’t controlled by Jewish people, we’re all dead. So you can’t give the Palestinians under our military control citizenship, because there are too many of them, and we need to keep the majority to stay alive. I live in a fucking dystopia. We refuse to see how much power we hold over them, so we group them up with all Muslim nations to maintain the view that they’re a huge force we should fear.

Antisemitism is very real, and dangerous, and it terrifies the hell out of me. I want my kids to live in a world free of this fear. But I also refuse to be the face of that fear for others. I’m not healthy enough to go to protests, I’m too poor to give money for this cause, but at the very least I can’t just not say this. I refuse to let my people keep being… this. We can’t. We just can’t.

As I’ve said before, it can be exhausting being a Palestinian.

So as I was walking in the mall and distracted on my phone, I noticed two people staring at me out of the corner of my eye. I ignored it and kept walking, until I got closer and realized they were still staring. I looked up, and sure enough, they were glaring right at me, and started speaking loudly in Hebrew. As I got closer, the Hebrew got louder, and I instantly realized that the at least one of the two people [one man and one woman] must’ve been a former Israeli soldier [after dealing with so many of them, it’s easy to discern their posture and presence]. They singled me out because I was wearing a shirt that read “Palestinian Defense Forces” and was carrying my laptop that has a sticker that reads “Free Palestine, end Israeli Apartheid” and “there is no occupation!”.

I mostly ignored them and remained on my way [and was super sad to find that they’d closed Tommy’s Burgers in the food court]. On my way back, I passed the two again, and sure enough they were still staring. This time, the man I’d figured was an Israeli soldier begins jeering at me “Palestine? That’s next to Narnia right? Neither of them exist!” and he asks me for a selfie while jeering. Against my very nature, I say nothing and keep walking. Sure enough, he begins following me, asking me to stop and talk to him while berating me with taunts of how “you don’t understand apartheid, it is Israelis who are under apartheid. Palestine doesn’t exist, you don’t know what you’re talking about!”.

Against my better judgement, I respond to him as he continuously asks me to stop walking and talk to him, and I say “we’re not in the West Bank, you have no control over me here”. He tells me again that there’s no Palestine, and that I’m a liar who “must be getting paid well” [funny, considering the Israeli government has a program that pays people to spread Israeli propaganda around the globe]. He accuses me of “not knowing what it’s really like over there, because you’ve never been”. Again, against my better judgement, I respond to him as I continue making my way towards the exit, telling him that I’ve actually just returned from Palestine and have spent a significant portion of my life there. He confirms my suspicions by telling me that he was in the Israeli Defense Forces, and therefore knows the “truth” about what’s happening. He asks me how I knew he was in the IDF, and I tell him that they’re easy to spot after being surrounded by them for so long & his posture gives it away. He responds by telling me he can tell from my posture that I’m a “liar”.

He immediately asks me what village I’m from, what my name is, and where I’m going to university here. To the average person, this would be freaky enough. Take into account that the Israeli government, through the help of Zionists & Israelis here in the US, catalogue Palestinians in the US and do everything in their power to intimidate and shut us down for any speech or actions we take critical of Israel, exemplified in my recent post of the David Horowitz and how he spreads racist flyers targeting Palestinian students around the US. And here I am - a Palestinian who has been previously hounded by the Israeli government being followed by an Israeli soldier in freaking central California, half a world away from the brutal military occupation I’ve just recently returned from, with a soldier who has the audacity to treat me as if we’re at a checkpoint in Palestine and he has any authority over me here demanding my information.

All the while, he has his phone out and I catch that he has a note open and is typing. He continues to goad me as he follows me out of the mall, trying to get under my skin and trip me up. One of his questions was “If your parents are Palestinian and born in Palestine, what are you doing here? Why did they come here?” to which I responded “If you’re an Israeli soldier, what are YOU doing here?”

Whatever few things I’d say in response to his incessant barrage, he’d simply ignore and call “lies against Israel”, while he continued to lob fantasies of his own, from “there is no occupation”, to “there is no Palestine”, to “Israelis are the only ones truly oppressed”, to “You’re not even from there, you’re just being paid by someone to spread lies about Israel”, etc.

In Palestine, we can’t even leave our homes without the approval of the Israeli military, have frequent curfews and roadblocks preventing us from even leaving our towns, and are barred from visiting friends and family in neighboring villages simply because the “soldiers” at the checkpoints don’t feel like letting you through, and these are just a tiny sample of what life under Israeli occupation is like [ignoring the violence, the terrorist Israeli settlers that are protected by the Israeli military (IDF), or their frequent harassment and random detainments, control of our water and electricity, and just their general control of our entire lives.

Here I am, a world away from Palestine in Central freaking California, minding my own business at the mall before class starts, and sure enough, I’m still hounded by an Israeli soldier who follows me as I’m leaving the freaking mall attempting to exert his control over me & dehumanize me, all while trying to get my info and calling me “paranoid” as I ignored his requests [which, as people who know me personally and know the BS I’ve been through with this stuff, will know how hilarious that is].

It’s funny how bothered this grown man, this ~former soldier~, was by my mere open existence as a Palestinian. I didn’t goad him to start this, I didn’t pass by him waving a Palestinian flag in his face, and I didn’t stand around to jeer at him when I figured he was a former Israeli soldier. I kept walking, leaving the mall, as HE followed ME and continuously asked me to stop walking. Further, he kept asking “to have a discussion”, and yet whatever few things I said to him were immediately dismissed as “lies”, while he’d berate me as claiming to be from a place that doesn’t exist.

When people ask us as Palestinian why we don’t “engage” with Zionists or Israelis or the like, this is precisely why. How are you meant to “engage” with people who, for starters, serve in the very force that continues to terrorize your people, or who absolutely refuse to even recognize that you exist. The funny thing is that my parents were born in Palestine, which apparently doesn’t exist to these people. So if Palestine doesn’t exist, where are we from? They won’t say Israel, because as Palestinians we’re legally barred from entering Israel. So we’re not Palestinian, and we’re not Israeli, and it’s this dilemma that frightens Zionists so much. Our mere existence, let alone our proud embrace of our culture and nationality, threaten the narrative that they’ve so carefully weaved, threatens them to the point where they’ll stalk and harass a Palestinian halfway across the world for having the audacity to openly embrace their Palestinian identity.

It’s for this very reason that I fly the Palestinian flag from my car. There was a period where in Palestine & Israel, it was a criminal activity to fly the Palestinian flag or simply show its colors [red, black, white, and green], punishable by beatings carried out by Israeli soldiers, arrests, or being shot and killed. Civilians were killed for the mere act of waving our flag, because again, our very existence is threatening to Israel and Israelis. This ban lasted for nearly 30 years, and also punished those who’d create artwork featuring those colors.

As such, I continue to fly the Palestinian flag wherever I go, in defiance of these Zionists who still refuse to acknowledge the basic fact of our existence.

This is Eden Levi, an ‎Israeli‬ ‎terrorist‬ soldier, who appears to have gained quite the fan base (15 thousand likes and counting) for what she wrote down on her palm and posted on her FB, which says:
“Hating Arabs is not racism. It’s values.”
The first comment is from her mother letting her know how proud she is of her. Eden replied with gratitude for the values that her mom instilled in her.


Some news images of Ahmad Dawabsheh

- He is the only member of the Dawabsheh family who survived the Israeli terrorist arson attack on his home in Duma near Nablus, which killed his 11-month-old brother, Ali, and both his parents. -

Ahmad is still recovering from third-level burns at the hospital and still doesn’t know what happened to his family.

The deafening silence of the international community, the biggest worldwide media and the Governments (US, European as well as in Muslim majority countries by the way) when Yusor Abu-Salha, Razan Abu-Salha, and Deah Barakat were killed in North Carolina is simply outrageous. The life of some people has more value than the life of others : it is not an impression, it is a fact confirmed by the international media coverage and the political reactions (or lack of reaction). A shame. Again and again.

When innocent Arabs, Africans, Asians and Muslims (Westerners or not) are killed, the murderer is mad; when the killer is a Muslim, he is a Muslim terrorist and all the Muslims must apologise. Israel set the scene a long time ago : Israeli terrorists are always “crazy individuals” while Palestinians are representing all the Arabs, the Muslims… they are neither crazy nor resistants, they are clearly “Arab Muslim terrorists”. This narrative has become a worldwide normalised frame.

Let me add one last thing. Please listen to both the speeches of Farris, Deah’s brother, and those of Yusor and Razan’s fathers (and sister). Please listen. Again and again. You might learn a great deal about the meaning of dignity, love and peace. A universal message of nobleness, humanism and profound spirituality. A great and unexpected lesson of life you will get from these families. They are your fellow human beings and citizens, they are Muslims, Arabs… and Palestinians.

Unexpected lessons indeed coming from Muslims and moreover Palestinians, isn’t it? Again, listen, they shall help you to get a conscientious heart…
—  Tariq Ramadan

This grotesque encounter is what you get when Israeli colonialism, apartheid, & ethnic cleansing try to feign association with progressive social movements like feminism. British model Naomi Campbell does the obligatory photo op with former paramilitary terrorist & past Israeli president Shimon Peres after he presented her an award at an event commemorating International Women’s Day today at the Peres Center for Peace in Jaffa, Israel.

Actually, given her nearly 20-year rap sheet of anger management issues toward female subordinates, she may be the most appropriate candidate for that award from Peres who has his own rap sheet as a terrorist against Palestinians.

Going back to 1998, she has been sued, served community service, & pleaded guilty to charges by women maids & assistants umpteen times for violence & verbal & physical abuse against them including: several assaults with telephones; threats to throw one out of a moving car onto a busy highway; head-butting one & slamming another against a wall; grabbing one by the neck & violently shaking her head; biting one on the lip & yanking her to the ground by her hair while screaming “You f*****g worthless bitch”; slapping one & beating her on the head with a Blackberry.

She has also assaulted an actress, her drug counselor, & kicked & spit at police at Heathrow after going berserk on a plane.

In 2010, Hague prosecutors, in a case against former Liberian president Charles Taylor for war crimes, claimed Taylor delivered “blood diamonds” to Campbell after a 1997 dinner at Nelson Mandela’s home. Beside her violence, that may be her primary connection to Israel since it is up to its eyeballs in the blood diamond trade.

Blood diamonds (also known as conflict diamonds) are diamonds mined in a war zone, particularly in African countries. They are a plundered natural resource & at the expense of African working people in several countries–most notably the DR Congo. At this time, all diamonds, without exception, are considered blood diamonds by human rights groups & activists though the industry has attempted through a scheme called the Kimberley Process to circumvent scrutiny & continue trading in African blood.

Campbell deserves this honorific for women’s rights about as much as Peres does for peace when he is one of the chief architects of Israeli apartheid & ethnic cleansing.

Use your outrage & visceral disgust to build the economic & cultural boycott of Israel (BDS). Buy nothing beginning with barcode 729.

(Photo by Amir Cohen/Reuters)