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A 55 year old Palestinian man was attacked and beaten by members of the “Jewish Defense League” here in the US, an org that was once considered a “right-wing terrorist organization” that to this day continues to harass Arabs and Muslims, Palestinians specifically [they follow their founder’s ideology that Palestinians should be “cleansed” out of Palestine and that the land is “inherently Jewish”]. 

This same organization has carried out over a dozen domestic terrorist attacks in the US alone, and has carried out more elsewhere around the world, and was founded by an Israeli-American who has parks named after him in Israel, with several Israeli/Jewish terrorists carrying out attacks & massacres [such as the Ibrahimi Mosque massacre that saw Baruch Goldstein slaughter 30 innocents who had been praying when he opened fire on them, all in his name/following Kahane’s teachings].

And yet, here they are, still openly supporting their racist terrorist organization in the US with very little to no condemnation, openly attacking a Palestinian /on US soil/.

Had this been a ~flock of Muslims openly supporting a domestic terrorist organization~ who attack and beat a Jewish person, imagine the outcry, backlash, and nation-wide campaigning by the likes of President Cheeto and the legions of brainless racists against Arabs, Muslims, and said group in particular.

Yet here we are with this attack receiving very little coverage, no hastily-written ~think-pieces~ on the relevance of the organization today, on the increasing radicalization of right-wing/pro-Israeli groups, on the increasing attacks against Arabs, Muslims, and Palestinians in the US and abroad, etc.

Israel’s latest stupid propaganda stunt makes them look like hypocrites when they’re repainting their fighter jets pink for “cancer awareness”. The sad part about this hypocrisy is that Palestinians (especially children) from Gaza are denied serious medical treatment by Israel since Palestinian can’t go into Israel.

There’s no appropriate words for this hypocrisy.

“The Zionists will continue to wage a strong propaganda campaign in the U.S. and in Europe. The ‘injustice’ of the proposed Jewish boundaries will be exaggerated, and the demand for more territory will be made as Jewish immigration floods the Jewish sector. In the chaos which will follow the implementation of partition, atrocities will undoubtedly be committed by Arab fanatics; such actions will be given wide publicity and will even be exaggerated by Jewish propaganda. The Arabs will be accused of aggression, whatever the actual circumstances may be. The propaganda campaign will doubtless continue to influence the U.S. public, and the U.S. Government may, consequently, be forced into actions which will further complicate and embitter its relations with the entire Arab world.”

CIA Report November 29, 1947 “The Consequences of the Partition of Palestine”

This is Eden Levi, an ‎Israeli‬ ‎terrorist‬ soldier, who appears to have gained quite the fan base (15 thousand likes and counting) for what she wrote down on her palm and posted on her FB, which says:
“Hating Arabs is not racism. It’s values.”
The first comment is from her mother letting her know how proud she is of her. Eden replied with gratitude for the values that her mom instilled in her.

The people of Palestine are not animals. For 70 years, everyday! Palestinians being murdered, women being raped! Enough is enough. This is extremely frustrating! As a Palestinian from Gaza, I am a firm believer that we were born to be killed. I’m sick and tired of bombings every other minute for decades in Gaza. I’m sick and tired of Palestinian women in the west bank being slapped left and right raped by shameless zionists. I’m sick of tired of not being able to GO TO MY OWN HOMELAND AND PRAY IN AL-AQSA because the Israeli terrorists don’t feel like allowing me and people of my type. What is the solution oh people? SOMEONE TELL ME? Bombings will stop eventually, hundreds will die, then people will forget. Then what? In another week Israel will start bombing Gaza again. And the cycle continues. What’s the solution?? Palestinians are not animals! They deserve to live just like any white american citizen. I don’t want to live in fear. I don’t want to joke around with my cousins about bombs and death. I want to SLEEP comfortably. I WANT TO STUDY PEACEFULLY. I WANT TO GO TO AL-AQSA. I WANT MY FAMILY IN GAZA TO BE SAFE. I want to be free; at least a free mind! Israel controls what we type, what we post, what we say, what we buy, where we travel, our country, your taxes, my taxes, your Facebook, my Facebook. What’s the solution?!

Palestinians and Muslims around the world shouldn’t be killed continuously this way. We are not animals people. We are not animals! Can’t you guys see the truth and the game behind this? Can’t everyone see why the media focused so much on giving a bad image of Muslims? For this day! So when thousands of muslims get massacred in Palestine, Burma, Syria, Pakistan and every other muslim place, the world won’t GIVE A DAMN! Because MUSLIMS, DO NOT DESERVE TO LIVE! Wake up people. Wake up AMERICANS! STOP THE SILENCE!

Kill us. But we will stay alive; I promise. You kill one, a thousand will stand strong. You kill the thousand, a million will rise.

—  Mohammed Zeyara
Quick, often ignored facts about Israeli checkpoints in Palestine:
  • There are several hundred checkpoints at any given time, as sometimes static checkpoints are closed for a day, while roaming checkpoints are set up randomly throughout the territory and you can have 4 checkpoints along a 2 mile path on one day, and none the next. This makes life very difficult  because you never know when a checkpoint will pop up, or where it will be.
  • On my way to school on any given day, it can take between a minimum of an hour to get there [because the direct road to the school is blocked, leading to a massive detour dotted with various checkpoints], to upwards of ¾ hours when roaming checkpoints happen to pop up somewhere along the way.
  • These checkpoints throttle the economy, as people are held up for hours and hours, unable to go to work and unable to shop. Taxi drivers can’t drop off their customers or pick up new ones, people can’t make their way to stores, etc. When this is something that happens on a near daily basis for years, businesses suffer and people can’t make a living, all while prices continue to go up due to the decreased business.
  • These checkpoints are manned by Israeli teenagers. Armed teenagers indoctrinated since birth to oppose and hate Palestine and Palestinians. These armed teenagers, who rarely ever even speak proper Arabic, are in charge of dictating the lives of the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians they come across/control. Imagine understanding only one language, and having an armed youth half your age who doesn’t even speak your language telling you what to do and not understanding what you need [not that they’d comply nicely were they to understand].
  • Checkpoints are NOT governed by any particular set of rules. It’s not a matter of “if you’re an innocent civilian, you may pass, and if not, you must turn around”. Each and every checkpoint is under the sole discretion of these armed teenagers. They often split up families during trips they deem “unnecessary”. A mother and father accompanying their son to the hospital? “Why do you all need to go? The boy may pass but the parents must turn around.”. A man on his way to work will be denied entry to his location of work, simply because the Israeli at the checkpoint says so. 
  • Israelis are NEVER stopped at checkpoints. They are allowed to simply pass on by and don’t even need to present ID. They are identified by their license plates, as Israelis are granted yellow license plates while Palestinians have green ones. Yellow plates = skip through checkpoint, green = stop at every single one. Palestinians caught driving with yellow license plates often face prison sentences.
  • These checkpoints are NOT meant to stop “terrorists”. In that regard, they’re about as effective as the TSA in the US. They are meant to control and subjugate the population to the will of the Israeli military.

Israel is a terrorist state

This grotesque encounter is what you get when Israeli colonialism, apartheid, & ethnic cleansing try to feign association with progressive social movements like feminism. British model Naomi Campbell does the obligatory photo op with former paramilitary terrorist & past Israeli president Shimon Peres after he presented her an award at an event commemorating International Women’s Day today at the Peres Center for Peace in Jaffa, Israel.

Actually, given her nearly 20-year rap sheet of anger management issues toward female subordinates, she may be the most appropriate candidate for that award from Peres who has his own rap sheet as a terrorist against Palestinians.

Going back to 1998, she has been sued, served community service, & pleaded guilty to charges by women maids & assistants umpteen times for violence & verbal & physical abuse against them including: several assaults with telephones; threats to throw one out of a moving car onto a busy highway; head-butting one & slamming another against a wall; grabbing one by the neck & violently shaking her head; biting one on the lip & yanking her to the ground by her hair while screaming “You f*****g worthless bitch”; slapping one & beating her on the head with a Blackberry.

She has also assaulted an actress, her drug counselor, & kicked & spit at police at Heathrow after going berserk on a plane.

In 2010, Hague prosecutors, in a case against former Liberian president Charles Taylor for war crimes, claimed Taylor delivered “blood diamonds” to Campbell after a 1997 dinner at Nelson Mandela’s home. Beside her violence, that may be her primary connection to Israel since it is up to its eyeballs in the blood diamond trade.

Blood diamonds (also known as conflict diamonds) are diamonds mined in a war zone, particularly in African countries. They are a plundered natural resource & at the expense of African working people in several countries–most notably the DR Congo. At this time, all diamonds, without exception, are considered blood diamonds by human rights groups & activists though the industry has attempted through a scheme called the Kimberley Process to circumvent scrutiny & continue trading in African blood.

Campbell deserves this honorific for women’s rights about as much as Peres does for peace when he is one of the chief architects of Israeli apartheid & ethnic cleansing.

Use your outrage & visceral disgust to build the economic & cultural boycott of Israel (BDS). Buy nothing beginning with barcode 729.

(Photo by Amir Cohen/Reuters)


This Palestinian house was torched this morning by terrorist Israeli settlers in Abu Falah village, east Ramallah, who also wrote racist slogans on the house wall. The house is owned by the Palestinian citizen Abdulkarim Hamayel. Another Israeli terrorist act unreported.


No Place Safe in Gaza. 

The feeling of unsafely is obvious when looking at the eyes of children trying to play at the streets before dropping Israeli bombs. 

Even hospitals can be targeted and bombed. 

This is a story of my younger brother’s friend yesterday, 22/7/2014. My little brother and his friend are footballers; they are neither ‘terrorists’ nor 'rocketeers’, they enjoy most of the day playing football as a TEAM. “We played a good match the other day before he got killed” my brother cried. 

His house is located near to Al-Aqsa hospital in central Gaza. Ala'a was with his family at the house as it was evening this time. Before bombing Al-Aqsa hospital, there were some loud explosions really close to his house. 

He had to leave the house along with his family to the hospital knowing that it could be the safest place in the area. Guess what happened?? 

Terrorist Israeli warplanes bombed the hospital, Ala'a was killed and his mother and older brother were injured. 

This is the core of insanity to barbarically attack a hospital so to murder staff doctors who treat patients and to kill injuries who are already in the hospital. 

Israel is not a 'state’, Israel is terrorism 

Ziad Ahmed

Today (Sept. 6) marks the 42nd anniversary of the murders of 11 Israeli athletes by Palestinian terrorists at the 1972 Olympics in Munich. הי״ד 

Eliezer Halfin, 24 - Wrestler

Ze'ev Friedman, 28 - Weightlifter

Yossef Romano, 31 - Weightlifter

Mark Slavin, 18 - Wrestler

David Berger, 28 - Weightlifter

Yossef Gutfreund, 40 - Wrestling Referee 

Andre Spitzer, 27 - Fencing Referee

Moshe Weinberg, 33 - Wrestling Referee

Kahat Shor, 53 - Shooting Coach

Amitzur Shapira, 40 - Track Coach

Yaakov Springer, 51 - Weightlifting Coach