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Palestinian student Shorouq Dwayyat, 19, sentenced to 16 years in Israeli prison

In another example of the lengthy sentencing practices especially targeting Palestinian youth and women in Jerusalem, Shorouq Dwayyat was sentenced to 16 years in Israeli prison by a Jerusalem court on Sunday, 25 December. Dwayyat, 19, from the village of Sur Baher, was also fined 80,000 NIS (approximately $21,000.) She was shot by an Israeli settler and seized by occupation forces on 7 October 2015 in eastern Jerusalem and accused of attempting to stab an Israeli settler. Witnesses reported that she was harassed by the settler prior to the alleged incident.

Dwayyat is a student at Bethlehem University who was studying history and geography. She graduated from high school, achieving a result of 90% in the national secondary Tawjihi examinations in 2015.

Classes at the university were cancelled for two days after her shooting and arrest in October 2015.

Dwayyat was severely injured by the four bullets lodged within her body, unlike the Israeli man she was accused of attempting to stab, who suffered no serious injuries. Following the court’s ruling, the Israeli Interior Ministry stripped the imprisoned Dwayyat of her Jerusalem residency, claiming “breach of trust,” using the case as a mechanism to further the Israeli state policy of attacking Palestinian existence in Jerusalem. Amjad Abu Assab of the Prisoners’ Committee in Jerusalem said that “this is a racist policy…with the aim of killing the spirit of challenge by Jerusalemites and preventing any manifestation of rejection of occupation in the occupied city of Jerusalem.”

She is one of 52 Palestinian women – including 12 minor girls – imprisoned in HaSharon and Damon Israeli prisons and now is serving one of the longest sentences. The longest-held Palestinian woman prisoner, Lena Jarbouni, is serving a 17-year sentence in Israeli prison.  The recent trend of particularly elevated sentences include those against Maysoon Musa (15 years), Nurhan Awad (13.5 years) and Israa Jaabis (11 years).

Today, the Israeli Occupation Forces released Dima al-Wawi, 12yo, the youngest Palestinian in Israeli prison, after 2.5 months.
The look on her face tells a story. The sadness and horror is spelling over.
May God protect her and help her to overcome this ordeal.
Dina is not the only one. Palestinian childhood is being abused and robbed everyday by the occupier.

Edit: posted in May 2016

نظرات الخوف و الرعب الممتزجة بشرارة الغضب الثوري كفيلة بأن تحكي تفاصيل الحكاية التي عانت منها ديما الواوي اصغر اسيرة فلسطينية ✌ طوال شهرين في سجون الجبناء الذين يتطاولون و يسترجلون على الاطفال 😡
Dima al wawi the youngest palestinian prisoner she had 12 years old today dima gained her freedom after two months in the israeli prison ✌✌


[Palestinian hunger striker wins his battle for freedom]

Palestinian Malek al Qadi, 19, who recently ended a 70-day hunger strike to protest his administrative detention by Israel, flashes victory signs after his release from an Israeli prison as he arrived for treatment in a hospital in the city Ramallah, West Bank, Saturday,

Sept. 24, 2016.


Palestinians are walking at ‪Gaza‬ streets in a Scenical view to remind people of the Detained child Malak Al-khatib.

Malak -13 years - has Spent 38 days up to now in the prison after the Israeli Judgement her to prison for two months and pay a financial warranty. According to that, Malak is considered the youngest internee in the world.
February 5, 2015


Youngest Palestinian prisoner finally free.

Dima Al-wawi, 12, is finally free from the Israeli prison this Sunday morning. Dima was one of the youngest girls in the world to be

She was received by the Palestinian Ministry of Prisoners, Issa Qaraque, and her family at the Israeli military checkpoint in Tulkarem, in the occupied West Bank.

On February 18, the Israeli military court at Ofer prison sentenced the 12-year-old Palestinian girl to four months and a half in prison and an eight-thousand-shekel.

Al-Wawi, a 7th grader from the occupied West Bank town of Halhoul, near Hebron, was arrested on February 9 while on her way to school wearing her school uniform.
Since her arrest, Dima’s family were living under extremely difficult psychological circumstances.

They received a letter from her, though the hands of her lawyer.
Subhia al-Wawi, Dima’s mother, in an interview with a PNN reporter stated that her daughter sent her and her family a the letter through their lawyer, since they are not allowed to see the child.

With tears in her eyes, al-Wawi read the letter: “My beloved mom, dad, and dear brothers:  I miss you all so much and I know that you are with me.  I am good, healthy, fine and happy. With love, Dima.”

Al-Wawi said that as any other child, her daughter has the right to play and to eat properly, referring to Dima’s arrest and captivity in an Israeli jail, violating Dima’s children rights.

She added that Dima’s lawyer tried to appeal and to prove that the accusations against her daughter are false, but all in vain.

Bassam Aramin, 46, grew up hating Israel and spent seven years in an Israeli prison. But he gradually came to believe that negotiation, not violence, was the only way to resolve the conflict. He has preached co-existence for more than a decade — a position he still maintains even though his 10-year-old daughter was killed by the Israeli security forces in 2007.

A Palestinian Takes A Different Road In His Fight

Photo: Emily Harris/NPR

Since 1967 Israel has illegally imprisoned 800,000 Palestinian
(that’s 20% of the Palestinian population living in the Palestinian Territories)

Also 70% of the Palestinian families have had one or more of their family members illegally imprisoned to do time in Israeli jails.

And from 2000 to 2009 Israel has wrongfully detained 7,000 Palestinian kids between the ages of 12 and 18

And today there are about 6,000 Palestinian illegally imprisoned in Israeli jails.

And these prisoners on regular basis get physically and psychologically abused.


Israeli soldiers broke into the house of this 3 year old boy to arrest him on accusations of “throwing stones” - an act that can now get you up to 20 years in Israeli prisons (but only if you’re Palestinian of course).October 05, 2015
What a joke. If you didn’t laugh, you’d cry…

A Palestinian female protester covers her face as she walks past burning tires during clashes with Israeli occupation forces near the Ofer Israeli military prison, located near the West Bank town of Betunia on December 25, 2015 following a march by young Palestinians.