israeli money

Seriously, guys, don’t let Tumblr shame you out of buying affordable makeup.

I hate to harp on about the whole “these brands support the IDF, if you buy from them you’re supporting the IDF” nonsense, but I’m sorry, it’s bugging me.

The IDF gets its funding from Israeli tax money and foreign military aid.  If you’re a US or European citizen, you’ve done more to support the IDF simply by paying your taxes than buying any one certain product.  The Israeli occupation of Gaza is a crime against humanity, but unless your name is Benjamin Netanyahu, you as an individual have as much influence over stopping the occupation as you do stopping hurricanes from forming.  Don’t feel ashamed because you can’t, and please, please, please don’t let anyone call you an idiot, frivolous, thoughtless, or immoral because you buy what you can afford.  The Tumblr culture of holier-than-thou moral outrage is toxic if you let it constantly dictate your life and how you feel about yourself.  Real and effective change takes time and effort, and it involves doing a hell of a lot more than buying the “right” brand of makeup.  You can’t change what happens in Palestine, but you can change how you live, how you feel about yourself, and what you do to make yourself happy.  Self-care is important, and it’s often the most positive change you can possibly make in the world.

I just got back from a Palestine activist protest and I really need people to understand this.

If you claim to care about Palestine, if you can tweet, instagram and blog post after post alluding to justice and liberation for Palestine, you need to be about more than talk. If its within your capability, action needs to accompany talk.

These numbers are super important. Your presence and the physical evidence against Zionists and all scum who go to immense lengths to justify Palestinian suffering is imminent. Because pro Israelis have money, they have political leverage and immunity. They have the support of powerhouse corporations and the most hegemonic governmental institutions on Earth. They have the means to buy solidarity and manipulate the very nature of the oppression they enact to shift public opinion in their favor.

Pro Palestine folks? Not so much. We rely on truth and the moral goodness of those who are willing to stand for the oppressed and against immoral crimes. Solidarity is organic and from a place of labor and love, not hatred and monetary incentives. But in the end, I believe that is exactly where pro-Palestine have an advantage. When solidarity is genuine and not purchased, its power will outlast.

But solidarity is not without effort. Its chic among leftist circles to carry around the keffiyah and present the look of a radical, in spirit, but its not chic to be up against hundreds upon hundreds of people who call you terrorist and shout the most obscene racist and Islamophobic sentiments, to be spat on, to be egged on and unconsentfully videotaped. Its not chic when you can’t present a politic with the relative immunity of social media and have to go toe to toe with genocide instigators and truly feel like the weight of the world rests on your back. Its not fashionable or an aesthetic to be up against people who equate your religion or ethnicity with violence. But the latter is what will become victorious and through the hard work, I truly hope to see a liberated Palestine in my lifetime, and better yet, in the lifetime of all the aunts, uncles, mothers, fathers and grandparents who have been exiled from their indigenous homelands.

This reality however, cannot exist if its not worked towards and its important to do the work that does not foster you praise and can be brandished for followers.