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Jews Are Protesting AIPAC (The Most Powerful Israeli Lobby Group in America)

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Salam, is the Deathly Hallows single illuminati or a sinful sign?? I know that the peace sign and all is signs of the devil, but is the deathly hollows simbol illuminati or the devils sign??

Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

The Illuminati and other conspiracy theories are promoted on the internet so that people like you are distracted from the real problems that face this world, such as: Why do the banks have so much control over the world’s economy? Why does the US force every country in the world to use the US dollar in trade and bomb every country that tries to break away from the US financial system (Iraq, Libya, Syria)? Why does the Israeli lobby have such immense control over the US congress so that every politician must bow down to them to be elected? Why do Jews support Muslim immigration to the US and Europe while also supporting the Israel ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Palestine? Why do they support Mexican immigration to the US yet fight against African immigration to Israel?

Ridiculous conspiracy theories about mysterious worldwide organizations and aliens help steer people’s attention away from the world’s real problems. It also helps discredit the real conspiracies that exist by causing people to think that any questioning of the way the system works is engaging in conspiracy theories.

There is nothing wrong with the Deathly Hallows that I know of, and the Illuminati is there to make you blame the wrong people for the world’s problems.

The Quran promises that God will ensure that no one will have supremacy over the earth:

Were it not for God keeping people in check, some by means of others, the earth would have gone to ruin. But God is gracious towards mankind.

Whenever any world power becomes too powerful, God makes another power rise that challenges it and keeps it in check. The US appeared to be in charge of the world in 2000. Today, Russia and China have risen so much that Russia is able to defeat US interests in Syria, and China is starting to create its own financial system that bypasses the US. Within the next 20 years, China is on track to be twice as powerful as the US, and there is nothing the US can do about it. They cannot bomb and destroy China and get away with it like they have done to everyone else. In this way God ensures that no bully gets away with its deeds for long.

Whenever you hear a conspiracy theory about how someone or some entity really rules the world, keep in mind that there is a God who manages this world. He has not abandoned this world, and He will never let anyone gain full control over the world and totally corrupt it.

A lot of the liberal Zionist brothers and sisters would call Edward and say, “Oh, you know, we agree with what you’re talking about, we just can’t say that in public.” Why? ‘Cause they were scared, because their careers were at stake, because they didn’t wanna go against their friends, because it made their Thanksgiving dinners uncomfortable, if they told the truth […] Said had the military folk here at his office – I mean the security at his office […] every time you go see the brother you gotta go through security check 'cause of death threats and so forth. And we know about the 285 FBI files keeping track of him every minute, going back to 1971 […] The liberal Zionists didn’t want to undergo that kind of risk either, it was just too much: “Oh my God, if we’re gonna tell the truth, we’re really gonna have to pay a cost.” You don’t say? “You have to bear a burden.” You don’t say? I mean, I recall in 1982 Edward and I went down in front of the New York Times just to get the numbers of how many folk were killed in Lebanon – they wouldn’t even print the numbers. Then we had to march again just to use the word 'occupation’ in the newspaper. Then they didn’t wanna call it a 'wall,’ they called it a 'divide.’ Deodorized discourse. […] Edward said […] “I got some plain speech about this catastrophe of Palestinians linked to not just the U.S. empire, but linked to the cowardliness of autocratic Arab countries who were tied for big oil interests.” It’s not just the pro-Israeli lobby in the conservative sense, it’s the big oil dictation that allows for the Arab complacency and subservience, even as they 'talk about’ their concern with the Palestinians. […] Said, 'Professor of Terror,’ that’s what Commentary Magazine said, right? He’s a 'Professor of Terror’ for throwing one rock. But Israeli Defense Forces? Never called terroristic, ever, by the mainstream newspapers, right? […] Said’s legacy makes all of us uncomfortable, deeply so.
—  Dr. Cornel West

there’s a post going around claiming that it’s antisemitic to exclude groups like A Wider Bridge, an Israeli queer lobbying group which allies itself the occupational Israeli state, opposes the boycott programme called for by occupied Palestinians in an effort to draw international attention to their genocide, and like, identifies itself as a specifically Israeli nationalist queer organisation.

it’s just ludicrous to pretend that the opposition to their inclusion in the Creating Change conference (opposition coming largely from Black Lives Matter protestors, to be clear) is just The Antisemites and not like, a directly political response to a directly political action


DC’s Rally for Gaza and against Israeli Occupation (8.2.14)

The rally was an incredible show of force (estimates of up to 50,000 people attended) but the mainstream media under the pressure of AIPAC and the Israeli lobby is NOT covering the scale of this rally. The march on the White House stretched for 12 blocks and was completely packed. The crowds were so huge that I was not able to capture them all in a single frame but these are portraits showing some of the faces of the event.

Please share these pictures and spread the word that this massive rally happened yesterday and that Palestinian voices DO matter.

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AIPAC 101 - The Truth Every American Should Know


Okay, Yesterday I see that Israel cut off fresh water to Gaza.  Last week the Israelis were lobbying for another few Billions in subsidies, because the Billions we send are not enough.  TODAY I see an ad for a $25 donation to The International Federation of Jews and Christians to feed the starving Israelis, not the Palestinians of course, but the thousands of people going hungry.  It seems that Israel is starving and only Americans can save them.

I’m sorry, but this is getting old.  Please explain how the most heavily armed Middle Eastern Nation, That gets Billions from the US, both Government and Civilian, That has Free Medical for its people, is suddenly a desperate third world hell hole?