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Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem, Nourhan Manougian, leads the Vespers, evening prayers, in the Grotto, in the Church of Nativity, as the Armenian community of Jerusalem celebrates Christmas in Bethlehem, West Bank, on January 18, 2016. Photo by Hadas Parush/Flash90

From Lahav Halevy on Instagram:

Tel Aviv, 1920s: “The municipality of Tel Aviv hereby requests from all its citizens not to use in the coming Purim holidays any of the national or religious dress of our Muslim or Christian neighbours as costumes, in order to avoid insulting their feelings. The City of Tel Aviv.

Amazing… Shabbat shalom, and Happy Halloween to those celebrating.
22 אותיות–ויקטוריה חנה Twenty two (22) letters-Victoria Hanna
ראפ קבלי מתוך "ספר יצירה" המיוחס לאברהם אבינו Kabbalistic rap from Sefer Yetzira (The Book of Creating) which is attributed to the patriarch Abraham. א. עשרי...


Victoria Hanna, the Mizrahi Israeli artist responsible for the crazy-addictive Aleph-Bet song we were all obsessed with this past spring, has released a phenomenal new song, with lyrics from Sefer Yetzirah (a medieval Qabbalistic text) about the creation of the world through the power of the Hebrew letters.

עשרים ושתים אותיות יסוד
Twenty-two letters of foundation
חקוקות בקול חצובות ברוח קבועות בפה בחמשה מקומות
Engraved in voice, carved in breath, set in the mouth, in five sites —
In the throat
בחיך בלשון
In the palate, in the tongue
בשניים בשפתיים
In the teeth, in the lips.
עשרים ושתים אותיות שקשר בלשונו
Twenty-two letters which [G!d] tied into [Abraham’s] tongue
וגילה את סודו
And revealed its secret.
משכן במים דלקן באש רעשן ברוח בערן בשבעה
[G!d] drew them in water, lit them in fire, rattled them in air, burnt them with the seven [planets]
נהגן בשנים עשר מזלות
Guided them with the twelve constellations.
עשרים ושתים אותיות
Twenty-two letters —
חקקן, חצבן, שקלן, המירן, צרפן, צר בהן נפש כל יצור וכל העתיד לצור
[G!d] engraved them, carved them, weighed them, permuted them, transformed them, painted with them the essence of every created thing and every thing that is yet to be formed.

Just in time for Rosh haShana, the anniversary of the world’s creation!


Celebrating the Start of the Jewish New Year with Israeli Food Bloggers @matkonation

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It’s Rosh Hashana, the start of the Jewish New Year. And, like many Jewish people around the world, Israeli food bloggers Deanna Linder and Danya Weiner (@matkonation) are celebrating — and eating — with their families. Deanna is a food stylist, Danya is a food photographer, and the two joined forces six years ago to channel their creativity in a fun way. “Together the two of us have five boys, and as working moms, we’re really appreciating this time we have to reflect with our boys on the new year to come,” says Deanna.

The two moms’ collaboration has led to big opportunities, like a recent photo shoot for a major brand where they made this dish: fresh figs baked and stuffed with goat cheese and a balsamic crumble, meant to be served at the upcoming holiday Sukkot, a celebration of the harvest season. “For the new year, we would like to let everyone know that Israel (especially Tel Aviv) is a major hub of creativity, liveliness and really, really good food,” Deanna says, with an offer to hit them up for the best places to eat.