Do you remember the 18-month-old Palestinian baby Ali Dawabshe who was burned to death after settlers set fire to his family house in Duma village, south of Nablus city. And then his father didn’t make it and passed away just a few days later. Well, I’m really sad to tell you that Riham, Ali’s mother, has just died in hospital as a result of her burns. Here, one of her students with her picture.

RIP Dawabshe family!


LEBANON. Tyre. July 2006. Marco di Lauro’s coverage of the 2006 Lebanon War. Here, aftermaths of Israeli airstrikes. All pictures: Marco Di Lauro/Getty Images [Part 1]

Photograph 1: Two Lebanese civilians wait for further treatment upon arrival at the hospital. According to Hospital Officials, a family traveling in a van trying to flee the villages south of Tyre was hit by an Israeli warplane reportedly killing 13 people as well as injuring 13. July 23, 2006.

Photograph 2: 3-year-old, Nimar Ramait recovers in his hospital bed after he was injured by a bomb dropped by an Israeli war plane on a water canal where he was swimming. For a sixth day, Israel continued it’s extensive bombing of villages and the civilian population in Southern Lebanon. July 17, 2006.

Photograph 3: The bodies of the victims of the Qana Israeli air strike wrapped in plastic having been brought from Qana to the morgue. Twenty-two bodies were brought to the morgue wrapped in plastic and loaded into a refrigerator truck. The Israeli air strike killed 56 civilians of which 34 of them were children, in the worst attack since the fighting began 19 days ago. July 30, 2006.

Photograph 4: 18 year old Zahra Al-Jamira cries in shock after she realized that her face is burnt as a result of a bomb dropped by an Israeli warplane. For a seventh day, Israel continued its extensive bombing of villages and the civilian population in Southern Lebanon. July 18, 2006.

The 2006 Lebanon War, also called the 2006 Israel–Hezbollah War was a 34-day military conflict in Lebanon, Northern Israel and the Golan Heights. The principal parties were Hezbollah paramilitary forces and the Israel Defence Forces (IDF). The conflict is believed to have killed between 1,191 and 1,300 Lebanese people (mostly civilians), and 165 Israelis (including 44 civilians). It severely damaged Lebanese civil infrastructure, and displaced approximately one million Lebanese and 300,000–500,000 Israelis.

Various groups and individuals accused both Israel and Hezbollah of violations of these laws during the conflict, and warned of possible war crimes. These allegations included intentional attacks on civilian populations or infrastructure, disproportionate or indiscriminate attacks, the use of human shields, and the use of prohibited weapons. 

No formal charges have been filed against either group.  

  • not antisemitism: criticism of israel, condemning israel's war crimes against palestinians, condeming the us government for using israel as a proxy for imperialism in the middle east
  • antisemitism: israel is bad because The Jewish World Order
Nobody can legalise the theft of the Palestinian lands. Building settlements is a crime, building settlements is against all international laws. I think it is time now for the international community to act concretely to stop the Israelis from these crimes.
—  Palestinian tourism and antiquities minister, Rula Ma’ayah.

Palestinians demand action against Israel over settlements law

This is 17-year-old Rawya abu Jom'a at the Shifa hospital in Gaza City during Israel’s Operation Ethnic Cleansing last summer. She suffered severe shrapnel injury when Israel bombed her family’s apartment. Three of her cousins & her sister were killed in the strike.

The photo is also by conflict photojournalist Heidi Levine who was just awarded for her photos of Gaza by the International Women’s Media Foundation. Another photo in the album was of the funeral of three young boys killed near their home & was captioned “allegedly by an Israeli drone strike.” Are they sure it wasn’t by an evil fairy from outer space!? What despicable equivocation when it comes to Israeli war crimes!

This photo should also be submitted to the UN to document Israeli war crimes in Gaza. If nothing else, it will shame them for collusion. Or is shame not in their repertoire of emotions?

Build the hell out of the economic & cultural boycott of Israel (barcode beginning 729).
By Mary Scully

(Photo by Heidi Levine/SIPA/Rex)

So, let me get this straight…the Palestinian Authority wants to be party to an international tribunal with prosecutorial power against war criminals – as opposed to gaining sovereign rights through terrorism or violence – and Israel decides that this is so unacceptable that it withholds tax revenue earned by and due to the Palestinians? This comes less than a week after the United States and Australia voted down a United Nations Security Council resolution calling for Palestinian statehood.

“I have striven not to laugh at human actions, not to weep at them, not to hate them, but to understand them.” – Baruch Spinoza, Tractatus Politicus, 1676

If we demand that the Palestinians use legal and peaceful means to achieve their ends, I don’t understand what it is we’re asking them to do and how we want them to do it when we actively work to create obstacles for Palestinian statehood and sovereignty. Since the most powerful nation in the world is effectively using their veto power in the United Nations so as not to ruffle the feathers of the Israeli government, what else can the Palestinians do? They decide to try to gain recognition as a sovereign state by joining as many international organizations and signing on to as many treaties as possible, yet that’s still not acceptable. The Palestinian Authority – and through them, the Palestinian people – are, in effect, being punished for attempting to join an international body with a mandate to end genocide, achieve justice for victims of crimes against humanity, and bring war criminals to trial. That’s literally the opposite of a path to peace. Yet we wonder why desperate people with seemingly hopeless causes are driven to terrorism? And we don’t understand why it is often directed towards us?

“Peace cannot be worth its name unless it is based on justice, and not on the occupation of the land of others.” – Egyptian President Anwar al-Sadat, speaking to the Israeli Knesset, Jerusalem, November 20, 1977

few things piss me off more than Ben White ‘expert on Palestine and Israel’ who is the fucking epitome of an ignorant, isolated leftie westerner with literally NO academic/theoretical/practical background and experience in Israel/Palestine, who has never lived there, who doesn’t speak either of their languages, but STILL manages to profit of lecturing the west about how evil Israel is

summarising the work of other academics and tweeting UN reports about Israel’s war crimes doesn’t make you a ‘fearless advocate for the Palestinian people’, it makes you a hack


11,000 people were injured in last summer’s offensive of whom at least 3,500 will have a permanent disability. These photos are of a few of those people. in Gaza many people are living on mounds of rubble, there is no reconstruction and supplies of food are insufficient - children are going hungry and without supplies of clean water. And the illegal siege remains in place with the complicity of the international community. via  X

People will watch Israel’s war crimes with open eyes. They’ll see the destruction, the discrimination, the lack of humanity. They’ll discuss apartheid in class but when they’re faced with it on the news they ignore it. These people openly accept the way Israel treats Palestinians and they create many excuses for this vicious state.

Well, I don’t care if you don’t believe Palestine existed before Israel, or if you think Hamas is horrific, or if you believe the people of Israel deserve a their own state, or if you think Israel is only defending themselves. None of these so called reasons justify state led terrorism.

You’re supporting a genocide with your eyes wide open.

Israelis: *didn’t win a gold medal at the Olympics*
Israelis: god damn it! we fucked up… how are we gonna promote Israel, wash the war crimes off Israel’s hands, and legitimize Israel’s illegal existence this year?
Israelis: *look around nervously trying to find a way to claim a gold medal to glorify and promote their state*
Israelis: OH
Israelis: OOOOHHHH

Israel ‘Defense’ Forces are murdering countless children …even those that are within UN shelters/safe zones are being bombed! Brutal massacres are being covered up through Israeli propaganda and media outlets. The truth is there if one has the will to seek it… don’t be a spoon-fed sheep in this troubled world, think for yourselves… as for Gaza and the Palestinian people well:

~ If patience was a country, Gaza would be the capital!

Israel is proving to the world that it has committed war crimes in ‪‎Gaza‬ by being furious after the Palestinian authority’s decision of going to the ICC..
If you haven’t committed any crimes then why are you so frightened? Why are you cutting the Palestinian tax funds? Why are you calling all your allies to prevent the PA from officially sueing Israeli leaders? Why are you threatening of dissolving the PA????