Four Israeli soldiers arrested for suspected gang rape: at least one suspect claims act with female soldier at air force base was ‘consensual.’

Four Israel Defense Forces soldiers were arrested Tuesday on suspicion of gang-raping a female soldier serving with them on the Hatzerim Air Force Base. They were scheduled to appear in military court in Jaffa on Thursday on a prosecution request that their detention be extended.

The female soldier filed a complaint with the Military Police at the urging of her commanders and family. According to the complaint, two weeks ago the four soldiers entered her room on the base and raped her, one after the other.

The number of complaints in the IDF relating to sexual offenses has been rising steadily in recent years, with 777 complaints in 2012, 930 in 2013, and 1,073 in 2014

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We need to answer the question if a military occupation of Gaza has now turned into a war against a people with no place to seek refuge.