A little fun wouldn’t hurt

Imagine: Meeting James on the road and him falling for you. Brandon and Derek teasing him because of it ~ Requested by anon

Fandom: Fear the walking dead

Words: 1453

Y/N = your name

Y/H/T = your home town

I hope you like it


You’ve met the three young men from San Diego when you were in a little village, you hadn’t known the name. You were walking on an empty road, all by yourself. The family you were traveling with had long gone missing and you couldn’t care less. One morning you were all alone. The car was away and the only things that they had left you were a little bottle of water, a can of beans, a thin blanket and a hunting knife. The knife was always placed in your right hand. Ready to be used if something would attack you. Your plan was to go home. How? Walking and it was a pretty long way to go. At some point a red truck came to a halt beside you and a young man with short blond hair and stubbles leaned out of the window, beside him on the passenger seat sat a man around the same age as the driver and on the backseat was a slightly younger looking man. He too had stubbles and his curly dark brown hair was in a man bun. His dark eyes met yours and a little smile formed on both of your lips. He was really handsome you had to admit. To your dismay the driver interrupted your thoughts when he began talking.

„Hello Miss, can you tell us in which direction we have to drive to get to the border?“ the man disgustingly sweet asked. You shook your head and began walking again.

„In which direction do you want to go?“ he asked again but you kept quiet and looked straight at the road.
„Hey, maybe we could take you with us, just for a short distance“ he tried again. You sighed and stopped walking. You turned to face him and his friends.
„I don’t even know you, why should I?“

„Oh, look at that, the pretty lady can talk“ the blond one smirked. You rolled your eyes.

„What my friend here is trying to say is that we have a car and you must be very exhausted from all the walking“ smiled the man in the passenger seat. You thought for a second. You really were exhausted and needed a little break so your legs could recover again.

„Okay but not for long“ The men triumphantly smiled. You already could tell that you wouldn’t like the two mid twenties.

„Cool, by the way I’m Brandon, that is Derek and the quiet one over there is Baby James“ the driver introduced himself and his friends.

„I’m Y/N“

After a few hours of driving it began to became dark and you stopped near a little lake. The guys turned up the night camp while you got some wood to make a fire. To your surprise when you came back three tents had been set up. You placed the wood in the middle of the camp.Brandon started the fire with a lighter that he had found in his left jacket pocket. Hour for hour they talked and laughed. They talked about things you found uninteresting so you got up and walked to the jetty of the lake.

You were sitting there just watching the lake. Due to the light of the moon the water glistened and you let your legs swing in the enjoyable cold water. You thought about your family. What they would be up to? Were they even alive? Or were they brainless flesh eating maniacs like most of the human race? You really wanted to see them again hopefully save and alive but it was a long way to go and in this time many things could happen. With shaky hands you swiped away the salty tears that you hadn’t registered were running down your cold cheeks. You sobbed quietly but stopped just as you felt a presence behind you. One of the boys walked in your direction.

„Can I sit here?“ sounded the voice of Baby James. You nodded and turned towards him. You shyly smiled. James smiled at you and looked out on the lake.

„So, Baby James?“ you asked after a while. An amused smile plastered on your lips. He chuckled.

„Yeah, I guess I got the name because I’m the youngest of my friends“ You giggled and buried your hands in the sleeves of your grey sweater.

„So, Y/N. Why are you all by yourself? What about your friends or family?“ You sighed.

„I was with my best friend and two others when it broke out. I lost them in the panicked mob of people and later I found them in an alleyway near the hotel we were staying. They tried to kill me, so I ran away. A few days after I bumped into a family with two kids around the age of 7 or 8. I travelled with them for like a month and one morning when I woke up they weren’t there anymore. So that’s it. What about you? What are you doing in Mexico?“

James looked at you sympathetically.

„We made party with some other people and now we are trying to get back home“
„Where are you guys from?“
„San Diego, you?“

The two of you talked and joked and laughed for hours. In this time James had given you his jacked because the night got colder and you had began shivering. Letting him in just his khaki shirt. Brandon and Derek had watched you from afar, snickering at the sight of you. Later that night you lay in one of the tents and tried to sleep a little but you couldn’t. You turned from one side to the other and cuddled further into James’ jacket. You breathed in his scent and closed your eyes. You could say you already had a crush on him and that in just nearly twelve hours or so. Due to the tent walls being so thin you could hear the boys talking.

„You’re so whipped, man“ you heared Brandon laughing.

„Whatever you say“ James voice sounded.

„I would have never thought you’re such a big softy“
„You weren’t that nice to that girl on the party, what happened?“

„Can you please stop? She can hear you, guys“ James complained.

„Maybe I should try and get her. A little fun wouldn’t hurt“ Derek said a little louder.

„Yeah, bro. That’s a great idea“ Brandon joined it and smugly grinned. You heard the both giving each other a high five. James growled a bit and you clenched your teeth. They can definatly adjust on you kicking their arses. You haven’t had hand to hand combat for nothing.

„Don’t you dare“ James mumbled and walked towards his tent. But Brandon and Derek made fun of him anyway.

„Y/N“ you awoke to the sound of someone saying your name and you mumble something not understandable.

„Y/N“ Again.

You open your eyes, just in time to see that someone entered your tent. Instantly you smelled something roasted. James had entered your tent and smiled at you. In his hand he had a roasted mouse. You smirked, you hadn’t eaten in two days. Right at this moment your stomach decided to growl as loud as he could. You blushed. James laughed.
„It isn’t much, I know. But I hope it’s okay“
„More than enough, thank you“

„No problem“
James left the tent again. You looked at the mouse and ate it.

A few minutes later you get out of the tent yourself and looked around. The sun just rose on the horizon. The boys were packing all their things together. When you have spotted James you walked towards him. You came to a halt millimeters away from him and looked up. He stopped what he was doing and looked down at you confused. In your right hand was his jacked. James took it. You grinned and layed your small fingers on either side of his face and pulled him down to you. Immediately your lips were on his. James was surprised but kissed back after a split of a second. For your liking the kiss was way to short. He was a great kisser you had to admit. Brandon and Derek stared in shock. Derek’s mouth stood open.

„Close your mouth or something is flying right into it“ You winked at him and turned away. You made your way towards your tent.

„What was that for?“ James called after you.

„Oh, you know. For letting me borrow your jacket and bringing me food and all“ You smirked not turning around. Oh, this adventure would be fun


Once upon a time, the American girl was a shining symbol of something fresh, spirited, and fully self-confident. Mark Twain said, “The average American girl possesses the valuable qualities of naturalness, honesty, and inoffensive straightforwardness; she is nearly barren of troublesome conventions and artificialities.” Now, the American girl is often associated with the raunchy style of the girls in Girls Gone Wild. She sometimes seems unhappy and out of control, and nobody seems to know quite what to do about it.

-The Bling Ring: How a Gang of Fame-Obsessed Teens Ripped Off Hollywood and Shocked the World by Nancy Jo Sales

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