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Countries qualified for the ESC 2017 final

Armenia: 6 armed woman

Australia: kid looking much older, 80% eyebrow

Austria: dreamworks kid, feel old yet?

Azerbaijan: woman singing to a man on a ladder with a horse head

Belarus: cute adventurous people on a boat, making everyone dance

Belgium: awesome studio performance, looking a lil uncomfortable live

Bulgaria: this kiddo is going places

Croatia: personality disorder

Cyprus: probably getting bullied by his background dancers

Denmark: woman in red dress, lots of fireworks

France: gotta make sure everyone knows we’re from france

Germany: titanium

Greece: yaoi shipping

Hungary: man bun but a cool jacket

Israel: wink one more time please

Italy: man who can light up an entire continent with his smile, dancing gorilla

Moldova: a legend has returned

Netherlands: the girl squad

Norway: i think my television broke

Poland: what’s up with all the wedding dresses?

Portugal: precious beautiful baby. Protect at all costs

Romania: pop/rap/yodeling, graphic background design is my passion

Spain: surfer dudes invading eurovision

Sweden: looking hella fine and knows it

UK: lowkey rickrolling all of europe

Ukraine: giant head… ya why not?

  • Diaspora Jew: *Mentions something about Judaism that has absolutely nothing to do with Israel*
  • White Goy (popping up from behind the sofa): Okay but can I just say I think it's really disrespectful of Jews to exist while the Palestinian people are suffering?

Black Sails characters and their Treasure Planet counter parts
(Or, Treasure Island characters in Black Sails and Treasure Planet)

Long John Silver
James Flint/McGraw - Nathaniel Flint 
Billy Bones
Ben Gunn - B.E.N (Bio-Electronic-Navigator)
Israel Hands - Scroop*

*There is a character in Treasure Planet called Israel Hands, one of the pirates who’s never named and doesn’t have ant influence on the plot. Scroop fills Hands’ role as a character, and therefore he was picked instead. 

i keep seeing this post on my dash

and i dont like it it ABSOLUTELY reeks of zionism

like. if u go on op’s blog they say over and over again “im not an anti-zionist or a zionist” but they literally defend israel multiple times… and gal gadot is absolutely disgusting. and the way they end the post saying “well if u dont like gal gadot then u cant like star wars either bc adam driver was in the us military!” like as if ppl actually like star wars for adam driver lol.

anyway gal gadot is zionist trash, the wonder woman movie sucks, that post sucks, the united states military sucks, and israel and everyone who supports it sucks!

inb4 i get called antisemitic for saying this even tho i’m literally a jew lol


so Team Israel brought a doll-sized Mensch on the Bench to the qualifying round at the end of last year and now he’s Life Sized and the broadcasters were discussing whether he’ll keep getting larger as the team advances like.. if they make it to the final round, San Diego’s gonna be toast

We must have faith to believe God does hear our prayers and answers them in His time, way, and purpose, even when it seems He is silent.
Take a look at this

Why is it that the children or grandchildren or close relatives of our biggest enemies have historically converted and joined us? Just gonna give you a few examples.

1) Pharaoh’s daughter became a jew and went up with them out of Egypt.

2) Rus (Ruth) was actually a daughter/granddaughter of Balak, the king of moav, who kept trying to curse/defeat the jews by tempting them to sin. Not only did she join us, but she ended up beginning the beginning of the line of David.

3) Shamaya And Avtalyon were 2 of the greatest sages of Israel during the time of the second temple, and were referred to as one of the “Pairs”… And they were Grandchildren of Sancheriv - the king of Assyria who exiled the jews and sent away the 10 lost tribes.

4) Rabbi Meir was the grandson of the Roman general Nero, who joined us after an intellectual hunt of whether he really wanted to destroy Yerushalayim.

5) Onkelos - who wrote the aramaic translation of the chumash - was (according to one opinion) was the nephew of Titus, who literally destroyed the Beis Hamikdash or the nephew of Hadrian (according to the other opinion), both of them huge haters of the jewish people, and Roman emperors.

We’re a backwards people, that’s for sure.


Robert was on a heckling spree.  I assume he’s learning from the plumbot.  xD

I would love to believe that Jun is putting a paw down and saying Brigitte better mind her fucking manners.  (She’s not; sims are bipolar af.)

Brigitte Langerak has a known thing for red-haired men.  She hasn’t stopped having this thing, either.  IIRC she’s currently dating some redhead or other and is flirting with Israel Wainwright.  At one time she had nothing but red-haired flirts and even got some with Artyom once when I wasn’t looking.  :|

She will do.

What she wants.  xD

When you can't, God can. When you fear, God encourages. When you doubt, God answers.