israel is the real terrorist state

I was speaking to a friend in Gaza and he told me that his little cousin is writing her name all over her body with her markers, just in case she gets blown up and no one can identify her. She is 11 years old. 11. The psychological pain and trauma the palestinian children go through is absolutely repulsive.

To the supporters of Israel

Israel is the only entity that sends heavy artillery into the worlds most densely populated strip of land. Around 3 weeks into this continued genocide, Israel has already murdered approximately 1,500 civilians, with 59 IDF casualties on the Israeli side. You want to know who started fighting? Israel was created out of terrorism and ethnic cleansing and maintains itself through terrorism. The so called ‘IDF’ was formed out of the Irgun, Haganah and the Stern Gang, all responsible for the murder of Palestinian civilians (deir yasin massacre, the bombing of the king David hotel, the assassination of UN Offical Count Bernadotte etc) and forced exile of 750,000 Palestinians. 
Hamas is a resistance organization, created in 1987 after the violent Israeli crackdown on peaceful Palestinian protesters, so don’t you fucking dare give me that ‘Hamas was out to get Israel from the start’ bullshit.
The fact of the matter is that you support a regime that practices occupation, colonization, ethnic cleansing, siege, blockade, genocide, massacres, apartheid, institutionalized racism, bombing schools, homes, UN buildings, indiscriminately targeting civilians, incessant home demolitions, putting a civilian population on a diet, blooming a settler colonial state built on stolen land and appropriated culture, continuously building illegal Jewish-only settlements, Jewish-only roads, Jewish-only buses, Jewish-only water fountains. 
Israel is a racist, apartheid, war mongering, genocidal state.

I am unapologetic in my opposition to the racist state of Israel.

I am unapologetic in my opposition to Israeli apartheid and ethnic cleansing.

I am unapologetic in my opposition to Israeli lies that frame this as a “two-sided” conflict when this is in fact an ongoing genocide of the Palestinian people.

I am unapologetic in my support for violent resistance by Palestinians against their own genocide and oppression on their indigenous lands.

I am unapologetic when I say that the real terrorists here are the Israelis, and not Hamas.

I am unapologetic when I denounce all agents of the US government, including President Obama, who support the racist state of Israel and the ongoing massacre there with weapons and aid.

I am unapologetic when I denounce the Democrats and “liberals” like Elizabeth Warren who are just as complicit in supporting Israel and Zionism as their conservative counterparts.

I am unapologetic when I say that Israel is an illegally created state that does not have a right to exist.

I am unapologetic when I say that Zionism is an ethnosupermacist settler ideology that is racist and fundamentally anathema to Palestinian land claims.

I am unapologetic in denouncing the violence being enacted every single day by the state of Israel against the Palestinian people since the Nakba.

I am unapologetic and will continue to speak out, march and fight in solidarity with Palestinians in their struggle for human rights and real sovereignty on their own land.

There is no time to apologize. There is no time for obtuse rants by self-proclaimed “moderates” about finding middle ground on the topic of genocide. And I am unapologetic when I say that there is no room for compromise on something as basic as preserving and enshrining the basic human dignity of oppressed people all across the world.

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hey zanab the palestinian genocide isnt motivated by religion right? like it has nothing to do with muslims hating jews and vice versa? it just has to do with land?

Muslims hating Jewish people? Jewish people lived in Palestine along with a Muslim majority for decades, and before that for centuries, before Israel had even been thought of as a future sovereign state. It has absolutely nothing to do with animosity towards Jewish people. Palestinians are killed today regularly, constantly, and then in an overwhelming capacity every few years (op Cast Lead, op ‘protective’ edge) because they are just that–Palestinian. They killed 2000 Palestinians only months ago–an overwhelming amount of those casualties being children–destroyed an entire city just after they had finished rebuilding it under the guise of targeting ‘terrorists’–whom they of course falsely accused of kidnapping 3 Israeli teenagers days prior. Israel inhibits any chance Palestinians take and utilize to flourish and they pummel it to the ground–Israel does not want a two state solution, the current (and honestly any past administration) has never wanted a two-state solution, they will never want a two-state solution. They do not want to live alongside Palestine, they do not WANT a Palestine. This is evident in every inch of their racist, dehumanizing policies. They have done and will continue to do everything in their power to destroy any infrastructure Gaza has attempted to establish–they WANT Palestine at its knees. Remember that children of the Nakba are denied to this day their right to return home–remember that the Nakba did not affect only a handful of people, that nearly 4.9 million Palestinians were displaced through associated atrocities. Palestinians–their patience and perseverance and remarkable ineffable strength–they are a reminder to Israel of what they’ve taken, and furthermore what they’ll never fully be able to claim. Palestinians, despite this, remain unified and together and stand as one nation–they demand their recognition and that is something Israel will never be able to take away. 

This “conflict” has to do with the State of Israel wanting completely usurp Palestine until there isn’t a single Palestinian that has not fallen under the domain of their laws, their racist policies. A country that uses any made up, battered, broken excuse to massacre 2000 people and destroy holy lands has the audacity to call Palestinian children that have nothing left to pick up but rocks “terrorists”–who’s the real terrorist here? The soldiers shooting at children or the children throwing rocks? The settlers setting fire to the crops of Palestinians while the guards look on, or the Palestinian teenagers that decide to wear their fathers’ keffiyeh to school? Israel is a state built on terrorism, funded by terrorism, and sustained by terrorism. 

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In the scope of unfolding events in Gaza, this “terrorist” mumbo-jumbo is meant only to derail the legitimacy of Palestinian resistance and give the veneer of legitimacy to Israel. This is little more than victim blaming.

“Gaza has no army, air force or navy. Israel is the fourth largest military power in the world. Resistance to occupation is allowed under international law. Israel’s occupation, siege and collective punishment of Gaza is not.”

“Terrorist” in this framework is a convenient epithet created by Israeli occupiers to decouple the counterviolence created by state-sanctioned murder of Palestinians. If Palestinian “terrorism” is real, it is closer to reality to call it counter-imperialism, only without the institutions and war-machines of the Israeli government to directly fuel it. 

Remember the definition of the word terrorism: the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims. Let’s label Israeli settlers, their supporters, and their government terrorists. They actually fit the bill.