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What's all the discourse with Wonder Woman? It's just suddenly popped out of nowhere and so I just wanted to know more about it.

Absolutely! I’ll post what I know, since this is has come to my attention recently as well.

During the invasion of Gaza in 2014, Gal Gadot showed her support for the IDF (Israel Defense Forces, which she was formerly enlisted in) on Facebook. A lot of people were disappointed she was cast as such a huge feminist icon, since the IDF routinely and brutally kills Palestinian women and children. The IDF also bombed Lebanon in 2006 (and most Lebanese killed were civilians), and the US provides the Israel military with foreign aid of at least $3 billion a year (because the US wants an aggressive ally to help control the Middle East). Israel has been condemned worldwide for war crimes against Palestine.

My previous post about Gadot being in and supporting the IDF

Another of my posts on why Lebanon banned Wonder Woman (again because of the IDF dropping bombs on them in 2006, not because she’s Jewish)

Gadot has also spoken highly of former Israel President Shimon Peres, who was responsible for horrible atrocities such as the bombing of a 1996 UN refugee camp in Lebanon, where 106 civilians (half of them children) were killed (x) (x)

“Here’s why Gal Gadot shouldn’t be considered a person of color” - by journalist and artist S.I. Rosenbaum (I included this link because people on Tumblr are lauding Gal Gadot as a lead actress of color, and other Ashkenazim Jewish people are pushing back against that, saying they aren’t “white,” but they aren’t people of color either, and actually fit outside that dichotomy)

More info about the Israel/Palestine apartheid state:

Best of the Left Podcast episode - The continuing quagmire of an apartheid state (Israel/Palestine)

Jewish Voice for Peace - Israel Palestine Conflict 101

Babasını kaybetmez insan. Hem de iki kere kaybetmez. Dermanım sendedir. Gidersen bakmayacağım ardından. Yıllar yılı bekledim. Gidersen su dökmeyeceğim ardından.
Mavi Kül Tablası
Müzik : DIWAN SAZ -UNFATHOMED DEPTH דיוואן סאז - תהומות אין חקר
"I MARRIED A JEW!" - an American Christian horror story from The Atlantic Monthly, 1939

The arguments never change. Classical antisemitism has not been effected by Israel - at all.

The best worst part is when the author teases her husband and other Jews circa 1939 for being too scared of Hitler, who obviously can’t be so bad because he’s just putting a slightly rougher edge on what all the good Christians she knows already believe.

One can’t help but wonder if the marriage lasted, and how the kids turned out.
Eurovision Ask Box Roulette

The rules are simple: each country in Eurovision 2017 corresponds to a question (see below). Leave the name of a country in our ask box and we’ll answer. 

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Albania 🇦🇱 favourite power ballad of all time?

Armenia 🇦🇲 best country to have never won in your opinion? (or who should have won more often?)

Australia 🇦🇺 country you’d like to see join eurovision next?

Austria 🇦🇹 favourite ‘misheard lyrics’ of all time?

Azerbaijan 🇦🇿 least favourite winner of 21st century?

Belarus 🇧🇾 favourite music genre for eurovision?

Belgium 🇧🇪 act you think is the most original of the 21st century?

Bulgaria 🇧🇬 favourite ever lyrics of a eurovision song?

Croatia 🇭🇷 least favourite act in 2017?

Cyprus 🇨🇾 favourite act in semi-final 1?

Czech Republic 🇨🇿 least favourite ballad of 2017?

Denmark 🇩🇰 favourite female winner of 21st century?

Estonia 🇪🇪 act you wish would come back to eurovision again?

Finland 🇫🇮 which was the first eurovision you remember?

France 🇫🇷 favourite Big 5 act in 2017?

Georgia 🇬🇪 act you didn’t expect to like but did?

Germany 🇩🇪 favourite presenters of 21st century contests?

Greece 🇬🇷 favourite female solo act in 2017?

Hungary 🇭🇺 favourite non-English act of all time?

Iceland 🇮🇸 who do you think will win this year?

Ireland 🇮🇪 favourite historic (pre-2000) winner?

Israel 🇮🇱 best dancers accompanying an act?

Italy 🇮🇹 runner up you think most deserved to win?

Latvia 🇱🇻 act you loved which no one else did?

Lithuania 🇱🇹 favourite eurovision memory?

Macedonia 🇲🇰 favourite ever entry by your country?

Malta 🇲🇹 the 2017 song which best sums up your life right now?

Moldova 🇲🇩 favourite kooky act of all time?

Montenegro 🇲🇪 favourite act in semi-final 2?

Netherlands 🇳🇱 favourite group act of all time?

Norway 🇳🇴 favourite all time winner?

Poland 🇵🇱 your eurovision grand final night routine?

Portugal 🇵🇹 favourite male solo act in 2017?

Romania 🇷🇴 favourite duet of all time?

Russia 🇷🇺 favourite staging of all time?

San Marino 🇸🇲 favourite ever act not to make it to the final?

Serbia 🇷🇸 favourite interval act of all time?

Slovenia 🇸🇮 favourite bubble-gum pop act of 21st century?

Spain 🇪🇸 act you think was most underrated in 2016?

Sweden 🇸🇪 favourite male winner of 21st century?

Switzerland 🇨🇭 favourite European country?

UK 🇬🇧 least favourite Big 5 act in 2017?

Ukraine 🇺🇦 favourite hosts of 21st century?


1750 Riverside Drive - Home of the Childhood Besties
No CC | Base Game Compatible | ~ §60,000 | 3BR 2BA
Formerly the home of Lani Rodriguez’s grandmother, when Lani inherited the house, she also inherited two roommates; her grade school best friends, Israel and Pippa. Though the three are complete opposites, they all agree that they love their house to death.
A simple, cramped “grandma” house. It could easily fit a family of three to four, even though it was built especially for the Childhood Besties household. 


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the signs as love songs

ARIES- you got me, by Erykah Badu and The Roots

TAURUS- nothing even matters, by Lauryn Hill feat D’Angelo

GEMINI- beautiful mess, by Jason Mraz

CANCER- the place, by inc.

LEO- betray my heart, by D’Angelo

VIRGO- wonderwall, by Oasis

LIBRA- la vie en rose, by Louis Armstrong

SCORPIO- infatuation, by James Brown

SAGITTARIUS- over the rainbow/what a wonderful world, by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

CAPRICORN- best of me, by Anthony Hamilton

AQUARIUS- quiet storm, by Smokey Robinson

PISCES- white, by Frank Ocean feat. John Mayer

Winners of Cinemalaya 13 (2017)


Best Picture, full-length: Respeto

  • Special Jury Prize, full-length: Baconaua
  • Netpac Jury prize, full-length: Respeto
  • Best feature film, full-length: Respeto
  • Best Director, full-length feature film: Joseph Israel Laban, Baconaua
  • Best Actor, full-length film: Noel Comia Jr, Kiko Boksingero
  • Best Actress, full-length film: Angeli Bayani, Bagahe
  • Best Supporting Actor, full-length: Dido de la Paz, Respeto
  • Best  Supporting Actress, full-length: Yayo Aguila, Kiko Boksingero
  • Audience choice, short feature film: Nakauwi Na
  • Audience choice, full-length feature film: Respeto  
  • Best Sound, full-length feature film: Corinne De San Jose, Respeto
  • Best Original Music Score, full-length: Pepe Manikan, Kiko Boksingero
  • Best Editing, full-length feature film: Lawrence Ang, Respeto
  • Best Production Design, full-length feature film: Marxie Maolen Fadul, Nabubulok
  • Best Cinematography, full-length feature film: TM Malones, Baconaua and Ike Avellana, Respeto
  • Best Screenplay, full-length feature film: Zig Dulay, Bagahe
  • Best Screenplay, short feature film: Duwi Monteagudo, Bawod
  • Special Jury Prize, short feature film: Fatima Marie Torres and the Invasion of Space Shuttle Pinas 25
  • Netpac Jury Prize, short feature film:  Aliens Ata
  • Best Director, short feature film: E del Mundo, Manong ng Pa-aling
  • Best Short Feature Film: Hilom


“U.S. just gave $38 billion in military aid to Israel but my best friend can’t afford college. 

U.S. just gave $38 billion in military aid to Israel but Louisiana still hasn’t gotten necessary Katrina aid let alone help for the recent flooding. 

U.S. just gave $38 billion in military aid to Israel but about 48 million Americans have no health insurance. 

U.S. just gave $38 billion in military aid to Israel but schools are closing down because of underfunding. 

U.S. just gave $38 billion in military aid to Israel but “black woman are welfare queens.”

U.S. just gave $38 billion in military aid to Israel which means $38 billion worth of Palestinian pain is on our hands.”

- Brea Baker

Mizrahi Jews: Dana International

Sharon Cohen, better known by her stage name Dana International, is a transgender Mizrahi (Yemenite) Jewish singer.

Dana is one of the most famous acts in Israel of all time, best known for winning the Eurovision song contest in 1998 with her song Diva.

Her international success continued with interviews on CNN, BBC, Sky News, and MTV. On her success as a transgender woman she had to say, “My victory proves God is on my side. I want to send my critics a message of forgiveness and say to them: try to accept me and the kind of life I lead. I am what I am and this does not mean I don’t believe in God, and I am part of the Jewish Nation.”

Dana International is still active in her career, releasing the single Ma La'asot (What to Do) in 2013, and performing at an Amsterdam Pride parade.

I’ve been trying to figure out what my feelings were about Tony’s exit, and there are a lot of words involved here because I had a lot of feelings to work through.

First of all, while I find change necessary and refreshing, I also think it is rather painful, and it’s something I have to write my way through so that I can move past it.  And something about this series final story was incredible painful for me, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.  I haven’t read much of anyone’s posts about last night, but I’m conversant enough with this fandom’s various opinions to guess what some of them might be, so maybe I’m repeating what has already been said.

It meant something to me that Ziva was alive when she left in season 11.  It meant that there were possibilities for her character even if she was gone.  It meant that there was something invincible about her, given that most characters on this show, male and female, are killed off when they’re written out.  So it means something that she’s dead.  I kept thinking throughout the episode that surely someone was mistaken.  I think that’s been my experience as a Tiva fan: you continue to believe in the impossible and refuse to accept the reality in front of you.  If you hear that Ziva is gone and that Cote has left, you immediately start hoping and planning for the day when she might come back, against all odds.  So when you hear that she’s gone for good, you keep waiting for the time when that’s not true.  I mean, there were pretty big hints dropped that this would happen, there have always been hints that the thing we want isn’t gonna happen they way we want it to. It’s delusional, but still, there’s a part of me that won’t stop hoping or maybe there’s just a part of me that won’t allow myself to feel devastated by the realities of what we saw on screen and whatever happened behind the scenes and whatever bridges were burned to put an end to this character.

Because there’s something about her character that hasn’t ended, and this is where I continue to feel conflicted.  My brain tells me that ZIva is now among the list of women who have died to serve another man’s storyline, which feels weird because for years when she was on the show, she owned her own story.  I often thought Tony served her journey, and now it’s the other way around, and it’s difficult for me to get my head around that.  She wasn’t sidelined when she was on the show like some many women on tv imo, but now she’s gone, and yet she and her sister live on through her child with Tony.  

And THIS is what shocked me more than anything.  This is were the harsh brutality of Ziva dying meets the fanfiction scenario of her having a child with Tony.  What the fuck??? There’s really no way I saw that really happening on this show of all shows.  Ever.  This was the very last thing I thought this show would do.  Ziva’s death devastated me, but this storyline is the more shocking of the two.  Now Tony has become one of a list of men on this show (Senior, Gibbs’s dad, Vance, Fornell) who are/were single parents.  The man who was afraid of children has a child that he left his job for to take care of.  

And this is where I become conflicted again. This storyline feels unreal.  Tony was supposed to lead his own team.  At one point, I thought he would lead this one in D.C.  And now he’s leaving to be a dad and to heal and find answers.  It feels unlike Tony, and yet, that’s the point.  While I watched the episode, it feel like the old Tony was going away, disappearing and becoming someone else.  Tony as a father doesn’t feel like the same guy I’ve been watching for 300+ episodes.  He hasn’t become an absent parent out of grief and anger like Senior did all those years ago.  Unlike all the other men on this show, he, in the end, hasn’t run back to work to avoid his emotions or to reestablish some normality.  Everything has changed for him, and he has changed completely in response to this.  It’s shocking to me. 

Where women typically are shown as having to choose between work and family, Tony has been placed in this position, and he chose to be with his family, to go to the places that reminded him of Ziva, her life in Israel, and the best times he spent with her there and in Paris. Maybe that might seem emasculating to some, like he is still under Ziva’s power or her shadow, rather than forging a professional life of his own as the leader he was supposed to be, just as Ziva’s death might have felt misogynistic to others, because she died to give him this new life.  

I acknowledge the problematic aspects of this storyline, Tony and Ziva’s past, and this show in general.  I also realize that there are other things I feel, too, like that for this show to continue, for better or worse, it had to get itself out from under the shadow of Tiva once and for all.  Some things had to be laid to rest.  Whether that will work out or not isn’t my concern or under my control.  I don’t know if I’ll continue to watch the show, not out of hatred for anything that happened storyline-wise, but because I think I got on that elevator with Tony, metaphorically speaking.  I keep thinking more about where that character ends up than what will become of the characters who remain, and that’s not meant to be a slight against the show or the cast.  It’s just how I feel at the moment. 

And with that I might have purged myself of all those thoughts I’ve been playing with these last 15 or so hours.  I’ve gotten over the series finale of Six Feet Under, which was emotionally rough for me because there was so full of death of everything and everyone I loved on that show, and it took me days, weeks, months, maybe years to get over it, so I know I’ll get over this finale.  Once I do, I hope to look back at this story fondly, even if it broke my heart and blew my mind at the same time.  I hope we see a little of Tony and Tali again, possibly years from now, because that was too much for me to handle. 

As for Tony, while I have conflicted feelings about everything apparently, I also love what he became because of it, which makes me more confused.  So I’ll have to reconcile myself with my own feelings in time.  

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Altaïr sent to live with his cousins Ezio, Connor, and Desmond in North America after a traumatic experience at home in Israel.

traumatic like his best friend Malik got shot and killed by Israelites right in front of him because they thought he and Malik were Palestinians? Is that what kind of traumatic experience you’re asking for cause I’ll fucking do that.

Cause yeah I can see that happening and if he had relatives in America I don’t know why his parents wouldn’t realize how fucked it was and need to get out. It’d take a while though cause visas are hard to get a hold of. Also Altair was shot too but he didn’t die, but he’s still healing when his parents send him to America on a ‘trip’ to visit his distant relatives and he can’t speak English and everything is really confusing and intimidating because again can’t speak English, can't read English.

His cousins all kinda live closish together around NYC too and Desmond is the oldest (he’s like in his late twenties, Altair is the youngest yes I’m going backwards for ages fucking fight me Altair is like 16) and actually the closest relative Altair has as a second cousin (Ezio and Connor are like 3-4th cousins) so he’s staying with Desmond. THANKFULLY Desmond knows Arabic (he’s super rusty though) and a little bit of Hebrew, both of which Altair speaks fluently.

So Desmond now has this fucking teenage kid staying with his while his parents are back home getting all the documentation for them sorted with the help of Ezio and Connor’s dad (cause hell yeah Giovanni and Haytham GET SHIT DONE!) and Altair is fucked up hard core mentally. Like nightmare constantly, he doesn’t talk a lot and he’s still in a cast and has stitches on his face cause shrapnel cut open his fucking mouth so its all scarred and shit. But Des is super understanding even though Altair basically has PTSD and flinches all the time and Desmond is just :T about it

also Desmond is married and he’s got to also deal with the fact that he’s got a wife and kid on the way and Lucy has no idea what to do with Altair. He doesn’t like the food she cooks, he doesn’t talk to her, he doesn’t look at her, he just kinda sits by himself and is basically stressing her out cause she has no idea what she did but she’s pretty sure he hates her. And that stresses Desmond out too but he has to figure it out because shit can’t fly. Altair has to go to English classes and school too (his parents were very insistent about that) but Desmond lets him stay home a lot because he’s so freaked out he can’t move some days from PTSD and culture shock and Des just sits with him and they listen to old rock music which Altair actually really likes. Desmond also eventually sends Altair to counseling (against Umar’s wishes cause there is nothing wrong with my son >C) for what the hell happened, and sends him to one that speaks his language so he doesn’t feel super uncomfortable by trying to speak English which he still isn’t very good at.

Ezio and Connor are also around cause Desmond is like 'the cool uncle’ who has a house and a pool and two dogs and a hot wife (don’t tell him Ezio said that he’ll kick that kid’s ass (also Connor and Ezio are like upper high school age)) and a big screen TV with all the game systems ever made and lets them eat whatever they want (Des is also pretty well on he doesn’t tend bar he’s got a gig as a tech lead at some fortune 500 company of something he makes the monies and so does Lucy cause she’s a neurologist) and basically Desmond is cool. And obvs they see Altair a lot too and try and help him learn English, though only Connor is actually good at doing so cause Connor had to learn English as a second language too since his tribe speaks almost exclusively Mohawk and so did he until his mom died (agressive breast cancer they didn’t find in time) and they tracked down his dad since his grandma wasn’t fit to raise him (Clan mother remember?) since his dad was kinda MIA while he was growing up even though he and Ziio still talked and shit (probably fucked too OOOOOOOOOO!).

Anyway Ezio and Connor are like Altair’s only friends and they, along with his classes, help him learn English because neither of them speak Arabic. Des also has to have a long talk with Altair the first month or so he’s there cause like I said he’s stressing Lucy out and she’s like 5 months pregnant and doesn’t know what she did. And he’s gotta explain to Altair what he’s doing even if he doesn’t mean to. And that kinda jars Altair cause he actually really likes Lucy cause she’s always super nice to him, even if he doesn’t like her cooking (he’s not used to American cooking is really what it is, he eats the food but doesn’t… enjoy it you could say. He misses his mom’s cooking) she’s been trying to make more middle eastern foods to make him feel more comfortable and whenever he’s having one of his episodes and Desmond isn’t around she just does what Desmond does and puts on classic rock music and just kinda is around (though unlike Des Lucy can’t sit still and always is around doing stuff) and checks in on him. She’s also learned some Arabic so she can try and talk to him but he doesn’t even talk to her or look at her and Desmond tells him that and he makes a conscious effort after that to make sure Lucy knows he appreciates her and doesn’t hate her.

Lucy has her baby while Altair is staying with them too and Des is like 'you’re the baby sitter’ after Lucy is off her brief maternity leave (cause America sucks and has no paid maternity leave can you believe that bullshit?) and Altair’s just like 'how do I baby?’ but of course they don’t just leave him with it they show him what he’s supposed to do and how to warm up milk and change diapers and do the stuff they can’t do while they’re both at work (its the summer when Lucy has their son so Altair has nothing better to do, he’s still got no friends other than Connor and Ezio and now has this big fucking scar on his face from the stitches that kinda freaks everyone at school out) and Ezio and Connor come over to eat Desmond’s snack foods mainly and hang with Altair and obvs help him with the baby. Three teenagers and a baby: the next bit sitcom coming to abc!

Altair having to take care of his little nephew helps a lot with his recovery too. Like he’s still got PTSD and still gets some nightmares even months after the fact but his therapist has been helping and school helps keep his mind busy. But wow having to care for a tiny human being really puts shit in perspective cause now I have this little baby who needs me to be on so they don’t die or poop themselves or cry no baby don’t cry.

He stays with Desmond about a year, start to finish, before his parents and uncles get the visas all worked out and they can officially immigrate to America. Meaning Altair goes back to live with his parents but stops going to his therapist cause Umar’s still pissed about that but couldn’t do anything about it cause he was like thousands of miles away. But Altair still goes over to Lucy and Desmond's constantly after school and watches the baby cause he likes to and his parents don’t mind if he wants to and he does his school work. 

and yeah Altair recovers slowly from his traumatic experience the way people do through lots of love from people who care about him and being given a sort of purpose in looking after Desmond’s kid.

okay my heart is about to explode with feels I’m done, goodbye.