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As a jew, I find Israel's attempt at the systematic genocide of Palestine sickening, and not that far away from what my grandparents suffered. How can you defend Israel's actions? Do you not so the irony in using the holocaust as a defence?

Also, (Israel/Palestine anon here) I’ve never once been discriminated against (in England or the US) for being Jewish born. I understand that antisemitism exists, and perhaps is even prevalent, but it’s less prevalent than Jewish superiority.

I have never once said that Israel should not be open to criticism or tried to defend Israel’s actions. This blog is about antisemitism and nothing else.

If you are Jewish and have never experienced antisemitism, then good for you. Great. Amazing. It just so happens that this is not the case for many Jews around the world, and yes, even in the US and the UK. I have no way to verify whether you are Jewish or not (though I seriously doubt that you are), and frankly, I don’t care. If you are Jewish, then know that overt discrimination in things like employment opportunity is not the only way antisemitism manifests. When people draw swastikas on fraternity houses and mezuzah scrolls, that is antisemitism. When people force Jews to explain their views on Israel to participate in events while not forcing non-Jews to do the same, that is antisemitism. When the Jews at Holocaust memorials and synagogues are the targets of shootings and bombings, that is antisemitism. When Jewish cemeteries are targeted and graves desecrated, that is antisemitism. When people protest Israel outside of Holocaust museums and synagogues and equate Jews with the modern state of Israel, that is antisemitic. When people at my university walk around with signs that say “fuck the Jews” and call my friend a dirty Jew for wearing a kippah and come to Jewish events specifically to heckle our speakers, that is antisemitism, and yes, I feel threatened.

Jewish superiority? Jews are not oppressing gentiles worldwide. The vast majority of Jews have nothing to do with anything that the government of the modern state of Israel has done or is doing. And yes, Jews are discriminated against and targeted with violent crimes, vandalism, and verbal threats, and yes, this is a worldwide problem, and yes, it is a problem in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Palestinian man burns tires during clashes with Israeli security forces following an Israeli army raid in the West Bank city of Jenin early on September 1, 2015. (Jaafar Ashtiyeh/AFP)

Clashes erupted during the raid in the occupied West Bank, leaving an Israeli border policeman and five Palestinians wounded.