Isoude is rich with history. Designer Katie Brierly works with artisans who remember what it was like when New England was once the center of garment production. Her pattern maker, for example, refers to herself as “The Last of the Mohicans” because of the dwindling number of garment artisans in the area. Another man, who cuts Isoude’s fabrics, came out of retirement so he could show his son the “finer aspects of cutting silk.”

The designs mirror the high quality clothing of the past, too. They’re classic, investment pieces that are pieces of art in their own right.

Photo credits: Isoude

Evelyn Paul: "Sir Tristram kneeled before la beale Isoude"

This is one of a suite of illustrations prepared by Paul for The Romance of Tristram of Lyones and La beale Isoude - a tale that draws on the Celtic French tradition for this tale of tragically mismatched love. It was first published in the 1913 Edition by George G Harrap & Company Limited (London).

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The earliest example of the tale of Tristram of Lyones and Isoude may be found in the 12th Century work of the French poets Thomas of Britain and Béroul. Later version of the tale were largely based on the 13th Century work, Prose Tristram. Elements of both influences are reflect in the work illustrated by Paul, including the portions of the tale establishing Tristram as one of King Arthur’s knights that are questing for the Holy Grail - an element drawn from Prose Tristram.

Evelyn Paul (1883-1963) was an English artist associated with the Golden Age of Illustration. She is, perhaps, best known for her work as an illuminator.

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Paul’s illustrations - often accompanying her illuminations - were influenced by a variety of styles including Gothic Revival, Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts. Among individual artists that may have provided significant influence to her style is the noted the Pre-Raphaelite, Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

Below, we show detail from this wonderful illustration by Paul.

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For more information on Evelyn Paul, to see more of her art and to shop for Posters and Greeting Cards, we invite you to peruse our Evelyn Paul Collection - and to purchase our latest publication, visit our “Coloring the Ages” page. Below, we show one of the illustrations in Volume One of “Coloring the Ages”.

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Isoude designer Katie Brierley brings her signature design aesthetic, which merges quality materials with feminine silhouettes, to her elegant, sustainably-made 2012 wedding collection. The made-to-order gowns are masterfully constructed by hand with rich materials like silk wool, satin face organza, and silk georgette and can be conveniently found online ($2,200 to $8,500).

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