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What Happens When You Imprison an Old Timey Strongman,

Born in 1888 in Lithuania, then part of the Russian Empire, Alexander Zass was an old time strongman circus performer who is now known as the “Father of Modern Isometrics”. Zass taught that the key to superhuman strength was not just weightlifting, but by strengthening the hands, wrists, and arms through isometric exercise. Zass was very strong. VERY STRONG. Just how strong was he? Working as a circus performer as “The Great Samson”, he would bend iron bars around his legs, neck, and teeth, break chains with his chest, tie bars into knots, he would appear on stage carrying two lions, or suspend a piano from his teeth. One time he even carried on his shoulder a piano compete with pianist and a dancer.

When World War I broke out in 1914, Zass was conscripted into the Russian Army in order to fight the Germans and Austro-Hungarians.  In the midst of battle he was captured by the Austrian Army.  While a prisoner of war, he quickly gained a reputation as an escape artist, making three escape attempts.  On his fourth and successful attempt, the guards locked him in a cell, then shackled him to the floor by his arms and legs for good measure.  One day, when the guards checked his cell, they were astounded to discover that he had broken his shackles, bent the iron bars of his cell window, and climbed to his escape.




Orphan Black: The Game, is a turn-based adventure puzzle game based on the hit television series Orphan Black, which chronicles the mystery surrounding a sisterhood (or a sestrahood) of clones who find themselves part of a global conspiracy pushing the boundaries of experimental science technology and ethics in human cloning.

Players guide their favourite clones through a series of challenging puzzles set in the Orphan Black world as they work together to relive elements of the TV show as told through a fever dream.


The producers and creators of the show have always had a strong desire to create a game based on their world wide hit property. In 2014 the stars aligned and Boat Rocker started putting together an in-house team of designers, artists and developers with and eye towards creating a game based on the show. They earned their stripes working on several apps and games for their Other TV shows and in 2016 began production on the Orphan Black Game. Orphan Black : The Game Is a Retelling of pivotal events from the show in the form of fever dream worlds. Players will navigate through the mind of several clone sisters and play through over 100 rooms and puzzles to unlock the mysteries and stories from the hit TV show Orphan Black.

Play as Sarah, Cosima, Alison, Helena, Rachel, Beth, MK, Katja, Tony, Krystal

Evade nightmare versions of enemies that Sarah and her sisters have encountered in the show
Third Person Isometric game style
Play 10 worlds with over 100 rooms with puzzles and traps
Trigger Traps, Sliding floor panels, laser doors to evade or dispatch enemies
Earn hints to guide you through the correct path by effectively clearning levels in as few steps as possible


Survival horror game Yomawari on Vita October 25 ⊟

I forgot about this one, and now I’m intrigued all over again! Yomawari: Night Alone is an isometric, open world survival horror game, coming to Vita and Steam October 25 (Vita October 28 in Europe, Steam same day).

It’s about a creepy town at night, full of… basically yokai. And this:


It’ll be released both digitally and physically… and the physical version comes bundled with a free copy of htoL#NiQ! That’s definitely worth checking out as a free bonus. There’s even an LE with art books for both games.

PREORDER Yomawari/htoL#NiQ bundle