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Iron: Toka is placed in the Dark Ages and fights for the safety of her people and will go to Vallhalla in order to protect her kin and her people.

Gone With The Sin: In this verse, Toka has succumbed to her hatred for the Senju’s enemies, most especially the Uchiha, and has gotten a tad too excited when it came to killing them in warfare. Her history remains the same, it’s just her personality’s a bit darker when it comes to peace.

Travelling Soldier: In this verse, Toka has left Konoha for the sake of wanderlust. She lives in isolaton, but she travels around the world.

Dark Horse: In a world of fantasy, knights and dragons, Toka is a reknowned sorceress/amazon/shapeshifter/rogue/runaway princess.

Woman King: Toka’s leadership remained in place and asshe grew up, Toka became an independent, admired and fair ruler for her people. Toka is the Senju Matriarch instead, and Hashirama and Tobirama are her trusted advisers and bodyguards. This is only limited to the Warring Era, however. In this verse, Toka can be like Hashirama, desiring peace for the world, or can be like her predecessors, waging war and fighting blood feuds.

Killer Queen: In this verse, Toka is the Sandaime Hokage, instead of Hiruzen. Toka has survived against the Kinkaku Force thanks to immediate medical help. Team Tobirama and Team Toka inform Toka that she is Tobirama’s successor at the time of his death, as his final message. As the final Senju Tio member recovers from the hospital, Toka takes on the title of a Kage and vows to protect the village her cousins and comrades tried so valiantly to protect. Eventually, she is Hashirama’s successor and is the only other known Senju to possess the Mokuton, though, she is not as powerful as her late cousin was. Her successor ends up being Hiruzen as he Yondaime, and Toka’s reign ends in the middle of the Second War.

ANBU Toka: Title says it all.

oh also I have more au’s.

-Pirate verse

-Elder verse, where she makes it to an elderly stage.

-Modern verse (I won’t use it too often tho tbh)

-Genderbent verse

-Feral verse where’s she all batshit and scary

-French Revolution as a Third Estate seductress.

-Avian verse (the avian race belongs to fireeaglespirit!)

-Amazon verse