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Empty Houses
  • 1st: "I am Invisible," Introverted. The type that hides from the spotlight or behind others. Doesn't really give off any kind of vibe (which can be both positive and negative).
  • 2nd: "I am Minimal," material items aren't a concern of those with an empty 2nd House. They aren't possessive. Generally hold experiences above gifts. (Really hard to buy gifts for because they'd rather do something than get something).
  • 3rd House: "I am Neutral," these people aren't swayed toward any side of things. Tend to be of average intellect for the sign that lands here. No specific pride or feelings that aid with intellect unless something interacts with Mercury.
  • 4th House: "Without Nurture," the family life didn't play a huge role in this persons personality, whether it be the normalcy of their family unit, lack of parental action, ect. (How that is depends on the sign the house is in).
  • 5th House: "I Enjoy," these people are less passionate about things and rather enjoy life as a whole. They're love life heavily depends on their Venus. These people may find little enjoyment in life, so they're generally thrill seekers and risk takers. They aim to feel... in any way possible.
  • 6th House: "I am Healthy," these people have no specific health difficulties or proficiencies. They generally don't find people as a whole interesting and may show little care for areas that you'd be considered a "People Doctor" for, which includes Psychology and other Doctorly practices.
  • 7th House: "I am Alone," These people are totally independent and will not change for anyone. They may fear loneliness, but they refuse to change to increase their chances. They are capable of Love, but they will not be forced to do anything. Traditional affairs are far and few between in love, and they may be considered unlucky. Marriage is unlikely, or at least unlikely to work out, due to personal choices, or legality issues. This does not, however, mean they will not find a life long romantic/sexual partner.
  • 8th House: "I am Disinterest," Very few people with this placement end up in Astrology or anything occult, with general skepticism and disbelief. (This goes double if the 12th is empty as well). These people are somewhat unaware of the possibility of death, and when it's brought to their attention they may get somewhat upset. These people do not have a central point of common change, and may undergo almost complete personality changes at times.
  • 9th House: "I am Surface," These people are exactly how they appear. They hide nothing. Some people would say they have disinterest in things like politics, philosophy, and spiritual journeys, however I would say that they are simply unwilling to present or discuss information without being told to. The Aunt that tells everyone to stop talking about politics at dinner? Empty 9th House.
  • 10th House: "I am Above," These people find social classes and the divide between types of people irrelevant, and care not of the social repercussions of their actions. They don't care about honor. Possible anarchists.
  • 11th House: "I am Individual," These people have secular social groups, and their goals, ambitions, and interests tend to benefit themselves, or are random acts of kindness with little dictation. These people tend to steer clear of large groups, but not avidly avoid.
  • 12th House: "I am Forward," These people have little imaginative dictation. What happens in their mind stays in their mind. Skeptics. Average memory. Fact based. Little to No enemies. Keeper of Secrets. Truth Speakers. May also steer clear of large social groups. May have a tendency to isolate themselves.
  • *Please keep in mind there is little information on these, and it really does differ from sign to sign in each house. This is a general statement, and if seen as incorrect feel free to message and discuss this with me, as I am to become a better astrologist and if I'm spreading some sort of misinformation, I strive to fix my mistakes. Thank you.

This website’s mentality that teens/young adults making displaying some problematic behavior is as unforgivable and damning as the words and actions of middle aged bigots and deserve death and doxxing is frankly terrifying, especially since so many suggestible teenagers and adults are being dragged into this black and white morality puritanical brand of views and will often continue to grow up with this exposure whilst being manipulated and emotionally abused by those who are “protecting them” is frankly terrifying.

Ashi saved Jack’s life in more ways than one

I just noticed something about Jack and Ashi’s relationship. After rewatching the episodes I realized how fucked up Jack was in episode 1-3. 

Jack is miserable. I don’t remember him smiling hardly at all. I think the only time he was a little happy was when he was with that wolf. Every other time he is just full of regret and is considering suicide.

It really isn’t until episode 4 when he and Ashi are trapped in the beast when Jack shows any signs of playfulness or smiles.

 He is teasing her almost that entire episode. It is kind of like he’s flirting with her a little bit, saying things just to get on her nerves. Before that episode Jack was just depressed. Who he is in episode 1-3 is almost a total contrast to how he acts in episode 4 and it’s because of Ashi.

It’s obvious that he likes the companionship. He likes having someone to talk to and can reply back even if it’s negative. He’s lonely. 

In episode 5 Jack leaves Ashi. He did his part in saving her and goes about his way. During the camp fire scene when he is alone he sees visions again of his anscerors in agony. He is back to feeling that guilt and feeling isolated. He says “please stop.” The next shot is of Ashi. She asks him to prove to her that Aku is evil. I think that was great foreshadowing. How does Jack get over this guilt and reach happiness? Ashi. They answered it right there. 

After Jack shows Ashi how Aku corrupted the world Ashi not only sees the light but she wants to do something about it. She asks him “What do we do?”

He says “nothing.” He has lost hope. After episode 6 when Ashi literally stops Jack from committing suicide he is hopeful again in defeating Aku. He has the strength to go look for his sword. It was because of Ashi. 

It’s nice to look back on the early episodes and see how much the characters have grown. It’s kind of easy to see the change in Ashi after meeting Jack. Her whole tone of voice changed after episode 5. It’s also nice to see how Jack has changed because of Ashi. Even before she became a heroic figure she was already giving Jack some joy. 

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After the opening scene of the clip where we learn about Sana’s past bullying experience this is a scene that hurt the most during the clip.

You realize how alone Sana must feel, how powerless over her life that she even decides to isolate herself from Isak, with who she shares one of the most close and incredible bonds than with anyone else on the show. She is so hurt that she needs to feel like she has some control over the situation, and that she has to put all these walls around her to make sure she will never hurt anyone and she will never get hurt again. When we see her distancing herself from the girl squad we think they hurt her (some even without realising they did so) and thus, she is isolating herself from them to not get hurt again. But with Isak it’s different. She feels guilty about Isak getting hurt, that was apparent in the clip right before the hiatus, she believes she is to blame for the balloon squad fight and so believes she hurt Isak. So she pushes him away too, because even though he didn’t hurt her, she feels like she hurt him and that brings a lot more pain to her than the other way round.

And then we have the sentence “Du er alene” which can be viewed from more than one perspective.

-She feels alone and so projects those feelings on Isak and tells him that he is alone too, much like Even would say “everybody is alone anyways”.

-It’s also a cut-out sign of her distancing herself from him, she basically tells him that she won’t help him with the biology course, which translates to her attempting to remove herself from their bond.

-Last but not least, it is a low blow for Isak who told Even last season “Du er ikke alene” only to now be told by Sana the excact opposite. His mind definetely made that connection the minute he heard that, and i’m interested to see how he interprets it.

Let’s hope Isak will see through Sana, approach her and help her with what she’s going through just like Sana did for Isak last season. She deserves it that’s for sure.

Left Behind (Part 1)

Inspired by @atomiktaco and @angstphilosophy ^-^ thank you very much! Even though that probably shouldn’t have inspired this :)) 

This is Anti and Dark fanfic, nothing gory, but there is some isolation and possible abuse so be warned.

I hope you enjoy ^-^

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  • Someone: you should let your guard down sometime! We're your friends! You can trust us! We're always going to be there for you!
  • What I Want to Say: Okay, but if there's anything I've learned in my too many years on this planet it's that people only value your friendship so long as it is convenient and does not require any actual work. The moment you actually ask someone for help or to listen to an issue you're having is the moment you find out just how shallow your bonds are.
  • The fastest way to lose my trust is to use hyperbolic descriptors to describe our friendship. When you say that we're *best friends* and that you'll *always* be there and that there's *nothing* that could ever scare you away, I know that you've not thoroughly thought through what this entails and that you'll be the first to bolt when I inevitably become trying.
  • Don't promise your friendship lightly to people who have learned time and again the cheapness of words. When you hear someone's history of abandonment and isolation, choose the descriptors of your relationship precisely because if you fail to live up to them then you will watch me quietly withdraw into nothingness.
  • What I actually say: Thank you, I really appreciate hearing that!

Don’t come.


Dominant functions get plenty of praise, as the most this or that. But when they shine best, in my opinion, is when they’re not excessive and are well-rounded. They’ve been called the ‘Hero’ functions as they can very much resemble super powers. Yet again, in my opinion, they’re the most epic when they lead fearlessly and honorably, taking more with them than just their own cravings and impulses.

So here’s what I appreciate about all the dominant functions when they are acting in healthy integration and moderation.

Dominant Se in ESPs
Life is right here, right now, and you don’t let it pass you by and get away. You’re bold and brave and waste little to no time in getting down to matters. You readily adapt to circumstances or even use them to your advantage. Or you demolish what stands in the way. You can also be fiercely protective of those who are weaker than you in this sense and help create a path for them. And for someone who’s so in touch with what’s going on, it’s admirable that you still do your own thing. You may be trendy, or be setting the trend.

Dominant Si in ISJs
What’s the name of that? What was the date? You’re a walking encyclopedia when it comes to your interests and what you care about. And when the past seems unreal and one has to wonder whether things happened or not, you can tell the facts and keep us from losing our minds. You’re a stabilizer on many levels and often the much-needed anchor. Duty and commitment don’t frighten you as much as it does others and that keeps us afloat.

Dominant Ne in ENPs
Ever expanding and elaborating on concepts, possibilities take shape and inform us of what could be. You are breadth instead of depth, and that can keep us alive when we’re running out of air. You are enterprising and defiant toward limiting beliefs that keep from growing and can break out of your own, setting the example for others. And while some of us aren’t fans of arguing (or even conversing) every day, when you’re serious (or at least considerate) enough, you can be an exceptionally brilliant orator.

Dominant Ni in INJs
You are the calm amidst the storm. Little can phase you when you’re familiar with the archetypes contained within given circumstances. As you see it, some things may change and some will remain the same. And you give time, time. You are depth instead of breadth, and that can take us to the root of the issues that torment us and liberate us from them. You easily look further, which, when done wisely, can be both relieving and inspiring.

Dominant Te in ETJs
Got something to build? “The world will knock you down plenty, you don’t need to be doing it yourself.” You’re confident and motivational as few projects can intimidate you. There are always ways to deal with tasks, even when they are many and are challenging, and you are well aware of this. You rarely back down when you must get through it, even when things are hard. And why sabotage yourself or let others sabotage you? Seriously, why? If you’re working toward improvement, there’s no good reason - so you keep going.

Dominant Ti in ITPs
Got something to dismantle? You’re the person to pick things apart and be critical with. That which is highly respected and accepted despite having major flaws and holes stands no chance against you if you know how to prioritize and make your dissection ultimately beneficial. When you’re not cynical or rebelling destructively for no good reason, you can thoroughly examine what is and isn’t working and find solutions that truly address problems at their core.

Dominant Fe in EFJs
No smothering people, but being there for them and offering help even when they try to act like they don’t need it. Sometimes it takes someone like you to remind some of us that we’re not always meant to be isolated or divided (just please don’t ask me to hug my enemies) and could help each other, or at least spend some worthwhile moments together. I don’t know how you can keep extending yourself for others (well, I do, but whoa), but some of us really needed someone who’d go the extra mile for us.

Dominant Fi in IFPs
You’re a treasure trove few get to see, holding dear all that is of meaningful significance to you. Still, you constantly evaluate and reevaluate, digging deeper and polishing what is within you for a purer sense of self and of what’s important to uphold. You’re no stranger to a wide range of emotions (although they don’t frequently come to the surface) and can comprehend others on very personal levels, if not only let them be.

I’ve seen some comments about PWR BTTM “not being part of the queer community” due to their actions but like..
they are part of the queer community. abuse happens within the queer community. queer people can be abusers. it’s very important that as a community we are especially vigilant when it comes to abuse from within. sadly, this is not an isolated case. please don’t dismiss this as an outside problem. although we try to create safe and inclusive spaces, bad things can still happen within those spaces.

Many of us with Dissociative Identity Disorder were told we had to keeps lots of secrets as children.
Horrible secrets…some so horrible we have to keep the from parts of ourself.
When we grow up we shouldn’t have to continue to keep secrets out of fear.
Unfortunately due to the stigma surrounding DID we often feel we must keep secrets.
We can’t tell anyone we have DID because we don’t want to be forced into isolation or feared.
For many trauma survivors being able to be open without fear is a vital part of recovery.
The feeling that the world is against us feels much more real when we experience the ableism and stigma that pop culture and society has engraved in the mind of impressionable people.
The feeling that the world is against us drives us to isolate ourselves rather than seek help and that can lead to self destructive behavior, maybe even a suicide attempt.
After all there is a 70% suicide attempt rate in those with DID.
Please don’t isolate us. Please don’t make us keep secrets anymore.
We are survivors, and yes we are multiple but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to be able to have a support system outside of our internal system.
We don’t want to be afraid to tell the truth.


“For the druids’ legends are true. Merlin is Emrys. A man destined for greatness. A man who will one day unite the powers of the old world and the new, and bring the time that the poets speak of. The time of Albion.”

“I have been waiting all these years for the arrival of a new time. The time of the Once and Future King.”


The princess and the bad boy part 3

Hey everyone, Mr.E here and still alive! yay! sorry about the long wait but I decided to take the last month off from writing. I realized that despite the fact there were periods of time i couldn’t write for whatever reason, in the nearly 2 years (this june) I’ve been writing, I hadn’t actually taken an actual break. like a real break where i wasn’t concerned about what i was going to write. 

So i took one and I come back to you at the turn of the tide, refreshed and ready to go and what better way to start than a super late prompt for @starcoweek3 haha I’m so sorry i didn’t mean to be gone so long and i know this is so late but i hope you enjoy it

a special thanks to the person who left me a review on ff about this very idea. I really wish I could remember who it was but i can’t seem to find the review. I will update this with the info asap but for now onward with the story.

So in this third part of the au, Star’s parents are thinking of sending the princess back to Saint Olga’s and Marco isn’t having any of that but the real question is how far is our bad boy willing to go to keep star in his life?

Have an amazing week, stay awesome everyone! I’ll be back with my au of choice legend of zelda, maybe ladybug and a covy phantom thief au i’ve been obsessed with because damnit persona 5 came out. stay awesome everyone!

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Can Winn and Lena become friend please and have a scene where Lena is really upset and scared about becoming like Lillian and then Winn could share his fears about becoming like his father. It would be so powerful and relatable. Not to mention having someone else besides Kara comfort Lena would be amazing. Season 3 please don’t isolate Lena Luthor, she needs friends. Especially those that can relate to her feelings of fear and anger. Having someone besides Kara validate her is everything and I’m going to be so angry if they deprive us of that.