isolation please

S/o to all the girls who constantly deal with their family and friends who don’t understand or don’t try to understand your disability and/or neurodivergence. It can be so painful, frustrating, and completely isolating. Please know they are in the wrong and you aren’t. You deserve support and understanding no matter what

Many of us with Dissociative Identity Disorder were told we had to keeps lots of secrets as children.
Horrible secrets…some so horrible we have to keep the from parts of ourself.
When we grow up we shouldn’t have to continue to keep secrets out of fear.
Unfortunately due to the stigma surrounding DID we often feel we must keep secrets.
We can’t tell anyone we have DID because we don’t want to be forced into isolation or feared.
For many trauma survivors being able to be open without fear is a vital part of recovery.
The feeling that the world is against us feels much more real when we experience the ableism and stigma that pop culture and society has engraved in the mind of impressionable people.
The feeling that the world is against us drives us to isolate ourselves rather than seek help and that can lead to self destructive behavior, maybe even a suicide attempt.
After all there is a 70% suicide attempt rate in those with DID.
Please don’t isolate us. Please don’t make us keep secrets anymore.
We are survivors, and yes we are multiple but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to be able to have a support system outside of our internal system.
We don’t want to be afraid to tell the truth.

I keep seeing people say Lapis is like a moody teenager? And I just want to clear this up. Lapis is not moody, Lapis is a person who has suffered. She has been used, abused, controlled, and isolated for years. So please, do not degrade her suffering into “moodiness”, she has become apathetic due to her trauma, and it is important we remember that.

have you ever just not felt like yourself for honestly months or years? like genuinely years, like this absent hollow feeling, this crippling dissociative depression? the most isolating self-created hell. please just let me feel okay again, it’s like i remembered who i was again for a few minutes tonight and then it slipped away, it was so nice though to feel it, please let these meds really be helping like i want to believe that they are, i want my life back.

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Quasimodo moved around the bell tower with nerves fluttering painfully in his stomach, something he was accustomed to on days with special events.  The night before, he had spent extra time cleaning parts of the Sanctuary to help the Archdeacon prepare for the events of the current day.  The bell ringer had to admit, he had never done a better job.

His feet carried him in absentminded paces across worn wooden floors, ears alert to all the noises coming from the streets below.  Everything sounded as though it was what made his heart pound…  Quasimodo tried to slow his breaths, there was no reason to be worked up, right?

Then again, it wasn’t every day that the queen of a foreign land would be visiting the breath taking structure of Notre Dame.

Although he was certain that she would never find her way into his meager quarters, he had cleaned each inch of the tower, not so much as a stone left out of place.  The Archdeacon had asked him to ring a special toll for when the queen arrived, and he had run through all the music he knew in his head before knowing exactly which bells to ring…

And suddenly, he heard a commotion in the streets.  Quasimodo peeked his emerald eyes over the parapets, spotting the group of gathered people.  Taking his cue, he retreated back into the tower, swinging up into the rafters and grabbing the worn rope of the first bell.  He pulled, the sound washing out over the square below.

What makes a successful fic?

I’ve seen several people talking about this this week and have been in chat conversations with a few people about this, so I thought I would post this publicly.

I don’t keep track of how well my fics do number-wise, but somewhere around 20-40 is a really good number in my view, especially if it hasn’t been on @timepetalsprompts​ or @thedalektables​ or @dwficrec​ or promo-ed in some way to a wide variety of people. I don’t focus on numbers though to measure success. Numbers just make me crazy with comparison and make it not fun. As long as I’m hearing something positive back, I know it isn’t a flop or offending people. Quality over quantity, is what I am trying to say, in a way. (So, readers, go comment on your favorite author’s fic. hehe) ;) :P 

Success looks different for everyone depending on how many followers you have, how interactive you are with them, how long you’ve been posting, how long you’ve been writing, how often you interact with everyone else’s fic, how often you participate in events and games and things… a huge variety of factors that only come with time. Don’t beat yourself up! Give it a few years. 

And know there are a ton of silent lurkers out there loving your fic, but not commenting or liking because they are too shy/afraid to create an account. I know what that’s like. I did it for literally 10 years.

Also, reblogs are probably not an accurate measurement of a fic’s success because users don’t always think that way. I try to keep my blog pretty focused on my own fics and very few fics in my genre/specific brand of fluff. I may love your fic, but it isn’t what I post on my personal blog. If you want variety beyond my flavor, see a general fic blog like those mentioned above. 

As a social media pro, a few tips: Know that if you aren’t getting the numbers you want, it’s probably not that your fic is bad, but that you need to promo it in different ways. Hitting up the awesome people at the above mentioned blogs (seriously, they are super nice. Send them an ask!), posting at different times for all the time zones (#internationalfandomproblems), posting quotes from your fic, mix up your tagging habits, writing summaries differently, cross-posting on All the Sites, taking prompts and @ mentioning the prompter, do a fic game… anyone else have tips to add?