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“Well, looks like loads of people are finding their way here so I should just start getting used to being social.” Fiore crossed her arms over her chest, letting out a sigh. “Is there a sign that is pointing people here, by any chance? Cause if there is, I’m a bit eager to rip it down.”


Carlisle was going to make an errand and to drop off some paper work at work when he noticed a familiar scent. A warm smile played upon his lips. He slowly moved toward the origin of the scent.

“Alistair, my friend,” Carlisle greeted him. “Have you come to visit?”

Alistair & Kate - Awesome Title Goes Here

Kate went up to the attic and knocked on the door. She knew Alistair was in there as he always was. But she’d found out that his birthday was soon and Kate thought a party was a great idea. The whole family had been under a lot of stress lately for different reasons and a birthday party could be a way for all of them to forget about the bad things for a while. “Alistair come on open the door. I’m bored and no one else is home!”

Alice and Alistair.

It had been several hours since most of the vampires disappeared from the area, eager to be relieved from the temperamental climate of Forks and away from the snowy scene of the dreaded confrontation. The Volturi had long since departed the snowy clearing, but the rest of the vampires who were not native to the area were anxious to leave as quickly as possible, as if to rid themselves of their participation in the almost-crime. Although all lives but one were spared during the event, most seemed to be reluctant to anger the Volturi further and after a hasty goodbye to the remaining Cullens, they journeyed back to their original home-grounds. As Alice climbed up the blond, glazed wooden stairs leading to her bedroom, she almost collided with a shadowy figure descending the steps at the same time she was trying to ascend them. She was confronted with a face full of chest sheathed in a dark brown thermal long sleeve that was eye-level to her petite stature. Her golden eyes traveled upwards to meet Alistair’s quizzical gaze as he stared down at her from his great height. As Alice moved courteously to her left, Alistair mirrored her actions, and they were thus in the other’s way again.

Releasing an amused chuckle from her lips, Alice merely stayed where she was, glancing at the enigmatic vampire with interest. “I’m surprised you hadn’t already left at first notice, Alistair,” she said, her melodic tone friendly. In truth, Alistair was always a puzzle to her, never quite comprehending the tight-lipped antisocial vampire who preferred the company of his bare surroundings, uninterrupted by the bothersome presence of other people. True to his character, Alistair had merely sat out the Volturi’s visit in the snowy clearing, looking out for his own safety as usual. From what she could tell, she’d heard he already left before, when he’d witnessed Bella packing a backpack geared towards Renesmee’s survival, but it appeared he hadn’t totally left if he was still lingering in the Cullen household. She peered at him curiously, her head cocked to the side, as she waited for his answer.


Nessie was jumping around from tree to tree when she saw a fimilar figure walking below her. “Ali” She screamed while jumping down from the tree. With a huge grin she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek. “I missed you! Thank goodness you came back to visit me, I missed you so so much!”

Alistair and Carmen

Carmen had convinced Alistair to go hunting with her. She barely ever saw him and even then, they didn’t really talk. She wanted to get to know him better. And if they were hunting, it would almost be like they would have to force each other to do it. Carmen looked beside Alistair, hunting on the ground this time so that she wouldn’t weird him out.


Edward had been reading on the sofa when a unfamiliar smell wafted into the house from outside through the open window in his room. He tensed, a growl rumbling in his chest. He decided to see who the visitor was, jumping gracefully out of his window and landing softly on the ground. He followed the scent and came face to face with another vampire. 

“Is there something I can assist you with?” Edward said trying to keep his tone polite. He did not know this vampire, but he could tell by his thoughts he meant no harm. “Carlisle is away, I’m sorry, but you just missed him.”