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“Well, looks like loads of people are finding their way here so I should just start getting used to being social.” Fiore crossed her arms over her chest, letting out a sigh. “Is there a sign that is pointing people here, by any chance? Cause if there is, I’m a bit eager to rip it down.”

Alistair and Carmen

Carmen had convinced Alistair to go hunting with her. She barely ever saw him and even then, they didn’t really talk. She wanted to get to know him better. And if they were hunting, it would almost be like they would have to force each other to do it. Carmen looked beside Alistair, hunting on the ground this time so that she wouldn’t weird him out.

Sam crossed the forest in a matter fo minutes, it was something inside him that was telling him that something was wrong in it, and he phased without thinking it twice, and followed the scent until it took him to a blond man standing on the edge of the cliff. He aproached him slowly, saving distances, while the man was at the edge, Sam stood at the other side of the cliff

Stopping The Hunter

It was Rob and Mitchell who were doing the rounds around the city when they had smelled the new vampire. Mitchell ran back to the house to tell Renesmee and both her and Jesse came back with Mitchell to investigate. Renesmee recognized the scent. Even though she knew the man for only a couple of days, she couldn’t forget that scent. Renesmee walked to the roads where the scent was and she came upon the vampire, the other four in behind her.

In The Snow

Carmen had noticed that Alistair went outside a while ago. He was out there alone. Carmen hadn’t had a chance to have much of a relationship with him. Everyone else in the house seemed to have one, even if they were sometimes rocky. She wanted to have that connection level somehow, and she was sure that Tanya would like that too. So, Carmen put on her red jacket before heading out to sit beside him. She asked him, “so what are you doing out here?”

Lillian had hardly even seen Alistair since Carlisle returned from London with him. It wasn’t like she had particularly wanted to, she didn’t know the man. But Alistair’s ability to hide in plain sight impressed Lillian. She understood his need for solitude, she preferred to be alone most of the time herself. Life as a nomad does that to a person, she figured.

“You’re one of Carlisle’s friends, right?”

She asked. Not sure why she felt the need to ask.

One of Us [Isolated-Nomad]

It had been a long time - months, actually - since Christov had last run into Alistair. Their relationship wasn’t the best and with nothing but a passing “hello” to keep their acquaintanceship alive, it seemed as thought nothing would help the two vampire becomes friends. One was a civilized coven leader from Germany while the other was nothing more than a tired nomad. Chris hadn’t expected to meet anyone in the forest during his hurt, but a soft footstep a ways off caught his attention. The German inched closer to the noise in order to get a better look, not making a single noise as he went.