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historical parallels and context in Fallout
  • fo1: most societies have aesthetics and philosophy comparable to archaic, flawed, long-dead cultures, demonstrating how humanity has regressed in the wake of nuclear disaster.
  • fo2: in some areas, humanity regresses further in the form of isolated tribes that have lost much of their understanding of technology and history. elsewhere, the NCR is developing into a formidable country, modelled after the failed US government, highlighting how, in this reality, America is just another archaic, flawed, long-dead culture. this theme is approached from a different angle by Vault City, an idealized retro-scifi settlement that's too corrupt, beurocratic, and xenophobic to live up to the ideal of the safe utopia it presents itself as (much like America, especially in the mid-20th century)
  • fo3: uuuhhhhhhhh. there's an anti-slavery dude who's really into abraham lincoln. i guess. vampires?
  • fnv: introduced the legion (an attempt by a pseudo-intellectual to create a hyper-warlike New Roman Empire). established a widespread Old West culture across Nevada. elaborates on the NCR's corruption and cultural stagnation, further demonstrating the problems inherent to "rebuilding America". expanded a fair bit on the theme of "50's america as an ancient, dead civilization", especially in Old World Blues. also, there are a handful of cool, really specific subtle parallels. for example, if arcade is sold to the legion, he disembowels himself in homage to cato (who he admires and is comparable to), a roman statesman who killed himself rather than live under a corrupt caesar. sallow mourned arcade just as julius mourned cato, though whether sallow understood arcade's gesture is left ambiguous
  • fo4: The Railroad is a clumsy underground railroad parallel. a militia made some Minutemen uniforms and started calling themselves The Minutemen. some guy found John Hancock's clothes and started calling himself John Hancock.
  • Courier: I got shot in the head, basically came back from the dead, interacted with the most dangerous, isolated tribe in the Mojave, and singlehandedly won the Second Battle of Hoover Dam.
  • Sole Survivor: I was cryogenically frozen for two hundred years, came back hunting down the man who kidnapped my son with a vengeance, and forever changed the fate of the world, while building up lasting settlements along the way.
  • Lone Wanderer: Fuck, man. I'm just tryna find my dad.

After receiving a blessing from an alien race, Lance begins having strange dreams. Dreams where he is a water deity that watches over a tribe of isolated islanders that worship him. The dreams keep persisting, and Lance starts to feel like that maybe these are memories, not dreams.

They’re too real, too tangible, and everytime he wakes up it becomes even more difficult to separate himself from his dream self. It’s gets even weirder when he begins to see another deity in his dreams that looks like Keith, who apparently is his sexual partner.

But the thing is, his dreams always end with him being killed by Keith, surrounded by flames and screams. Sadness tinging his amusement as he looks up at Keith’s enraged face with a weary smile.

So in short this is a past lives AU story. It’s funny cause Lance deity is a calm and soothing, far more mature and solemn than his current self. So when he starts exhibiting these traits to the rest of team Voltron they freak out, except for Keith who looks at him like he’s trying to remember something important.

30 Day Manga Challenge – Day 13: Manga Character You are Most Similar Too

This one has also been a hard one for me because there are so many characters to choose from but this recent chapter of Akatsuki no Yona, an extra chapter for that matter, really made me examine the similarities between me and Yona. Being a women has not been easy. Being an only child has not been easy for her. Yona like many of my favorite characters (Lucy, InuYasha, Gaara, Naruto, Ikuto etc.) was just lonely. It may have seemed like she was a girl that possessed the whole world. Being a princess it’s easy to assume that she was very selfish but doesn’t everyone have those moments? It would make sense on why she would behaved selfishly sometimes, as she wanted attention, anyway she could get it.

I am women of just mere 20, still naïve to the world yet have a deep wisdom all my own, just like one such naïve, ignorant princess of the land of Kouka who like me, has no siblings……(I just realized most of my favorite are all only children…..huh). Her friends became her safe place but friends have their own lives and sometimes they can’t always be with you when you want them too.

This recent chapter of Akatsuki no Yona made me really think about Yona’s life for 16 years inside the castle and I hadn’t put much thought into it but with the extra chapter that came out with King Il being busy praying in the monastery on New Years, and with him being so busy when Yona was sick that no one really came to visit her (King Il eventually did but much later on)

Yona’s mom being dead makes me think that Yona for most of her younger years most likely spent it with her mother because her father was busy but when she died, the only person she connected with was no longer around. This makes her mother’s death so much more significant, as well as her feelings for Su-won because he gave her what she needed the most, a friend. That meant the world to her and eventually she fell in love with him but than that very person who gave her that warmth when her mother died, took away the only family she had left, her father. That alone must have destroyed her.

Think about it. Not only was she physically isolated but also emotionally and mentally. The only reason she never thought about the outside world is that, she was forbidden, and not wanting to cause her father pain she stayed indoors. That’s why her relationships with Hak and Su-won were so important to her. They gave her the outside world in her caged castle walls. Even if she would never get to live the life of an ordinary girl, she can experience it through them.

I also think Mundock brought Hak all the time because he could tell that the princess was lonely, not just because he wanted him to be the next general. He wanted her to have at least a friend. If Su-won and Hak weren’t around, Yona really would have been alone. If they had not been around she would have been alone and it’s more than likely that Yona was alone most of the time, haven’t you noticed the only time we ever see Yona is when she is with Su-won and Hak? The assumption is that they have always been with her but Mundock comes when there are general stuff he needs to do which wouldn’t be all the time. Su-won doesn’t appear to live in the castle so he probably just comes to visit Yona. That doesn’t mean all the time.

In the time Yona has known Hak she has never even met any of wind tribe members until Hak took her. Yona most likely spent her life in solitude. It didn’t help that the castle staff spread mean rumours about her. If it weren’t for King Il’s assistant Min-suk, Yona probably wouldn’t have any company at all. This girl was probably really lonely.

This also explains why Yona’s relationship with Hak is different from both her relationship with Su-won and the Dragon warriors. Su-won is her cousin, he was family but Hak was the first friend she made (you may think it was because of an obligation that he hanged with her but I don’t think so, considering it appears as if he loved the princess from a young age and he admired Su-won). This means not only is Hak her first friend but he is the only person who knows Yona. The people in the castle didn’t know Yona. Su-won knew most of Yona but not the Yona that was madly in love with him who Hak did know. Hak knew the spoiled girl and the kind hearted one. He knew Yona in all her dimensions, as much as the castle would allow her. Then he stays with her, abandons his home and his title. She thinks of it as duty and their bond of friendship, but for him it goes even beyond Loyalty. Su-won was his best friend and she was the girl he loved. He wasn’t going to abandon her especially when doing that could get her killed. He would rather die a thousand deaths then let that happen. Hak is the only one to know the Yona of the past and present. He knows the Princess and the Pauper who not even her own kingdom knows or for that matter cares about.

Her father put her in a cage for his own sake, this resulted in no relationship outside of the ones in the castle for Yona. She was trapped which is a good thing in one way because no one knows she is the princess so she can generally walk around pretty freely except no one cares about King Ils death except her and Hak. That’s why she tells Hak to remember who she was in the castle because no one else will and that would be like her father died a second time. That is some serious isolation there. That’s why her bonds with the dragons and Yoon are so beautiful because these are people who are bound by blood to her but chose to go with her not out of duty but because she is Yona, not just the reincarnation of King Hiryuu. Zeno doesn’t treat her like she is Hiryuu because she isn’t, that’s why he followed her, to see what kind of person he would be protecting.

Yona is a weak, vulnerable girl who learned to fight to protect the people she loves. To Yona her country matters to her but I think even more so, the family that has been created, she wants to hold on to. It’s literally a family of orphanes.

The only people who know she even exists are few. When one’s life feels invisible, the few people that make that life matter, become a person’s whole world. That’s what Hak, Suwon and the dragons did for her. What’s even harder is thinking that the small piece of happiness in her life was a lie. Refering to Su-won in this case. That’s soul crushing. This is most likely why she wants to keep thinking not everything was a lie.

Yona was able to make connections with women like, Gigan who became like a parent to her and Lilly who became her first female friend. Making these connections means a lot to her. That’s why that moment when Lilly hid Yona and was going to distract the enemy soldiers matter a lot. Her crying in Jae-ha’s arms saying she wasn’t able to protect Lilly, her friend, matters. It’s like history repeating itself. You can say what you want about the Sei arc but it shows Yona feeling weak and powerless and at the same time, at what could have been had things ended differently for all of them. A future that will never come to pass.

This explains why I love Yona so much, why I love Hak, and how I both want to hurt and hug Su-won. Yona is me. She is a scared, lonely girl who feels isolated and alone but has a warm heart. She is easy to tease and weak but she is kind and understanding of others pain. She values her friendships because having parents who are to busy and you can’t connect to, is hard. Not having anyone at home to rely on, you develop relationships with anyone you know. Hak is like the people in my life who have stayed with me, through all of the mess in my life. A relationship that has changed shape but at it’s core has stayed the same. Su-won is like the people who have hurt me, family or otherwise. He represents the anger and sadness and pain in my life just like in Yona’s.

A planet rotates once every 1,000 years so that each side is either tundra or desert; the poles are also frozen wastes, but there is a small area of ever moving habitable land. Two nomadic tribes isolated on each side of the planet begin to find the 500 year old relics of the other.

CHILDREN OF THE WORLD / THAILAND - As I travel around the world on various assignments, I never tire of taking photos of children. Not only are they so picturesque as only children can be, but they also represent a hope in them that can’t be found in any other type of images. In their joys and in their despair, in their riches and in their poverty, my heart goes out to them. I want to lift them up to the word and shout, “Look, this is the future! The future is in their hands!” I sometimes wonder, though, what kind of future will they have … This young boy is of the Lisu tribe, one of Thailand’s hill tribes along the Thailand Burma border. The Lisu people are a Tibeto-Burman ethnic group who inhabit mountainous regions of Burma (Myanmar), southwest China, Thailand, and India. In Thailand, their villages are isolated, but some are on the routes of the huge tourist industry of this country. Lisu families make their money from the tourist trade. Those i saw seemed pretty poor. I wonder if the isolation and poverty combined, as well as being an ethnic minority, all contribute to a not so bright future for this young man?


In the same way that we’re all programmed to know that babies are cute and spiders are terrible, our brains are also programmed to recognize “sad” and “happy” when it comes to music. The two main chord and scale types are referred to as major and minor. Major chords tend to sound positive and upbeat, while minor chords are spooky and sad. This video shows a pianist playing Beethoven’s “Fur Elise,” once in A minor (as intended), once in A major. Even though there are only three different notes between the keys, the effect is remarkable. Take a listen.

And here’s where it gets weird. Researchers visited a culturally isolated native tribe in Cameroon to see if they had the same perceptions of “happy” and “scary” music as we do. Even though their music was nothing like ours and their civilization had not yet progressed to the Nickelback phase, they identified the emotional core of songs the same way we would. When exposed to piano selections in the major keys, they were more likely to point to pictures of smiling faces; when presented with songs in the minor keys, they were more likely to point to sad or fearful faces.

The really strange thing is that just the act of manipulating yourself into the state that matches the music actually makes you happier, even if the music itself is sad or angry. For example, listening to heavy metal produces the same brain reaction as aggression does, yet subjects are calmer and happier afterward. So how does this relate to you? Well, it’s not just that you want sad music when you’re feeling sad, and vice versa – it’s something that your brain seeks out.

5 Ways Your Taste in Music is Scientifically Programmed

I think there’s a reason everyone agrees that out of all the Fallout protagonists, The Courier is the one constantly making bad decisions and being really goofy. All the other Fallout protagonists are people who left a sheltered upbringing in their vault or isolated tribe to embark on what they knew would be a pretty big quest, so 1. it’s hitting every item on the Hero’s Journey checklist and 2. the player doing weird stuff makes more sense story-wise because the player character is someone who is new to the outside world, they’re like Napoleon in a shopping mall. The Courier, however, has lived on the outside for their whole life and just wants to find the asshole that shot them, so it’s a lot funnier when they go around throwing plates and rummaging around in people’s cabinets like a gremlin.