Vampire Diaries Shipper Polls

I know where my followers fall on Arrow. If you don’t ship Olicity then I’m really curious what interests you about my blog. lol Anywho, I’m a little less certain about my TVD followers. I know there are those of you who are still watching TVD! It’s not just me! So, I’m putting a couple polls out there because it’s the last season of The Vampire Diaries and I’m really curious about everyone’s opinions. We’ve been talking endgame for 8 YEARS.

1. Who is your most beloved couple on TVD? The one you exhault above all the rest. (I think I got all major canon ships, but don’t shoot me if I didn’t).

2. What is your desired TVD endgame? (You’d think these two questions are the same, but they are not. *** Endgame can be only VIABLE options. If the character is dead - ain’t gonna happen.)

3. What’s your If/Then endgame plan? If your beloved ship sinks… then what’s your life preserver? Is there another couple on TVD that would be an acceptable option for you? For example, if Stefan doesn’t end up with Elena are you jumping on board the SS Steroline? I’m limiting this to the major ships because it’s gonna get crazy otherwise.

4. The multi ship endgame - In a perfect world, these couples would end up together. I tried to stick to remaining major characters and their potential partner (Damon, Stefan, Elena, Caroline, Bonnie, Enzo, Tyler, Klaus, Jeremy)

See? This is what happens when I’m bored during hiatus. Obviously there are “other” options because I’m pretty damn sure I missed a permutation somewhere. Have fun y’all!