Dream Come True- Elijah and Kol

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Can you do a Kol and Elijah smut maybe a threesome?

Warning: Smut, threesome, unprotected sex. (Control the population, wear a condom)


“Elijah, what- what is this?” You smile as you look around the room, candles and rose petals. It wouldn’t be the first he’s done this and this probably won’t be the last but there was one more person in this room then there normally was, Kol.

He was smiling, ear to ear, the type of smile that could woo any girl in the world that seemed to be the one defining trait of every Mikaelson. His hands were clasped together in front of him and he was standing on the opposite side of the bed to Elijah.

“I know about the dream you had a few nights ago.” Elijah says, stepping towards you to take your hand. You open your mouth to say something but Kol stops you.

“What my brother means is that he went inside your head when he heard you calling out for him only to find out that you were having quite the naughty dream about me and him, at the same time.” Kol makes his way around the bed and you turn around to look at him as he brings his hand up to touch your cheek.

“I- I shouldn’t have thought abou-”

“It’s okay, we’re fine with it.” Elijah soothes his hands over your hips, pushing your shirt up just a bit. “Are you okay with this?”

“Yes.” You nod and Kol smiles again, this time dipping his head down to kiss you. Elijah’s hands pull you closer to him, making sure that you can feel him, pressed into your back.

You moan into Kol’s mouth when the hand that wasn’t on your cheek slips under your shirt to run his thumb over your nipple and the thin material of your sports bra. You use your own hands to try to undo his pants as fast as possible while still grinding back against Elijah and kissing him. Elijah turns you around when Kol’s pants hit the floor and you find yourself kissing him and now grinding on Kol. You push Elijah’s already open shirt to the floor and his pants follow quickly after. Kol makes himself busy putting your clothes with theirs and marking up the back of your neck in purple love bites.

“Bed, the bed.” You manage to whisper and Elijah guides you to landing on all fours.

His hands run over the backs of your thighs as he kneels on the bed and brings his hand up to press his thumb into your clit in soft circles. Kol sits in front of you and you reach for him as you push back onto Elijah’s fingers. Your hands finds Kol, and you stroke him slowly as you moan. Kol let’s out his own loud groan when you start to bob your head. Elijah’s hand smacks down on your ass, sending you forward and Kol deeper into your mouth. Kol moans, his eyes closing, hand gripping your hair in his fist as he guides your mouth up and down his cock. Elijah leans down, tongue licking over you in bold stripes as he continues to rub your clit.

“Fuck, you’re good at this.” Kol tosses his head back as you continue to bob your head, your own eyes closed as you try not to gag and grind back towards Elijah for more.

Elijah sits up on his knees and you moan around Kol as he slides into you, giving you time to adjust and running his hand that wasn’t rubbing your clit over your back. You grind your hips back at him and he takes that as his signal to move. Everytime he thrusts, you move, and when you move they both moan, it’s music to your ears. You whimper when Elijah slows down, trying to push back on him but instead focusing on making Kol cum to get your own release.

“Fuck, fuck yeah, that’s it.” Kol groans as you speed up and grips your hair tighter as you push hims over the edge. He pulls out of your mouth and you swallow thickly.

Your hands grip the sheets, your back arches and you moan loudly as you grind your hips onto Elijah.

“Please move, please. Move.” Elijah starts thrusting and you lose all self control you had left, moaning loudly and dirtily like this time with him would be your last. Kol gets off the bed and puts his boxers on, exiting the room just as quickly as you had found him in it but you barely notice as you get closer, and closer, and closer, until finally, you fall apart.

Elijah keeps his hips moving, reaching his orgasm seconds after yours but you can’t focus on him all you can focus on is how good this feels and how sore your going to be tomorrow. You wince when he pulls out of you after you come down. He pulls his boxers up his legs and runs a wet rag up your legs to clean you up as you lay down and smile at him with tired eyes.

“That was awesome.”

“Yes, I believe it was.” He smiles and kisses your forehead.

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