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Adrien was prepared for a lot of possibilities, when the time to learn each other’s identities came. “Ill-timed coincidence” was not exactly the one he was hoping for.

“Adrien,” Plagg says warily, bobbing up in front of his face. Adrien feels Isobel’s expression crumple into–into the kind of expression he’s not supposed to wear. One of the many kinds of expressions he’s not supposed to wear, actually, since it’s not as if there’s any shortage of those.

“Ladybug called me Isobel,” he croaks.

“Yeah, well, she doesn’t know any better,” Plagg says. Which is true. Nobody knows any better, except for Plagg and Chloe, and Plagg only knows because he’s magic and Chloe only knows because when he was ten some photographer he doesn’t even remember anymore put him in a frilly orange dress for a shoot and told him to prove to the camera that he was the prettiest little girl in all of Paris, and that had gone … about as well as could be expected, Adrien supposed.

“That’s not my name,” he says, dull and quiet.

“Since when do I not know your name?” Plagg snorts, and Adrien smiles humorlessly, because–of course Plagg knows his name. Plagg knows his name better than anyone else in the entire world.

He needs to transform. He needs to help Ladybug. He needs to fight.

He needs to hear her call him “Chat”. 

“Claws out,” he says, reaching out to Plagg. Plagg dives into the ring and everything in the world becomes that brief shining moment of green light and motion–the moment he interrupted Ladybug during, the moment he interrupted Marinette during, the moment where his body is remade and made right, sleeker and stronger and really his body–and then Adrien is Chat Noir and everything is better.

Being Chat is always better, no matter how bad everything else is.

Downton Abbey fans won’t believe their eyes when they tune in to ITV’s new comedy drama Brief Encounters next month.

There’s Penelope Wilton, a Dame no less since she was recognised in this month’s Birthday Honours and best known as the well-mannered Isobel Crawley, answering the door to a policeman while dressed in a low-cut pink lacy negligee. ‘We are women in the throes of a sexual awakening,’ Penelope’s character Pauline tells the startled young PC, who’s been called to her home to investigate claims that the property is being used as a brothel. ‘So if you don’t mind, would you please leave!’

It’s a huge shift for Dame Penelope, who spent nearly six years playing Isobel Crawley. Was she trying to distance herself from the gentility of Downton? ‘Actually no, I was just trying to find a good script,’ explains Penelope. ‘And the scripts for this are good. They made me laugh and I don’t come across many that do that. I thought they were an interesting mix of comedy and drama, while most scripts tend to go down just one route.’

‘It’s been such fun to do this, and in many ways it’s not been so different from filming Downton. On that I was down south filming in the freezing cold, on this I’ve been in Yorkshire filming in the freezing cold. But the costumes are slightly different. (x)


downton abbey meme: [½] friendships ◆ Isobel & Violet Crawley

“Well if you must know, I’ve gotten used to having a companion, a friend…you know someone to talk things over with. You have your own lives, and so you should. But Isobel & I…had a lot in common…and I shall miss that.”