isobel summers

Still waiting for a show about Katherine Pierce
  • Life in Bulgaria (before Nadia’s father, her family) 
  • Learning Traveller Spells
  • The romance between her and Nadia’s father
  • Hiding her pregnancy 
  • Her journey to England
  • Her time with the Mikaelsons
  • What really happened between her and Trevor
  • Learning vampire stuff
  • Her journey back home
  • Her search for Nadia
  • Nadia’s life
  • Her running from Klaus
  • Meeting Pearl
  • More of her story with the Salvatores
  • Getting everyone to believe she died
  • Following Stefan around America
  • Meeting Isobel
  • Dating Elijah
  • Her summer as a human
  • Becoming Queen of Hell
  • Literally everything that was not shown 

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