isobel funk


We haven’t gone to a decent summer getaway this year, and the closest thing we could get to a full day of sunshine was a trip to Memory Lane.  Sounding like an old cheesy come-on aside, Memory Lane is a synthesis of all the lovely and quaint things we have pictured in our heads since - we don’t know - day one of our lives?

Just simply driving up to the house gave us a vision of how we wanted to live for the rest of our lives! It really generated innumerable oohs and aahs of delight as we turned from one corner to another. Thus, to avoid incoherent rambling, we have dissected the experience in to the most endearing parts.

The Garden. It’s so hard to promise to contain unguided rambling when a garden is this beautiful! A walkway of blooms greets you as you enter Memory Lane, and accordingly draws you in to the whimsy of the place. It is exactly how a home garden ought to be - almost bigger than the house itself, and flowers growing as tall as  people. A sign warns anyone who picks a flower, but we were happy to  oblige and observe the rules. In pursuit of capturing the beauty of the moment, we took photos instead.

The Porch. Of course, lunch had to be al fresco! It’s one of those combination of  things that makes you inexplicably at peace - a delightful view, the sun daintily peeking through tree leaves to grace a corner of your face, the light breeze, the faint background of birds singing, and good company.

The Food. You would go to Memory Lane for the experience and the ambience more than you would go for the food. Their menu is pretty diverse. Isobel had their specialty dish - Mom’s Homemade Spaghetti, which took more after the Filipino’s sweet-style pasta. Cara had a bowl of potato salad in Japanese mayonnaise-based dressing. The dressing wasn’t as Japanese or Asian as expected, it was a comforting dish nonetheless. Our friends, Gel and Dianne, had angel hair in aligue sauce and chicken cacciatore pasta respectively.The chicken cacciatore pasta was the best dish in the bunch.

The Restaurant. The place had such marvelous vintage things from the 1950’s to 1960’s, including a black and white telly that showed old Hollywood films, and a small jukebox cleverly labeled as iJuke. Our favorite items are the vintage advertisement posters, the chandelier, romantic lamps and the witty signs posted around the restaurant. 

The Powder Room. As tradition goes, we just had to make the requisite photo-booth time inside the powder room come true. It proved to be one of the most romantic and prettiest powder rooms, with dainty mirrors, lamps and floral fixtures. 

The service crew was friendly - shout out to Mark who was too kind to help make our Parent Trap-inspired dreams almost come true - You rang?

It was a perfect Saturday in the company of all things good and calming to the soul.