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Film Photographer Spotlight: Eugene Levy

Name:  Eugene Levy
Age: 27 years old
Shooting For: 5 years
Camera: Fujica GS645 / Kiev 88cm
Favorite film:  Kodak Ektar 100, Kodak Portra 160, Kodak Portra 400.

Eugene on why he shoots film:

“The choice to begin shooting film came shortly after I picked up my first camera, which was digital. I quickly jumped to film photography after being mesmerized by how the film pictures make me feel and by the process of film itself. I didn’t think much when I decide to sell all my digital gear and go back in the past by using a film camera. Since, I enjoy every second of it and can’t imagine myself picking up a digital camera. Don’t waste film, because somewhere a unicorn dies for your mistake”

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Boy on Horse by Andrew Jacona
Via Flickr:
Eastern side of the Ganges river in Varanasi The horse is called a Marwari and it’s a sacred rare breed from Marwar in India. Their ears are shaped like crescent moons and they are easily trained for dancing. They were nearly wiped out during the time of the British Raj. Would love to do a small follow up project on these boys and their horses. If possible I want to do this for two weeks in October 2013 but finding the time and money will be the issue. f2 1/60th

Diving back into my original Flickr inspiration research archive from 2006 Mirella Bee Happy Bruno :)


{2o16} #o2o, #o21 & #o22 (week 6) 

(12o film (fomapan 1oo pushed to iso 4oo), scanned negatives)

this really didn’t work as imagined. one mistake was to use the 5omm lens, which is actually quite an obvious mistake (because the wide-angle lens already distorts the space and with that captures too much of it to make sense in this arrangement) but it seems that i do have to make the most obvious mistakes, it’s just not possible for me to let them pass by. the other problem is the light - bright sunshine and deep shadows and me obviously not knowing how to meter this or how to compensate. though maybe it would have been a lesser problem with the 127mm lens. as the 5omm captures so much space and with that so many details, those become too small in the pictures and eventually lose that what interests me about this place. so i’d like to reshoot this sometime in the future and i hope i will have enough motivation to do that, even though photo class is over. but i love this place and still think this idea could work well here. 

btw: i shot all of these handheld. so if you’re a guy and you can’t shoot handheld with your mamiya in the weirdest positions for like three hours you should put up some weights and work your arms ;p my back was aching afterwards though


Untitled by ian Huang
Via Flickr:
Nikon FE2 , Kodak UltraMax400


Untitled by Gabriel Chemery

He was singing in Dupont Circle and I stopped and took this with my Canon Canonet rangefinder, with Ilford HP5+ 400 ISO film. When he finished the song, I told him he’s a great singer (he really is), and he said, “Thanks, man! I like your buttons. Can you maybe spare one?” I was glad to give him the DC Punk Archive pin from my jacket. I told him all about it and he seemed happy